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ReviewEmbed – Display Facebook, Google & Yelp reviews on your website


ReviewEmbed enables online businesses to make the most out of their reviews by displaying widgets containing Facebook, Google and Yelp reviews in pursuit of greater conversion.

The ReviewEmbed plugin simplifies the process of adding widgets to a WordPress site by removing the necessity for a shortcode creator, as well as unifying the list and access of review widgets directly within the WordPress admin. The plugin makes calls to the ReviewEmbed server to synchronize widget information and present it inside of WordPress.

ReviewEmbed requires an active account and paid subscription to launch and operate live widgets.

How does ReviewEmbed plugin work?

For initial ReviewEmbed account creation instructions check the “How to show Facebook Reviews on your site with ReviewEmbed” article.
ReviewEmbed plugin uses ReviewEmbed as a service to show your hard-earned Facebook, Google and Yelp reviews on your WordPress website. Plugin will make requests to ReviewEmbed.com servers to fetch latest information about your widgets and reviews.


  • Plugin settings page with ReviewEmbed widgets management.
  • Example of embedded social reviews.


  1. Install ReviewEmbed plugin either via the WordPress.org plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server. (See instructions on how to install a WordPress plugin).
  2. Activate ReviewEmbed plugin.
  3. Navigate to the Settings area in the WordPress admin and select “ReviewEmbed settings”.
  4. Sync your plugin with ReviewEmbed.com account by pressing “Sync now” button.


For all frequently asked questions, and their answers, check the ReviewEmbed Help Center.


I'm using the pre-prepared landing pages to use my facebook, google and yelp reviews on my site. I actually have been closing business from that landing page template alone, so I can't image how important my reviews on the home page are. Fantastic tool!
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