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Net-Results Marketing Automation


Leverage Progressive Profiling in your web forms, instantly begin lead scoring every visitor to your WordPress site. Automate marketing list management, lead nurturing and drip email campaigns.
Includes a custom Widget for embedding Net-Results Forms and the automatic setup of Net-Results implementation code (this enables all features of the Net-Results Marketing Automation Platform on your WordPress site or blog).

Net-Results is a next-generation marketing automation platform that makes it easy to leverage Relevance to drive connections, conversions and revenue.

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  1. Install the Net-Results Plugin as you would any other WordPress plugin.
  2. Activate the Net-Results Plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. In WordPress, navigate to Settings -> Net-Results
  4. Add your Product Id (available in your Net-Results account at https://apps.net-results.com/app/User/account. Look for the „data-pid” value in the „implementation code”. You can also email us at support@Net-Results.com and we’ll reply quickly with your Product Id)
  5. Authorize your WordPress install to connect to your Net-Results account:
    • Visit https://apps.net-results.com/app/Oauth/edit in another tab or window.
    • Enter „WordPress” or a similar Description
    • Click Save
      • Copy your Client ID from this page and paste it into the Client ID field of the WordPress Net-Results Plugin settings page.
      • Copy your Client Secret from this page and paste it into the Client Secret field of the WordPress Net-Results Plugin settings page.
  6. Disable any popup blockers in your browser, and in the WordPress Net-Results Plugin settings page, Click the „Get Access Token
  7. You’ll be brought to the Net-Results application with a prompt to „Authorize” this plugin
  8. Click „Authorize
  9. You’ll be brought back to your WordPress settings menu with the Token automatically populated in the Token field
  10. Click the „Save Settings” button


Visit http://support.net-results.com/index.php/Marketing_Automation_Support_Site


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Változási napló


- September 11, 2014
- Added Net-Results Forms widget: embed Net-Results forms in any parts of your theme that supports widgets


- May 21, 2015
- Added support for OAuth v2 secure authentication
- Removed support for basic authentication via username and password


- March 6, 2019
- Updated package to fix a deprecated function


- May 23, 2019
- Update to the Forms widget so forms will render when ad blockers are being used


- August 30, 2019
- Update to the Net-Results Beacon code


- August 30, 2019
- version correction