ReDi Restaurant Reservation


The one and only fully automated reservation system. Real time available seats check with instant reservation confirmation for your guests. Don’t spent anymore time for manually reviewing and confirming reservations. Turn your web site visitors into restaurant’s guests. Don’t let your guest wait, surprise him with instant confirmation.

ReDi Restaurant Reservation plugin allows you to manage reservations for your restaurant business. This plugin can help to receive reservations from clients online. Your clients will be able to see available space at specified time, and if it’s available, client is able to make a reservation.
Initially you need to setup number of persons that can book at one time, working times and restaurant details.

Main advantages of redi restaurant reservation plugin:

  • Plugin is fully automated and manages reservation all by itself
  • Create your own customized restaurant reservation form (with help of css)
  • Responsive booking form to work properly on all devices
  • Easy to install and manage
  • Quick automated response to your client
  • Send a copy of confirmation to a customer by email when their request is accepted
  • Get notified when a new reservation is made

Plugin overview

First steps after plugin is activated

Additional resources

You can check more info about us on our website:

See our video tutorials on youtube Video tutorials

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Onlice user guide

Supported languages

  • Català
  • Czeck
  • Dán
  • Deutsch
  • Angol
  • Español
  • Eesti
  • Français, check out video review
  • Italiano
  • Magyar
  • Nederlands
  • Norvég
  • Polski
  • Português
  • Türkçe
  • Szlovák
  • Svenska
  • Suomi
  • Русский
  • עברית (Hebrew)
  • 日本語 (Japanese)

If you need more languages, please contact us by email: or through our contact form:

Basic package functionality

  • View your upcoming reservations from your Mobile/Tablet PC and never miss your customer. This page should be open on a Tablet PC and so hostess can see all upcoming reservations for today. Page refreshes every 15 min and shows reservations that in past for 3 hours as well as upcoming reservations for next 24 hours. By clicking on reservation you will see reservation details. Demo version can be accessed using this link:
  • Állítsa be a maximális elérhető széket az online foglaláshoz egy napra
  • Nyitva tartás. Ez az opció teszi lehetővé, hogy válasszanak a különböző munkaidők közül.
  • Támogatja a több hely kezelést. ez a szám az előfizetések számától függ.
  • Blokkolt idő. Határozza meg időintervallumot, amikor az online foglalás nem szabad elfogadni. Adjon meg egy okot, amiért foglalásokat nem lehet elfogadni, melyet az ügyfelek számára megjelenítünk.
  • Send client reservation confirmation emails from WordPress account
  • Email template customization for all supported languages

Plugin and addonds can be purchased from our landing page. Open landing page.

Additional services (by request)

  • Use your Facebook account for your business. Make clients from your Facebook fans. View presentation.
  • We can offer you white labeled restaurant reservation application for Facebook Application, iPhone/iPad Application, Windows Phone Application or Android Application. Please send request by email: or through our contact form:
  • Fokozza az üzleti tapasztalait a mi Facebook integráció szolgáltatásunk segítségével, ahol igyekszünk az Ön számára profil képek adni az ügyfelekről, ha találtak. Mely meghökkentő élményt jelenti első ügyfelei számára, hogy már arcról képes lesz felismerni őket.
  • Szeretné tudni, ügyfele visszajelzését? Mi összegyűjtük az Ön számára.
  • Remind your customer about upcoming reservation via Email or by SMS. More information here:
  • Collect pre-payment for reservations
  • Discouns per reservation module
  • Send birthday promotions or reminders to visit your restaurant again with MailChimp integration. More information here:
  • If you are building a catalogue of restaurants and looking for the perfect reservation plugin for it, we can provide it to you. Just let us know through contact form:
  • Do you want to write your own module? We have an API. Contact us to get more information. Contact form:

If you would like to add some new functionality or have any other queries, please contact us by email: or through our contact form:

Egyéb bővítmények

  • If you need to manage more complex reservations, please check our ReDi Reservation too.
  • Improve your restaurant’s turnaround time by allowing the clients to call a waiter using their smart phones via a mobile web page with our QR Code Waiter Calling System plugin.


