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Styling Default Post Like Flipbox


You may have tried many plugins for creating flip box effect. But this plugin just create any post into flippost
This plugin is an easy and quick way to showcase your default WordPress post as the flip boxes. Just activate the plugin and use the shortcode generator in the classic editor for generating shrtcode.

It gives you full control to showcase your flipboxes with default post content or override all the content on the specific post.

There are 20 different design layouts to choose and showcase your post in a box flip stylish way. All these 20 flip box designs are free and required no addition plugin or addon purchase.
You can either use shortcode generator in the classic editor or just use the shortcode [fsdp-flipboxes].


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  • Layout Design 1 With Front & Back
  • Layout Design 2 With Front & Back
  • Layout Design 10 With Front & Back
  • Layout Design 20 With Front & Back
  • Post Specific Settings (General)
  • Post Specific Settings (Front)
  • Post Specific Settings (Back)
  • Shortcode Generator Button In Classic Editor
  • Shortcode Generator In Classic Editor


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/styling-default-post-flipbox directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress


What is the difference between this plugin and those already available?

Most of the plugin(s) already available are good to be used as flip box but they required to add content for each flip box. This plugin showcase the flip box using the already created wordpress default post(s).

So I don’t have to add any content explicitly?

In short, No. You don’t need to add any extra content to create your flipboxes. However, you have full control to override default content for flipboxes using the admin settings panel. Or you can keep using the already added content.

Is it possible to show the same post with different layout designs at the same time?

Yes, you can show the same post with different layouts using the shortcode attribute. For example: post id 5 needs to show as layout 1 and layout 2. You can use the shortcode(s), [fsdp-flipboxes id=’5′ layout=’layout-1′] and [fsdp-flipboxes id=’5′ layout=’layout-2′]

How many design layouts in this free plugin?

There are 20 different layout designs to choose.

Is it possible to display all post with different layout designs?

Yes, you need to open the default wordpress post and choose the Layout from flipbox settings. Once you choose the layout, just update the post to check the flipbox preview. Simply do this with all your posts and use the shortcode without layout attribute ex: [fsdp-flipboxes limit=’10’].
The shortcode does not contains the layout attribute so each post will be shown with its specific selected layout.

Some flipboxes are good but some of them has missing data.

Kindly open the specific post, choose the layout from the post’s flipbox settings and update the post. Now, according to the selected layout, check all the available settings and update the data if needed.

Is it necessary to add the front and back images ?

No, you can leave the front and/or back images but in such case the background color (front/back) will be used instead of the background image.

I have a question/suggestion or want to report a bug.

Kindly send me an email at pawan.sindhwal@gmail.com. Make sure you use the email subject appropriately to help me sort the important mails in correct order.


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