Nomore404 404 Redirection and Firewall


NoMore404 is a free WordPress plugin for redirection of 404 pages and simple firewall to block malicious hosts and URLs.
All redirections are done via 301 redirection.
You can mark any hosts and URLs to be blocked as malicious as well.


  • URLs list
  • Hosts/callers list
  • Settings


Installation is easy, just install and activate, the plugin will work straight away with default settings.


Can I submit the feature request? Or a bug report?
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Változási napló

1.12 fixed whitespace issue in dashboard widget file
1.11 adding api calls to the plugin to upload/download data to/from backend
1.10 linux lookup bugfix
1.09 Bugfix saving URI, optimising host name lookup for windows and linux
1.08 Callers have new field hostname and new bulk action created to find hostnames.
Added button to reset statistics and additional stat value.
Added comment field for URI.
1.07 Bugfix – fixed counting of blocked malicious for the widget
1.06 Whitelist functionality to callers is added, minor UI adjustments to URI table and Callers table.
Link to abuseipdb is created from Callers malicious column.
Added dashboard widget to show statistics.
1.05 Bug fix of import function: it was removing all previous data before import, now all data is kept and new added.
1.04 Initial release