  • Example of plugin first page installed into default theme. When plugin is activated, new "Reservation" page is created. Step 1: Requests from user to select reservation date and time, and number of seats. User has to click on a button "Check available time". System will query online database for available places at specified time and shows result.
  • Example of calendar control.
  • Example of time control.
  • Step 2: On this step user is requested to select available time if any.
  • Step 3: Once user selects available reservation time, user will be requested to fill reservation form with contact information and custom fields.
  • Reservation confirmation screen. At this time user has to receive confirmation email. Same time restaurant owner receives list of all upcoming reservations.
  • Setup screen with number of seats available, maximum persons per reservation, opening times and days of the week.
  • Setup screen with info on the restaurant including name, address, country, phone, email, URL
  • List of upcoming reservations on Mobile/Tablet PC (Available only for Basic package users). Demo version can be accessed by this link: Open demo version
  • Detailed reservation information on Mobile/Tablet PC (Available only for Basic package users). Photo is taken from Facebook public profile. Photo, Visits and Rating are available only by request.
  • Cancel reservation from Tablet PC version
  • Configuration for maximum available seats for online reservation by week day. (Available only for Basic package users)
  • Setting for custom fields that user should fill during reservation
  • List of Time shifts (Available only for Basic package users)
  • Open/close time for time shift (Available only for Basic package users)
  • Time before reservation for time shift by weekday (Available only for Basic package users)
  • Step 1: Select place, date and time (Multiple places available only for Basic package users)
  • Blocked Time list. (Available only for Basic package users)
  • Edit Blocked time. (Available only for Basic package users)
  • Step 1: Setup Goal with Google Analytics Tracking Code (google analytics/Conversions/Goals/Overview/Set up goals/New goal).
  • Step 2: Setup Goal details (Category: ReDi Restaurant Reservation, Action: Reservation confirmed)
  • Cancel reservation page for clients.
  • Step 1: Display all available time grouped by Opening Times (Available only for Basic package users)
  • List of all emails available for customization
  • Example of Email customization page
  • Change reservation from Tablet PC version


  1. Click on “Install now” to install plugin
  2. A bővítmény bekapcsolása a WordPress “Bővítmények” menü részénél lehetséges
  3. Go to Settings/Redi Restaurant Reservation page
  4. Follow instructions on the page to setup plugin

When plugin is activated, new page is automatically created and you can make your first reservation straight away. You can also create page manually and enter [redirestaurant] short code. Plugin is based on a public ReservationDiary API. We do not share any of our user’s information with third parties.
In case you have any problems with plugin installation or you need some customization, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email:


By far the very best reservations plugin! Do not hesitate. Have Your very own reservations platform with many editable settings/functions. All one might need. Really
I am very happy to use this plugin, their support is very good for us. Really I hope work again with this plugin. thank you so much. Sergei, thank you for your support.
2021.06.07. 2 replies
El plugins de pago va muy bien, tuve un problema con la suscripción automatica que genera al comprar el servicio, pero el soporte técnico del plugins. Logro resolver mi problema, me han explicado la situación y llegamos a un buen acuerdo. Gracias...
Plugin is very versatile but still simple to use. User-friendly and fast support helps with possible problems. I would give 6 out of 5 stars if possible!
Plugin works as expected and is affordable. Support team is very helpful. Highly recommend this plugin!
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Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.

Változási napló


  • Fixed bug: After first plugin installation generate API Key by email gives an error.
  • Fixed bug: When calendar is in popup mode, and dates are loaded, then the user has to open it again.
  • Fixed bug: After installation, by default reservation page does not show success page.
  • After installation by default calendar is click to show, changed to show always.
  • Timeshift normal mode is hidden for new installations
  • TimePicker type setting is hidden for new installations
  • Fixed bug: Cancel reservation error in wordpress.
  • Pre-selection of the country in the settings after the first installation.
  • Fixed bug: When saving settings after installing the plugin, an error occurred.


