SEO Booster


Save hours of painstaking SEO analysis – this is where your traffic comes from

Discover keywords that bring visitors

Convert keywords in your content to internal or external links

Discover new backlinks to your site

SEO Booster is a powerful tool for anyone serious about SEO.

  • Automatic links: Enter keyword phrase and URL and instantly link keywords in your content to where you want.
  • Feature: All backlinks are discovered and listed – Know who links to you and where.
  • Feature: Create tags or categories from keywords and tag posts automatically.
  • Feature: 404 Error monitoring – discover errors on your site.
  • Overview that SEO Analytics software won’t give you.
  • Uncluttered view of what brings traffic.
  • Overview of where you should work to improve SEO.
  • Discover keywords from 600+ keyword sources – Monitor more than just Google.
  • Pro version has more powerful features.

Get keywords from visitors from 600+ search engines, keyword automatic linking or inject keyword in title-tag, find out who links to you, find 404 missing content, link automatically internally and so much more.

Feature packed – 404 error, dynamic tagging using keywords from search engines, widgets that displays incoming keywords, backlinks monitoring and a lot more.

Autolink : Keywords -> Links

Automatically make keywords in your text link to the right pages on your website.

Track keywords

Google has long ago stopped sending keyword information, but they are still the biggest source of traffic.

There are hundreds of other search engines that does not send the same amount of traffic, but regularly send more information which keywords visitors use to find your website.

SEO Booster tracks visitors from over 500 Search Engines giving you a much better insight.

Monitors backlinks

All backlinks that are found from visitors are kept for you. Easy way to discover who links to you.

  • PRO feature – All backlinks are regularly checked and verified and you get more details about the link itself, such as anchor text etc.

404 Errors

Optional feature – Keep an eye out for pages and files on your website that does not exist.

Multi-Site Compatible

SEO Booster Multi-Site compatible. The settings for the plugin can be tweaked individually for each site.

Dynamic tagging

Optional feature – Keywords are converted to tags and post and pages are automatically tagged and crosslinked with eachother.

Widget – Dynamic links

Widget displays links to other pages on website using keywords from search engines.

Widget – Incoming keywords

Proudly display the keywords used to find the page you are on.

Integrates with these SEO plugins

The following plugins are confirmed working with SEO Booster and integrates one or more features with them.

  • Yoast SEO – Import “Focus Keyword” as Keywords -> Link + Add keyword to title-tag feature.
  • All in One SEO Pack. – Add keyword to title-tag feature.
  • SEOPress. – Add keyword to title-tag feature.

PRO features

  • Google PageSpeed Insights built in – Check your site is fast!
  • Crawler visits – Keeps an eye out for which pages have been visited by search engine crawlers. Helps you locate pages that need more attention.
  • Get more details about links to your website.
  • Backlinks are verified and more details gathered automatically. Great for easy backlink audits.
  • Keyword injection – Put the most popular keyword in the front or end of the tag – Great for dynamically updating your content without doing much.
  • Export keywords, backlinks and 404 errors to .csv files.
  • Get premium support.


  • Presentation animation of main features in plugin.
  • Keywords table (AJAX) easy and fast to look up keywords and pages.
  • Dashboard page - displays traffic and keyword info.
  • Top search engines used to find your website. Hundreds of search engines are monitored for keyword terms.
  • Settings page - Make the plugin work just the way your website needs.
  • Backlinks page - Who links to your website and where.
  • Keywords in the content - Editorial links with ease.
  • Finetune controls per page. Enter post keyword or turn off automatic linking.
  • Inline help - Get help and support on admin pages.


Installing from WordPress

  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Search for ‘SEO Booster’
  3. Activate SEO Booster from your Plugins page.

Installing Manually

  1. Upload the seo-booster folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the SEO Booster plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Is this a replacement for WordPress SEO by Yoast or the All in One SEO Pack by Michael Torbert?

No! These plugins are great and I use and recommend using those to everyone that works with WordPress and who are serious about optimizing their SEO.

This plugin does not do a single thing they do, SEO Booster does a lot of things that other SEO tools dont do.

SEO Booster was born in 2008 from another need. The original version was premium and was focused on gathering keyword data and rankings from Google. Back then a lot more information was given by Google about what keywords visitors used to find your website, but often even the actual position on the search result page – SERP for short.

It has been years since Google stopped doing that, and SEO Booster evolved to monitoring vistors from 400+ different sources – giving much more details about how your content is found by people searching online.

Most websites will get over 90% of their search engine traffic from Google, but almost no keyword data.

By listening to many other sources you will get a much better picture of your keyword traffic.

You can use the keywords module to dive in to the keyword data – fast using AJAX so you can navigate without waiting for page to reload.

Over the years SEO Booster grew up and went through many different variations and new features.


Not only does SEO Booster listen to visitors from search engines, every time a visitor comes via a link from another website, this is recorded also. The amount of visitors, first visit and so on.

The PRO version actually visits the pages and verifies if the link exists and if so, which anchor text is used, is it an image, is it nofollowed and so on.

