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Riaxe Product Customizer


Introducing the Riaxe Product Customizer Plugin for Woocommerce- the ultimate tool for empowering your customers to create their dream products. Try it today and watch your sales soar!

With the product customizer extension, you can give your customers the power to customize and personalize any product in your WooCommerce store, from t-shirts and phone cases to mugs and business cards. This user-friendly plugin allows your customers to choose from a wide range of design options, including fonts, colors, images, and more, so they can create a unique and one-of-a-kind product that reflects their personality and style.

Not only does the product customizer plugin enhance the customer experience by giving them creative freedom, but it also streamlines your business operations. With the ability to preview and approve customer designs before production, you can ensure that every order meets your quality standards and eliminate the risk of costly errors.

Plus, the app seamlessly integrates with your existing WooCommerce store, so you can start offering this amazing feature to your customers with just a few clicks. And with customizable pricing options, you can easily set your own pricing for design services and make additional revenue for your business.

Featured Highlights for Shop Owners:

Offer Unlimited Product Design Options:

Whether you’re selling t-shirts, phone cases, signage, or any other type of product, our flexible platform allows you to offer unlimited design options and configurations.

  • By giving your customers the power to personalize their products, you’re offering them an engaging, interactive shopping experience that will increase their loyalty and boost your sales.
  • Plus, our plugin seamlessly integrates with your existing eCommerce platform, making it easy to get up and running quickly.

Unlimited custom product listing:

With the Woocommerce product designer app, you can now add unlimited custom product listings to your online store.

You no longer have to worry about hitting a limit or being constrained by a pre-set number of product listings. Whether you have a small online store or a large one, this plugin is built to handle all your needs. So, if you want to showcase your products in a way that truly reflects their quality and uniqueness, look no further than the Woocommerce product customizer plugin.

Supports All Print Methods:

Want to ensure that the custom product designs created by your customers look just as good in print as they do on screen? Look no further than our plugin!

The plugin generates high-quality CMYK print files that are suitable for printing with a wide range of methods, including DTG, screen printing, sublimation, embroidery, embossing, debossing, engraving, and more.

No matter what print method you choose, you can rest assured that your designs will look sharp, vibrant, and professional.

Package Slip Generation and Artwork Approval:

Looking for a hassle-free way to manage your orders and artwork approvals?

  • Our woocommerce plugin automatically generates package slips for your orders, making it easy to keep track of what needs to be shipped and where. And because the package slips are generated automatically, you can be confident that they’re accurate and up-to-date, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.
  • In addition, our plugin also includes automatic artwork approval, streamlining the process of getting your designs approved by customers. With our artwork approval feature, customers can easily review and approve their designs before they’re printed, ensuring that they’re happy with the final product and reducing the risk of reprints or returns.

Set custom print area:

You have complete control over which products and product parts can be personalized by your customers.

  • Our intuitive interface puts you in the driver’s seat, enabling you to easily choose which areas of your products can be customized.
  • You can even specify which design tools your customers can use, such as images, text, colors, and more, ensuring that the final product meets your quality standards.

Fits any type of product:

Whether you’re selling apparel, accessories, signage & promotional products, our platform offers unparalleled flexibility and ease of use for any type of product.

  • Our platform has been developed with a laser focus on versatility, ensuring that it can be seamlessly integrated with any eCommerce store and customized to fit any product.

  • Our team of experts has designed every aspect of Fits Any Type of Product to be highly functional and user-friendly, with features that cater to every aspect of the customization process.

  • From choosing the product to customizing every detail, our platform offers a smooth and intuitive user interface that’s easy for customers to navigate.

Interactive Product Views:

Give your customers the freedom to customize every detail of their chosen product, with interactive product views & design uploads and bounding boxes for precise customization.

  • Our interactive product views allow your customers to view their product from every angle, zoom in on specific areas, and get a clear understanding of how their customization choices will look in real life.

  • The interactive upload zones and bounding boxes enable customers to easily upload their own images or add text to specific areas of the product, ensuring that the final result meets their exact specifications.

Exclusive Plugin features:

Preloaded Design Assets:

Looking to take your WooCommerce store to the next level? Look no further than our preloaded design assets that come bundled with our WooCommerce Product Designer plugin!

With thousands of design options including clipart, templates, text, shapes, and backgrounds, customizing products has never been easier. Our plugin integrates seamlessly with your WooCommerce store, allowing your customers to personalize their products right from your website.

Whether you’re selling t-shirts, mugs, or any other customizable product, our preloaded design assets make it simple to add that special touch that sets you apart from the competition. And with the power of the Riaxe product customizer plugin behind them, you can rest assured that the customization process will be smooth and user-friendly for your customers.

Unlimited Image Uploads By Customers:

Why settle for a limited customization tool when you can offer your customers the ultimate in customization and personalization?

With Unlimited Media Uploads, your customers can easily personalize their products with their own images of JPG, PNG & SVG format from any device. Thus, adding a personal touch that sets their products apart from the rest.

Advanced Color System:

With our innovative color picker tool, your customers can choose from an unlimited range of colors to bring their creative vision to life. Or your customers can select from the pre-defined range of colors to quickly and easily achieve the perfect hue.

Whether your customers are novice or professional designers looking for the perfect shade to match their product design needs, or a hobbyist looking to add some flair to their merchandise, our color picker tool and pre-defined color range have got everyone covered.

Text Editing Features:

The ultimate way to make the text stand out!

With our cutting-edge software, your customers can create curved, outlined, or even patterned text that will make their messages truly pop. And with all the standard modification options like bold, italic, underline, alignment, and more, the end users can change every aspect of their text.

Our text transformation features are incredibly user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to create stunning designs in just minutes. And with fast processing speeds, your customers will be able to create multiple designs quickly and efficiently.

Image Transformation:

With our cutting-edge software, your customers can easily adjust images or graphics to their liking with options like changing positions, size, rotation, and opacity. Moreover, they can also apply grayscale and advanced image editing features like layers and filters.

It is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of creativity to their images. Our plugin has everything your customers need to transform images in new and exciting ways and get it printed on their products.

Set Flexible Pricing for Different Products And Design Attributes:

Get complete control over your pricing strategy. Set custom price rules based on your local currency. You can set different prices for products, materials, colors, text, images, and graphics.

  • It is perfect for any online store that wants to offer a truly personalized shopping experience. With the ability to set unique prices for each attribute, you can cater to a wide range of customers, from budget shoppers to those looking for premium products.

  • Our plugin is incredibly easy to use, with an intuitive interface that makes it simple to set up custom pricing options. And with our real-time preview feature, you can see exactly how your prices will appear to your customers before you make them live.

  • The woocommerce product personalizer plugin comes with a range of customization options, including the ability to create pricing rules based on quantity, product combinations, or even customer groups.

Use it on any device:

With our fully responsive and native plugin, you and your customers can easily access the product design tool and its features on every device, from your mobile phone to laptop or PC.

Our plugin is incredibly easy to use, with an intuitive interface that makes it simple to navigate on any device. Giving your customers the freedom to personalize products wherever they are.


  • Customizer dashboard
  • Product listing in customizer admin.
  • Product customizer.


Installing „Riaxe Product Customizer” can be done using the following steps:

  1. Go to the plugins page of WordPress by clicking ‘Add New’, search for „Riaxe Product Customizer”, install and then activate.
  2. Alternative Method – Download the plugin from WordPress.org, upload the riaxe-product-designer folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory via FTP or upload the riaxe-product-designer.zip file via the plugin page of WordPress by clicking ‘Add New’ and selecting the zip from your local computer and then activate the plugin.


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