  • Reverted settings block with time shift


  • Fixed calendar to disable closed days


  • Fixed custom fields appearance
  • Fixed hide steps setting default value
  • Updated Spanish translation


  • Added support for discount addon
  • Changed date parsing from gmdate to date
  • Changed the way local time is obtained


  • fixed date format when submitting waitlist form
  • split into multiple files so that loco translate picks files that is less than 100kb
  • added separated setting for email via SMTP
  • removed session init
  • updated calendar to show fully booked days
  • check box custom fiels extended to have default values
  • changed order between date and guests
  • fixed option to collect phone number with country code
  • added possibility to define later reservation time in minutes, hours and days


  • fixed reservation form for iPad and Safari browser


  • fixed date bug in wait list
  • updated local time preview in admin settings
  • added video for Reservation Form settings and Reservation settingsadded video for Reservation Form settings and Reservation settings
  • added more videos for settings
  • added support for flexible reservation duration time per time block
  • updated time format on modify reservation page


  • Added First/Last name enable option
  • Added Phone number country flag disable options
  • Updated/Shown ‘End reservation time’ front end during reservation
  • Added video instructions
  • Added link to documentation
  • Reorganized place reservation settings


  • Renamed Upcoming to Waiter Dashboard
  • Added return back to WordPress admin dashboard from Basic package settings and Waiter Dashboard


  • Updated custom fields
  • Added new custom field Birthday for using in promotions
  • Fixed new key warning


  • Removed unneeded folders and files
  • Removed settings iframes
  • Removed diagnostics data collection
  • Added data sanitization
  • Updated calling of files locations
  • Renamed constants to plugin specific


  • Fixed XSS vulnarability


  • Added Català language
  • Added link to videos
  • Updated German translations
  • Sorted admin settings
  • Added information where reservation was created
  • Fixed session creation


  • Select number of guests instead of pre-selected value


  • Settings to set max time before reservation in hours and days
  • Custom fields as dropdown and options


  • Fixed date format when changing places
  • Added option to show seats left when time is selected
  • Extended size in database for custom fields


  • Added edit reservation form
  • Fixed entry to wait list
  • Save custom field to local database


  • Save reservations to local database
  • International phone number selection
  • Added captcha
  • Added children drop down
  • Allow to customize fully booked message
  • Improved first available date selection
  • Allow to enter into waitlist when part of the day is closed


  • Added login via social network accounts on reservation form


  • Fixed cancel reservation form


  • When plugin is not working user can send direct email to restaurant
  • Fixed custom fields issue when there are multiple restaurants
  • Added option to enable/disable cancel reservation form
  • Improved reservation form auto-complete
  • Moved logic of showing available times to script


  • Added support to override default reservation confirmation page


  • Fixed blocked dates with new line in reason


  • Added field for time to wait list form


  • Fixed issue with waitlist and gdpr checkbox
  • Fixed blocked dates when ‘ is included in reason


  • Removed extra slash from path
  • Fixed wait list to not pickup custom fields validations
  • Blocked wait list for current day
  • Added support for overriding frontend file and styles file from current theme directory
  • Added phone to wait list
  • Added GDPR checkbox to wait list


  • Added Wait List feature, that allows guests to enter their information when fully busy


  • Excluded custom fields from printing when specified


  • Added tool tip to calendar for disabled dates
  • Replaced Email field to Email, Phone or Name on cancel reservation form
  • Allow to pre-populate fields in reservation form from the link
  • Added new parameter to custom fields to exclude parameter from printing
  • Added possibility to change API key


