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Quote of the Day – ITslum


Quote of the Day plugin lets you show famous quotation of famous author on your WordPress website, this quotes of the day will change every day. You can select a topic like Relationship Quote, Nature Quote, Health Quote or Quote of the Day – and famous quotations will automatically appear on your website or blog, every day!

This widget gets Quote of the day from Hearty Tools API. The API is associated with the web’s largest quotation repository, using Hearty Tools’ huge collection of quotations, you can share a fresh Quotation of the Day to educate, entertain and inform your website/blog visitors.

You can place one or multiple Quote of the Day widgets on your website/blog and show quotes from different categories. Hearty Tools’ directory of Nature Quote, Health Quote, Relationship Quote categories contain decent and meaningful quotes of famous authors that are inspirational, motivational and wise.


  • Plugin lets you display a Quote of the Day field on your website/blog.
  • Plugin adapts to the styling of your site’s active theme.
  • Plugin has different Quote categories to choose from.
  • Plugin allows you to place multiple widgets anywhere on your page as supported by theme.

További információ:

To find more about Hearty Tools and about this plugin, visit plugin page page. This plugin is developed by Hearty Tools developmen team. You can contact us for any kind of plugin and website development and customization.


  • Configuring the widget on the admin screen (Appearance, Widgets).
  • Screenshot of blog page with Quote Of The Day widgets.


  1. Upload Quote of the Day - ITslum .zip plugin from your wordpress dashboard.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. In WordPress Dashboard go to Appearance > Widgets.
  4. Drag the Quote of the Day - ITslum to the sidebar or anywhere you want to show quote.
  5. Optionally, select the type of quotes you would like to show visitors of website/blog. (for example, General, Health, Relationship, Nature)


Can I add multiple quote widgets to my site?

Yes! You can add as many widgets as you want where ever want quote to show. Each time you add a widget, you can select the category you want to appear on your page.

Can the displayed quotes contain offensive or abusive content?

Hearty Tools’ repository is reviewed strictly and there are exceptionally low chances of any rude or abusive content.

What versions of WordPress does Quote of the Day work with?

Quote of the Day widget is tested will all (3.x or greater) versions up to 5.8.

If Quote of the Day plugin does not work with a particular version of wordpress or there is any other issue, you can contact us!


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Változási napló


  • Stable release.
  • Bug free version of Quote of the day widget using independent data source, compatible with WordPress 5.8.


  • Stable release.
  • Bug free version of Quote of the day widget using independent data source, this update improves the website speed by reducing API calls.


  • Stable release.
  • Full tested and working bug free version of Quote of the day widget using Hearty Tools API!


  • Initial release.
  • Beta release of Quote of the day widget to display new quote every day using Hearty Tools API!