Spikkl Address Lookup


Spikkl Address Lookup validates the postcode and street number combination during checkout and fills additional address values automatically.

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The Spikkl Address Lookup service is a Dutch service only, and currently, will not work for any other country.

The plugin requires you to register at Spikkl where you get 100 free request per months.

Technical features:

  • 100% user friendly, easy to install, easy to uninstall
  • Light weight and clean code
  • Compatible with WooCommerce 3.1 – 4.4


If you have questions or issues with the WordPress Spikkl Address Lookup Plugin then the visit
the Spikkl documentation or the Spikkl plugin page. Or you can email us at support@spikkl.nl.


  • Install the Spikkl Address Lookup using the WordPress plugin repository.
  • Simple settings interface to add your Spikkl API key.
  • Checkout page with default WooCommerce template.


The easiest way to install the Spikkl Address Lookup plugin is via the plugin menu. Click the ‘Add new’ button and search for the ‘Spikkl Address Lookup’ plugin in the search field. Once you found the plugin, click ‘Install Now’, and WordPress will take if from there.


If you like to install the plugin manually, download the latest release of the Spikkl Address Lookup plugin and upload it to the web server using your FTP-client. WordPress has provided the instructions how to do that.


The configuration settings for the Spikkl Address Lookup plugin can be accessed from the Address Lookup page in the Settings menu.

Once installed, you will need to enter your Spikkl API key, which can be obtained from your Spikkl account.


Do I need a Spikkl account to use this plugin?

Yes, you will need a Spikkl account in order to obtain your API key. Once registered, you will use the Spikkl API with 100 free requests per month.

Which countries are supported currently?

For now, only the Netherlands is supported for the checkout form. Customers from other countries will still be able to checkout, but their address will not be validated.

Which WooCommerce versions are compatible?

The Spikkl Address Lookup plugin is tested for WooCommerce version starting from 3.1 till 4.0.


What a great plugin! I'm using the Dutch version of Postcode-check and it works like a charm. With 100 requests per month, as a small webshop, you can really save money. Cos you don't have any cost :). Only if you get more than 100 requests per month, you need to get a monthly subscription, which is very affordable. Postcode check works perfect and we no longer have house numbers that are being forgotten, so it saves you time, effort and money! Top Spikkl! We're greatfull!
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Változási napló


  • Initial Release;


  • Update translations for some error messages during checkout
  • Improved error handling during checkout
  • Minor style change to align some address fields properly


  • Unify release information


  • Remove disabled property from input fields when changing country during checkout
  • Validate referrer by default and remove administrator setting


  • Minor changes in Readme.txt


  • Load proper translation file when selecting Dutch


  • Remove disabled fields and hide state fields for The Netherlands


  • Fix auto fill for street name in shipping address
  • Remove settings page URL from plugin page


  • Add regex to validate postal code, street number and street number suffix
  • Concat postal code, street number and street number suffix to single address line


  • Update country-related checkout fields test


  • Fix country selector to support single country checkout forms


  • Fix jquery country selector