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pushBIZ – Push Notification


PushBIZ Push Notification?

PushBIZ push notifications lets you notify a user of new messages or events even when the user is not using your website. When a user device receives a push notification, your website’s icon and a message appear in the user screen. User can click on the message and can see more details, which you wish him to see, by clicking on the message. With pushbiz push notifications, you do not have to wait for your users to open their inbox to communicate. It will be delivered right on their browser. PushBiz lets you send push notifications on your subscribers via API too. You can choose events in your ERP when you wish to notify users. PushBIZ also allows segmenting the users based on geo coordinates, state, city, role etc and can send push notifications only for selected segments. PushBIZ push notification make your business visible to your clients and thus enables you earn upto 10X more.

Installing the WordPress PushBIZ plugin will automatically add the needed PushBIZ Code on your WordPress website. To get started, you just have to share your phone no, website domain and email ID. Once Configurations are down, just push your business near to your client from with-in WordPress, using Send BIZ Message.

Why PushBIZ.IN?

PushBIZ.In as name suggests, helps your business be in front of your clients. It lets your messages delivered to your clients in a useful, easy and non intrusive way, using push notifications technology for mobiles and latest web browsers. Customers can click the messages sent by you and reach your website, where you wish them to reach. Your message via PushBIZ.IN are delivered even when users are not on your website! Click rate increase on PushBIZ.IN messages are magical! Usually, You will get better visibility than Google Ads, Email Campaigns, and Social Updates.

See How PushBIZ Works

Understand what your customers like!

Reach to us by email on pushbiz@csimplifyit.com for any questions/queries.


Do not forget! check your template_header.php MUST have called wp_head():


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  • Sending your PushBIZ Messages
  • Sending your PushBIZ Messages from WordPress Post section
  • PushBIZ Support


WordPress : Extract the zip and put the contents in wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.

WordPressMu : Same as above


What are the best practices for better SEO or Click Throughs on pushBIZ.IN messages?
1. Send messages to your customers on regular intervals, but not every hour.
2. When user clicks message, ensure, you show information relevant to message on your website
3. Use pushBIZ.IN REST API to automate messages e.g. on promotions, cart abandonment, updates, new feature additions etc. with your enterprise applications

What if I have just moved (or I am new) to WordPress?

Relax! PushBIZ.IN detects and automatically adds the required code and registers your website. Reach to pushbiz@csimplifyit.com or raise ticket on WordPress, whenever you need any help.Do not forget to attach screenshots.


Installed Pushbiz on our website www.vskills.in – Fabulous customer experience. We are able to inform our practice test candidates of new additions of practice tests. Customers are happy with the new information, without having to bombard their inboxes with email. Certainly recommended !
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