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Orion SMS OTP Verification


This plugin allows you to verify mobile number by sending a one time OTP to the user entered mobile number.
You can verify mobile number on Contact form 7 and any registration form. It will not allow the form to be submitted before completing the OTP verification.

This plugin gives you an option to choose between two third party APIs:

1-MSG91: You can choose MSG91 API to send messages ( https://msg91.com ). All you have to do is get your auth key from MSG91 to send messages from the below link:
MSG91 SignUp

2-Twilio: It can use TWILIO API to send messages ( https://www.twilio.com/ ). All you have to do is get your api key from TWILIO to send messages from the below link:

Plugin Features

User registration verification via 2FA (two-factor authentication) verification SMS

This plugin has been tested with WordPress default theme Twenty Nineteen along with the top 12 forms plugins( with their versions available at the time of release ) and works successfully:

  1. Contact Form 7
  2. WPForms
  3. Ninja Forms
  4. Formidable Forms
  5. WooCommerce Signup Form
  6. Ultimate Member
  7. User Registration – User Profile, Membership and more
  8. Profile Builder – User registration and user profile
  9. Profile Press
  10. Registration Magic
  11. Buddy Press Signup Form
  12. Everest Forms

-User can also reset his/her password using mobile SMS/OTP.

IMP: For some reason if you want to switch back to any of our older versions. You can download them from :
Orion Hive

Recommended Plugin for Login With SMS/OTP

Use Login with SMS/OTP functionality, with Orion Login With SMS Plugin for free on WordPress.org

Chat Support Help



Please check the Demo videos

[2018-12-04] Plugin Demo.

[2018-10-19] TWILIO API CAN NOW BE USED TO SEND SMS/OTP | New Feature in Orion OTP Plugin

[2018-10-19] Generate Twilio API Key | SID | Auth Token | Twilio Phone No

[2018-12-04] Multiple Form Support

[2018-04-04] How to use the Plugin Get MSG91 auth key and mobile otp verification with Contact Form 7.

[2018-04-04] Reset Password with Mobile OTP in WordPress.



This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Go to WordPress admin Dashboard under Orion OTP Menu and fill the required fields. Watch demo video for better explanation.
  4. Create the necessary keys from MS91 or Twilio. Please watch the demo video how to do that. Please find the link to create auth key in the demo video description.


Its not working.

Step 1. Check if your Plugin is activated.
Step 2. Deactivate all plugins and reactivate ihs geo location.
Step 3. Deactivate all plugins and reactivate ihs geo location.
Step 4. Check if all required fields are filled in the WordPress admin Dashboard under Orion OTP menu.
Step 5. For some reason if you want to switch back to any of our older versions. You can download them from :
Orion Hive


The plugin is outdated! Very poor support don't even reply for days The MSG91 settings are missing template ID so it won't work now. there is literally no support for the premium version I am now regretting buying it no refunds at all.
Really very useful for dev and reduced time. made it very easy
With the help of the amazing Support Team, I was able to successfully add the Orion SMS OTP Verification plugin to my form. It worked perfectly. The Support Team was fantastic and knew exactly how to address my questions. The plugin works exactly as described, and the plugin can be added to almost any form with its very well-designed configuration screen. A VERY well-done plugin and amazing Support Team.
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