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For your content to be successful, it needs to be visible and engaging. SEO Writing Assistant—our smart editor tool—ensures that your text ticks both of these boxes by providing recommendations and improvements in real time.

The tool integrates seamlessly with WordPress and offers key readability and SEO suggestions based on the best-performing content in Google’s SERPs. Whether you’re writing your own copy or editing someone else’s, SEO Writing Assistant makes the end product as impactful and effective as possible—for readers and search engines.

Key Features

  • Readability: Use the Flesch-Kincaid score to assess and improve your text’s readability
  • Recommended Keywords: Receive semantically related keyword suggestions that can help boost your visibility
  • Tone of Voice: Ensure that your tone is smooth and consistent across your text
  • Plagiarism Check: Verify that your writer has submitted original content and avoid penalization
  • Rephraser: Rework pieces of text to improve quality, target different channels, or overcome writer’s block
  • Overall Score: Evaluate and maximize the SEO potential of your text based on key on-page factors

How Does It Work?

The SEO Writing Assistant plugin allows you to write, assess, and edit your content in WordPress.

To set it up, follow these steps:

  1. Click “Download” at the top of this page. The plugin will automatically save as a .zip file.
  2. Log in to the admin area of your WordPress account.
  3. Find “Plugins” in the main menu, and click on “Add New”.
  4. Find and click “Upload Plugin” at the top of the page and select the .zip file.

Once the plugin has been installed, it should be activated in your “Installed Plugins” list (if it isn’t, ensure that you do so). Go to the page or post you want to optimize and click on “Connect SEO Content Template” (you will need to be logged in to your Semrush account).


To use SEO Writing Assistant, you need to first specify your target keywords. This requires a Semrush account.

With a Free or Pro Semrush account, you can create one recommendation set (tied to a document) for a lifetime. Higher tier accounts have different keyword budgets depending on the subscription plan, as well as full access to the powerful Semrush Content Marketing Platform.

Technical details

Please be aware that the plugin uses a third-party code provided by the Semrush SEO Writing Assistant tool that is not reviewed by the WordPress team. To analyze your text, the plugin will send it to Semrush API where texts can also be stored for statistical analysis. To improve user experience, telemetry data is collected by Google Analytics.

See also

Semrush Privacy Policy
Semrush Terms and Conditions



  1. Upload semrush-seo-writing-assistant to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.


Great plugin that really plays well with SEMrush and Yoast. Really hope this plugin continues to evolve and get updated.


The basic option can only be launched once Paid plan is annoying, I’d rather pay a small fee just for that basic option. The joke is that 7 day trial is 0€ but then the price is like written in tiny (it’s 300€ !) With that price you better engage a Freelance that has the semrush account.
It’s unfortunate that so many people have given this a bad review because they can’t use it without a subscription, which is expensive. Those aren’t reviews of the plugin. That said, I already have a subscription, which for my business I find worthwhile for the money. This is a fantastic tool to help me optimize my pages without having to copy and paste the content into SEMRush. It gives me great suggestions, and a better idea of the overall SEO value of the content than just Yoast. I hope SEMRush keeps up the plugin, I’d hate to lose it over a bunch of people who don’t have subscriptions complaining.
The recently applied limits now mean that you can only use this plugin once unless you have the very expensive Guru plan on SEMRush. Previously you could use this multiple times on the Pro plan, but it seems that is not enough money for this company anymore.
Pros: I like the addition of this tool. It adds another dimension, research, and validating tool to the content arena. It helps me see what we forgot to include sometimes. Cons: The backlink suggestions are rarely useful. We often see our own sites listed in the generated template doc of how competitors use the keywords. Additional Feedback: As many people have mentioned SEMrush is expensive for small businesses and start-ups. Hence, only four starts. If you’re on a tight budget and find a way to squeeze this in, use every tool you can to improve your revenue generation. If the tools are not fully utilized, and optimization plans are not created and executed well, you won’t see the ROI.
Might be a useful plugin if you could afford $220 a month, but I certainly won’t be paying that.
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