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simply share links using bubbles


Basically the bubbles is a way to get the attention of the user to take any of the links on your site or another site in a funny and an effective way.

The bubles are a strategy to give visibility to a post or a product. Users don’t use to look at the side of screen where you usually add your advertisement some wordpress widges or woocomerce widges, with this strategy will get more visits to the desired post or product .

If you are an user of woocomerce and you have a product that needs to be sold urgently, even if you add a widged with the offer on one side you would not have as much visibility as you wish. Therefore it would be much suitable to add a bubble instead because in that way it will not go unnoticed, the user will see it easily and will continue to view and even make click to see the details, so at the end you achieve that your customer look at the product you are interested on.

To sum up, the main idea is to guide the user to a specific page in a funny and completely innovative way that allows to increase traffic within your own site to one or more specific products. The statistics show the more traffic the more sales, then you will greater your chances of selling.

It can also be used to complement Halloween, Christmas, Valentine, since we can show congratulatory message and an image like daily briefings use depending on the imagination of everyone.

The free version includes version includes:

  1. Choosing an image to display on the bubble
  2. Election of a title
  3. Choosing a short description
  4. Choosing a URL for redirection
  5. Election to open the URL in a tab or the current tab
  6. Choice of colors bubble to fit over the design of your website
  7. Choose only urls where the bubble will be displayed
  8. Selecting the type of classic bubble or custom (your own image as a bubble)

Tutorial online

If you need support please contact here

Do you need a nice bubble for your site? Contact


  • Bubble in the home page
  • Happy halloween bubble, your imagination it is the bound
  • Hallloween image


The best way it is from your WordPress dashboard

1- Visit 'Plugins > Add New'
2- Search for 'simply share links using bubbles'
3- Activate simply share links using bubbles from your Plugins page.

From WordPress.org

1- Download simply share links using bubbles.
2- Upload the 'simply share links using bubbles' directory to your '/wp-content/plugins/' directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc...)
3- Activate simply share links using bubbles from your Plugins page. 

Maybe you will need to change the folders permision to your web server user or change plugin folder permission to 777

After the plugin it is activate, go bubbles settings, add your settings and click save.


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Version 1.0
Version 1.1
Add the aligment for the image, in some designs the aligment it was not working