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Point and Stare CMS Functions


This plugin generates special functions to convert your WordPress install into a CMS, add security and generally white label the admin.

Please note: This plugin has been completely over-hauled with many new functions, deprecated functions removed, better coding and even l18n facilities.

If you’re using on a live site, test on development first.

WordPress zen – the way your clients want it!

If you find this plug-in just so totally awesome that you develop a massive urge to donate, feel free to donate here:

All and any feedback – post it on the forum or email wordpress@pointandstare.com

File paths:



  • Remove Admin menu and sub-menu items
  • Add custom dashboard panels
  • Remove meta tags, add Google Analytic and Authorship details and the path to your sitemap quickly and easily.


Upload in normal way, to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.

  1. Upload point-and-stare-cms-functions folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Go to Settings > P and S CMS Functions


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Változási napló


  • Removed all G+ references
  • Updated Google Analytics


  • Added Thickbox CSS
  • Added plugins/* disallow to robots calls
  • Wondered if I am wrong

  • Small script update
  • Do cats send eMeows?


  • Removed irritating JQuery option


  • Updated GA code


  • Missed another one


  • Corrected a few mistakes


  • Removed ‘Howdy’ option – not needed
  • i8n’ed more stuff
  • Removed ‘Login logo link’ – pointless option
  • Corrected some spilling mistakes
  • Upped the tested WP version to 4.3.1
  • Tidied up Page/ Post options


  • Compatible with WordPress 3.9
  • Fix undefined index notice
  • Fix deprecated function call


  • More antibugging, issetting and generally pretending that I know what I’m doing
  • Cleaned up JQuery call – made to use inbuilt WP script unless stated – and moved to footer


  • Removed admin font change as it was conflicting and ugly


  • Fixed small issue with login logo


  • Fixed a little ooops


  • Updated and cleaned up to work with WP v3.8
  • Removed deprecate functions
  • Cleaned up code
  • Added media uploader integration where relevant
  • Done loads of stuff – just get in there and enjoy


  • Minor changes to work with 3.4.2
  • Added link to settings from plugins page
  • Fixed issue where siteurl and blog title displaying on login page (Thanks Vic)
  • Minor text changes for clarification
  • Added setDomainName to auto pull site URL in Google analytics call


  • Fixed a little ooopsss


  • Tested and confirmed working on WordPress 3.4
  • Added Google Verified Authorship
  • Added jQuery correctly
  • Cleaned up options panels
  • Added OMG script warning
  • Cleaned up CSS
  • Cleaned up general code
  • Updated install instructions


  • Added ‘maintenance mode’ option with custom message
  • Added ‘remove screen options tab’ function
  • Added ‘hide help tab’ function
  • Added ‘remove media submenu’ option
  • Added ‘remove theme editor submenu’ option
  • Added donation button (you know you want to)
  • Had some biscuits with my coffee


  • Added ‘change admin font and size’ option
  • Small cosmetic updates
  • Made more coffee


  • Checked for 3.3.1 compatibility
  • Updated Jquery – 1.7.1
  • Added ‘Remove Posts’ from top level menu option
  • Added ‘Remove General’ from Settings submenu
  • Removed parent_post_rel_link (deprecated)
  • Removed start_post_rel_link (deprecated)
  • Removed index_rel_link (deprecated)
  • Loading relevant scripts on options page only
  • Cleaned up layout
  • Updated comments
  • Gawped at the awesomeness of this plugin


  • Added absolute path to sitemap option
  • Added automatic robots.txt options
  • Updated readme
  • Added screenshot


  • Checked for 3.3 compatibility


  • Checked for 3.3 rc3 compatibility
  • Cleaned up ‘read me’


  • Added ‘slug’ option for pages


  • Added posh new options page


  • There was fluff and stuff.
  • Removed fluff
  • Removed stuff