To help discover new backlinks quicker, there is also an RSS feed you can subscribe to listing new backlinks as the come in.

404 Errors

Every time a visitor follows a link to your website that does not exist, a 404 Error Page Not Found is displayed. Having any 404 errors on your website gives a bad experience for your visitors and Google is not too happy about those either.

Some times you need to let the page be forgotten by letting it give a 404 error, other times you need to redirect to somewhere else.

This module gives you the list of most visited 404 errors and which you should pay most attention to.

Forgotten Pages

Google changes their algorithm regularly, and your competitors are not sitting idly by. By monitoring visitors from search engines, SEO Booster can tell you which pages on your website is no longer getting any traffic.

These pages used to get traffic from search engines, but are now no longer visited.

Weekly Email Reports

Get a weekly email report with a summary of new keywords and most popular pages.

Automatic Tagging

Automatic tagging links your posts by creating terms and automatically tagging related posts or pages.

  • Works with any taxonomy
    Choose which taxonomy to use – Taxonomies are created based on different criteria, such as minimum and maximum length of the keyword.

  • Works with Custom Post Types – CPT
    You can choose which custom post types to link with the taxonomy if it is not already associated.


  • Use any taxonomy.
  • Assign all post types to taxonomy.
  • Set minimum and maximum length of term to create terms automatically.
  • Set a maximum of terms/tags per post.
Logging Details
  • Turn on detailed logging to get more information shown in the log. On heavily visited sites this can add a lot of details.
  • Turn on debugging for helpful information when trying to find a bug.

  • Remember, you should noindex all terms and taxonomies in general. Unless you know what your are doing SEO-wise, you may hurt your rankings. Use this to help you interlink and group your content. Works with other plugins and themes – Custom Post Type.

PRO – Verify backlinks

Some backlinks are faked, the Pro version visits each page to filter out false links for you.

PRO – Google PageSpeed Insights

Automatic website speed audits with PageSpeed Insights

Give you an immediate overview of which pages can be improved for better user experience and SEO.

PRO – Crawler visits

Discover which pages on your website are crawled.

This module in the PRO version track visits by search engine robots and crawlers, helping you identify which pages are crawled, and which are not regularly visited.

Every visit by a search robot crawler is recorded and this will give you a chance to see which pages are most frequently visited, but also which could need some help getting more attention.

PRO – Export data

In the Pro version you can export your backlinks and keywords to .csv to open in a spreadsheet editor or import in to another SEO tool

Where can I find help and support?

You can access help directly from within the plugin or you can fill out a support request at

Other questions

Please contact us at


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Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.

Változási napló


  • [404 Error tracking] New:Ignore URLs that match what you enter in the settings page.
  • Minor improvement on admin dashboard page.


  • [Autolink]: Improvement to the replace system now searches for longest keywords first.
  • (Pro) [Autolink]: Enable/disable individual types of pages, eg. categories or terms.
  • Removed translation files and upload on WP translation project page.


  • Added 3 more search engines to list.
  • Fixed PHP notices in code.
  • (Pro) Autolink: Now works with category and tag descriptions (if your theme supports it).
  • (Pro) Autolink: Added Compatibility with WPForo forum.


  • Fix – Autolink page – pagination not working properly due to faulty counting method. URL vs. unique ID.
  • Fix – Autolink page – Search works properly now, for keyword, URL and “Last used on”.
  • Fix – Autolink page – Duplicate keywords on autolink are now automatically removed.
  • Fix – Autolink page – Yoast SEO keywords for categories, tags and other terms can be imported.


  • Fix: Autolink can now insert multiple links per paragraph.
  • New: Autolink replace limit – Set how many times autolink should insert links on your page.
  • Fix: Yoast Focus Keywords showing up multiple times.


  • NEW: Auto Link – Replace keywords only once or multiple times. You can now control if you want the “keyword” changed to a link just first time found in the text or every time it is found.
  • Fix: Minor – PHP notice if website has less than 2 logged visits.
  • Fix: PHP notice for WF_SN_TEXT_DOMAIN not found.
  • Tested Auto Link in Avada theme.


  • Fix: PHP notices when deleting URLs from database.
  • Fix: Improve speed in automatic keyword to link module.
  • Hardening code security.


  • FIX: Buggy keyword injection (turn keywords to links) now works much better – many fixes, UTF8 compatibility, much much faster also due to recording big part of the functionality.
  • NEW: You can choose to replace keywords only once or multiple times on each URL. Default is to only inject a link on the first occurence of the keyword.


  • New: MojeekBot is now detected as a crawler bot.
  • FIX: Keyword injection in title tag for Yoast SEO not always working.
  • FIX: Bug in keyword injection in title-tags on 404 pages.
  • Checked with WP 5.2.2


  • NEW: Added sort option in Dynamic Links widget – show latest keywords first.
  • FIX: Prevent SQL error “http_code doesn’t have a default value” – Thank you Gregg

See the rest in changelog.txt