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ShoutEm API


ShoutEm API WordPress plugin allows you to seamlessly turn your website into a full-featured mobile application in minutes using ShoutEm Mobile App Builder. Allow your users to view posts, comment, share your content, and much more from mobile devices like iPhones, iPods, iPads or Android based phones. For more information, take a look at http://www.shoutem.com

ShoutEm is a web platform that allows you to turn your website into a full-featured mobile app in minutes. Integrate content from your WordPress site with RSS feeds, YouTube videos, podcasts to have all your content available in a single app! Structure your feeds into categories, promote certain categories on your home screen, and build a full-featured browsing app for your users. Users will be able to comment, and share your content to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare with links that lead back to your website and help build traffic. ShoutEm Mobile App Builder offers a simple and affordable way for anyone to have a mobile app in iTunes AppStore and Android Marketplace in no time, so check it out!

ShoutEm API WordPress plugin serves as a connector between your WordPress site and the mobile application in a secure way. Your content is protected the same way as your regular WordPress content.


  1. You can download and install shoutem-api using the built in WordPress plugin installer. If you download “shoutem-api” manually, upload it to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  2. A bővítmény bekapcsolása a WordPress “Bővítmények” menü részénél lehetséges
  3. (recommended) Go to Settings > Shoutem API in WordPress admin area and change encryption key.


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