  • Improved reducing number of seats without losing reservations


  • Fixed updating disabled dates in calendar when place is changed in dropdown
  • Changed “allow to contact by SMS”, “Send newsletter and promotion”, “Reminder” checkbox default values to unchecked to comply with GDPR


  • Fixed issue with missing custom fields


  • Added specific field types for SMS/Email reminders
  • Added more strict validation for Phone number


  • Fixed check of available time when minimum number of guests is more than one
  • Added reservation number to thank you page
  • Disabled in calendar non-working days. Limited calendar max time to 1 year.
  • Added support for manual reservations
  • Added Norwegian translation
  • Scroll to top of the form instead of page to support single page sites
  • Added no translate directive to fix Google translate issues


  • Fixed cancel reservation with space in number
  • Changed country from free form field to dropdown
  • New variation is added to plugin, that displays all possible times for selected date
  • Updated list of languages and translation
  • Added diagnostics for installation troubleshooting
  • Added support for translation to Upcoming Reservations TabletPC version
  • Added description to each setting
  • Added widget to collect new feature requests
  • Disable blocked dates in calendar
  • Added list of reservations


  • Extended view for basic package settings
  • Removed warnings
  • Improved error handling during first registration
  • Added support for Email CC for reservation notifications


  • Limit maximum time before reservation
  • Fixed warnings
  • Fixed upcoming reservation list
  • New style for upcoming reservation email
  • Increased time out for API call
  • Added check for comments size


  • Added settings to select Min and Max party size
  • Added message to client when he select Large group
  • Added setting to specify alternative time step
  • Added Portuguese (Brazil) translation
  • Added Swedish translation
  • Fixed multi language support
  • Fixed time displayed in drop down
  • Removed line brakes from javascript to prevent WordPress inserting p elements there when content formatting is turned on
  • Removed direct dependency from curl library
  • Added Google Analytic Tracking Code to thank you page
  • Add extra attribute to br to prevent controls displacement
  • Added ability to cancel reservation by client
  • Added possibility to override errors returned by API
  • New client reservation confirmation email template


  • Added alternative time picker for better reservation time selection on mobile devices
  • Added limits to text areas
  • Moved all texts to language files


  • Added support for multiple places (for basic package users)
  • Added better error handling to Admin console
  • Changed style of confirmation message
  • Scroll up page to confirmation message
  • Set calendar style to display on top of all elements
  • Moved cancel functionality to separated Tab
  • Fixed double click on reservation
  • Fixed manual date input


  • Added setting for maximum persons per reservation
  • Added support for custom fields that user should fill during reservation
  • Added Polish language


  • Added Portuguese language
  • Added German language
  • Refactored calendar localization support to work on PHP 5.2 version
  • Improved error handling


  • Added calendar localization support


  • Added cancel reservation from admin panel


  • Added possibility to specify date format in emails
  • Added to configuration reservation duration time


  • Added timezone support


  • Fixed problem with double escaping of ‘ or \ symbols


  • Added Dutch translation
  • Added Danish translation
  • Added Spainish translation


  • Added support for different time formats


  • Added French translation
  • Added possibility to provide Short and Full description about restaurant
  • Added language selection for emails that are sent to administrator
  • Added configuration of minimum time in hours before reservation


  • Fixed incompatibility with plugins that resides on same page
  • Added multi language support to reservation form
  • Added translations on Russian and Estonian


  • Fixed incompatibility with some themes


  • Changed persons from free form text to drop down
  • When user changes date, time or number of persons, form is closed and user has to check reservation availability with new form data
  • Added required field validation on a client side
  • When fully booked added information message


  • Added settings saved message box to admin page
  • Added check box that asks for permission to publish restaurant details into catalogue
  • Fixed pre populating of URL field in admin page


  • Updated reservation confirmation text
  • Selected reservation time highlighted with bold style
  • Added loading icon
  • Applied time zone of the general WordPress settings
  • Removed links from confirmation email


  • Initial version