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This plugin provides a shortcode to display a portion of a post content only to users of a specific role. For example, you can show the hidden text to Editors or to Authors or to any other WordPress role.

Please, note that an Administrator can read an Editor private content or a Subscriber private content, and so on. Same thing for Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber: a higher role can read a lower role content.

Also you can show the hidden text only to a certain role. For example, you can mark a text as visible only to Contributors and hide it to higher roles, such as Administrators or Editors and so on.

As of version 3.0 you can mark a text as visible only to a certain user, using his login name.

As of version 4.0 you can mark a text as visible to multiple users, using their login names comma separated.

As of version 4.3 you can use either the usual private shortcode or the extra ubn_private, in case the first is already in use.

As of version 5.0 you can use the new option reverse to change the logic of the recipient option. If reverse is activated, it will not allow users in recipient read the private note.


Display this text to Administrators:

[private role="administrator"]Text for Administrators[/private]

Display this text to Administrators and Editors:

[private role="editor"]Text for Editors[/private]

Display this text to Administrators, Editors, and Authors:

[private role="author"]Text for Authors[/private]

Display this text to Administrators, Editors, Authors, and Contributors:

[private role="contributor"]Text for Contributor[/private]

Display this text to Administrators, Editors, Authors, Contributors, and Subscribers:

[private role="subscriber"]Text for Subscribers[/private]

Text only for specific roles

If you want to show a note only to a certain role, you have to use a <role>-only option.
In this way, for example, an Administrator or an Editor (roles higher than Author) cannot read a note for Authors only.

These are all the cases:

Display this text to Editors only:

[private role="editor-only"]Text for Editors only[/private]

Display this text to Authors only:

[private role="author-only"]Text for Authors only[/private]

Display this text to Contributors only:

[private role="contributor-only"]Text for Contributors only[/private]

Display this text to Subscribers only:

[private role="subscriber-only"]Text for Subscribers only[/private]

Display this text to Visitors only:

[private role="visitor-only"]Text for Visitors only[/private]

Text only for a specific user or multiple users

In the case you want to show a text only to a specific user, assign none to role and a login name to recipient:

[private role="none" recipient="login-name"]Text for a specific user only[/private]

Change login-name with the correct login name of the target user.

You can use a comma separated list of usernames to target certain users:

[private role="none" recipient="login-name1, login-name2, login-name3"]Text for specific users only[/private]

Change login-name1, login-name2, and login-name3 with the correct login names of the target users.

Text NOT for some users

If you want to show a text to all users but not to some, activate the option reverse, so that users added in the recipient option will not read the note.
For example.

[private role="none" recipient="alice,bob,charlie" reverse=1]We all read this message while Alice, Bob, and Charlie can't read it![/private]

Alternate text for excluded users

If you want to show an alternate text in case the reader can’t read, you can use:

[private role="author" alt="You have not rights to read this."]Text for authors only[/private]

Please, take note that the alternate text, if defined, is always publicly displayed.

The alternate text can contain some HTML tags. The list is:

  • b or strong for bold text;
  • em or i for italic text;
  • a for links, with href and title included. For href and title do not use double quote, but single quote.

For example:

[private role="subscriber" alt="<a href='' title='Subscribe now!'>Subscribe</a> to read this <strong>super powered</strong> text!"]Hidden text.[/private]

Container for the text

Starting from version 2.4, the user can choose the container element for the text:

  • p is the default value;
  • div is another option. This element allows you use HTML elements like lists, headings, and more.
  • span is the final option. This element allows you to add private content inline.


Wrap the note inside a DIV:

[private container="div"]This is the text[/private]

Wrap the note inside a SPAN:

This is my home I bought a year ago [private container="span"](the key is under the doormat)[/private].

Standard WordPress user roles

WordPress roles in descending order:

  • Adminisztrátor
  • Szerkesztő
  • Készítő
  • támogató
  • Felratkozó

Capabilities created by Private Content plugin

These are the capabilities created by this plugin:

  • read_ubn_editor_notes
  • read_ubn_author_notes
  • read_ubn_contributor_notes
  • read_ubn_subscriber_notes

Privacy Policy

This plugin does not collect any user data.


Many thanks to:


  • At the center of the screen, the shortcode is used in the WordPress editor. The text inside the shortcode will be displayed only to Authors and above roles.
  • The shortcode in action. On the left, the text revealed to Administrators only; on the right, the page as seen by lower roles (Editors, Authors, etc., or simply readers).


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the private-content directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Now the shortcode is available and ready to use.


Is there a way to display an alternate text to readers that haven’t the rights to read the hidden text?

This plugin is not intended to be used in such way, but only in order to display a portion of a post to certain readers. Also, the hidden text must remain hidden, without the presence of an alternate text that could reveal the presence of the hidden text. Anyway, as of version 2.2, the plugin can display an alternate text, if it’s necessary: you can use the alt option to do that.

Also, this plugin was created only to show a small piece of text (i.e. a couple of lines) as a note to the post for particular readers.

If you need to show the entire post only to certain readers (i.e. readers who pay to read a post), you can use a plugin like Members.

The hidden text is similar to the public text. Is it possible to stylize it in a different look?

Yes, you have to edit the CSS file of your current theme.
The shortcode generates a <p> HTML tag with at most three classes in this order:

  • private to stylize all private contents
  • [role]-content to stylize the content for that specific [role].
  • [role]-content-only to stylize the content for that specific [role] only.
Does this plugin work with custom roles?

Yes, with a little extra work. In short, you have to map one of the capabilities created by Private Content to your custom role, using a plugin like User Role Editor or Members or Capability Manager Enhanced.

In detail, the plugin works only with the standard WordPress roles:

  • Adminisztrátor
  • Szerkesztő
  • Készítő
  • támogató
  • Felratkozó

So you cannot use your custom role directly in the shortcode. But you can assign one of the capabilities, created by this plugin, to your custom role. The capabilities created by this plugin are the following:

  • read_ubn_editor_notes
  • read_ubn_author_notes
  • read_ubn_contributor_notes
  • read_ubn_subscriber_notes

In order to do this, use one of the plugins mentioned before.

For example, if you have the Wholesale Customer role, you can make that Wholesale Customer can read the notes dedicated to other standard WordPress roles, such as Contributor for example. In other words, Wholesale Customer can read notes that have been written for Contributor. They will share the same notes.

After having made that, use a shortcode like this:

[private role="contributor-only"]Text for Contributors only[/private]

Once a “Wholesale Customer” has been logged in, he will read the notes dedicated to contributors-only. Please note that we are using role="contributor-only", not simply role="contributor".


This is the ONLY plugin that did what I exactly needed! When I had a question the team was quick to respond and help guide me through the steps I needed. Great plugin that shows text/content to certain user roles! Worked Perfectly!
This is a no fuss elegant plugin that works without any issues. Does exactly what it states. There are many others that are too fiddly or dont work as stated. Settle on this and look no further.
Wow thank you Aldo for this great and also free plug-in. You saved my day! It works very easy with short codes and I can let multiple users on a specific page see some content or disable some content. Very, very nice and easy to use.
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