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myCRED is an adaptive points management system that lets you build a broad range of point related applications for your WordPress powered website.
Store reward systems, community leaderboards, online banking or monetizing your websites content, are a few examples of the ways myCRED is used.


Each user on your WordPress websites gets their own point balance which you can manually adjust at any time. You can use just one point balance or setup multiple types of balances. How these balances are accessed, used or shows is entirely up to you.


Each time myCRED adds or deducts points from a user, the adjustment is logged in a dedicated log, allowing your users to browse their history. The log is also used to provide you with statistics, accountability, badges, ranks and to enforce limits you might set.

Awarding or Deducting Points Automatically

myCRED supports a vast set of ways you can automatically give / take points from a user. Everything from new comments to store purchases. These automatic adjustments are managed by so called Hooks which you can setup in your admin area.

Third-party plugin Support

myCRED supports some of the most popular plugins for WordPress like BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Contact Form 7 etc. To prevent to much cluttering in the admin area with settings, myCRED will only show features/settings for third-party plugins that are installed and enabled.


There is so much more to myCRED then just adjusting balances. The plugin comes with several built-in add-ons which enabled more complex features such as allowing point transfers, buying points for real money, allow payments in stores etc.

Dokumentáció megtekintése

You can find extensive documentation on everything myCRED related in the myCRED Codex. You can also find a list of frequently asked questions on the myCRED website.


myCRED was not built to “do-it-all”. Instead a lot of effort has been made to make the plugin as developer friendly as possible. If you need a custom feature built, you can submit a request for a quote via the myCRED website.

Code Snippets

The most commonly asked customizations for myCRED are available as code snippets on the myCRED website, free to use by anyone.


Support is offered on our myCRED website from Monday to Friday 9AM – 5PM (GMT+5). Submit customization request or open a support ticket If you have trouble with myCRED which is not described in documentation also you can consult the online community for your question. We pay myCRED Store Tokens as a reward on reporting bugs and their fixes as well. Support is not entertained here on the support forum or on any social media account.


  • WordPress 4.8 or greater
  • PHP version 5.6 or greater
  • PHP mcrypt library enabled
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

Language Contributors

  • Swedish – Gabriel S Merovingi
  • French – Chouf1 Dan – BuddyPress France
  • Persian – Mani Akhtar
  • Spanish – Jose Maria Bescos Website
  • Russian – Skladchik
  • Chinese – suifengtec Website
  • Portuguese (Brazil) – Guilherme
  • Japanese – Mochizuki Hiroshi


  • Bővítmények - Add-ons are managed just like themes in WordPress.
  • Edit Balances - Administrators can edit any users balance at any time via the Users page in the admin area.
  • Hooks - Hooks are managed just like widgets in WordPress.
  • Edit Log Entries - Administrators can edit any log entry at any time via the admin area.


You can find a list of frequently asked questions on the myCRED website.


I bought buddypress mycred charge (paid extension) If an user enable the profile access selling, their profile give error 404 when another user try to see it. I tried to: 1) disable all plugins except buddypress, mycred and this plugin 2) change themplate to legacy 3) update wordpress to 5.3 4) change php version 5) update storefront theme 6) remove all additional snippets from function.php Nothing is changed, so i think this problem depends of bp mycred charge plugin.
Das Plugin ist super, aber der Support ist schlecht. Eröffnete Tickets werden beantwortet und wenn man zurück antworten will, ist dies nicht möglich, da dir dein Account sagt du hättest du ein Ticket erstellt. Auch muss man Glück haben wenn man ein Beitrag ins Frageforum schreiben will. Der wird nämlich in den meisten Fällen nicht genehmigt oder eher es schaut sich kein Moderator zum freischalten an. Deswegen "nur" 4 Sterne.
I've been using this for over a month now on and it's proven to be more than a gimmick (which I felt it might be at first). The potential for this plug in is limited only by the imagination and feedback of its users. So far I use the badges, paid content, birthday and several other of course many other myCred features. The paid content has been a bit hit and miss with users. Some being scared off because it looks too much like a pay-wall , while others are using it to sell their own content and raise credits for other activities. The badges feature is a full blown win with my users. I'm constantly being asked to add badges for this achievement and that achievement. Installing myCred is worth it for the Badges feature alone. The other features are all equally as good. Some being more useful than others, but all in all, this is a great plug in and a great product. Well done myCred!
Hi Thanks for the plugin I have a question  The user publishes the content and receives credit. Is it possible that the manager to approve first and then get credit?
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Változási napló


NEW – Introduce a new shortcode [mycred_my_balance_converted].
NEW – Introduce a new template tag %coupon_code%.
TWEAK – Avoid duplicate database calls in get_log_table().
TWEAK – Language support in [mycred_hook_table] shortcode.
FIX – [mycred_buy] shortcode always get default point type settings.
FIX – HTML format issue in [mycred_buy_form] shortcode.
FIX – Remove badge related PHP warnings.
FIX – %order_id% template tag does not render in myCRED email.
FIX – %transfer_message% template tag does not render in myCRED email.

FIX – myCRED Statistics add-on related shortcodes.
FIX – myCRED Leaderbard cache issue.
TWEAK – Database optimization.


NEW – Added “to” attribute in Leaderboard shortcode.
NEW – Added filter “mycred_show_custom_coupon_value” for coupon value.
FIX – myCRED Leaderboard widget notices.
FIX – Typo fix in BuddyPress hook.
FIX – Coupon success message not showing in custom point types.
FIX – Incorrect point type in coupon notification.
FIX – Ranks not being assigned based on Total Balance.
FIX – Set default point type in ctype attribute in [mycred_users_of_all_ranks] shortcode.
FIX – [mycred_hook_table] this shortcode showing only 1 content hook at a time.
FIX – Emails that are stored in draft are also being sent.
FIX – Template tags are not being rendered in email Notices.
FIX – Admin not able to select ranks “manual mode” from settings.
FIX – Admin not able to assign ranks when “manual mode” is enabled.
FIX – Errors in [mycred_email_subscriptions] shortcode.
FIX – Transfer Message showing as “-” in log.
FIX – myCRED Cache not deleting.
FIX – When deleting a BuddyPress Activity adds a “Profile Comment Delete” log.
FIX – Assign users badge from badge edit page.
FIX – “Not in” operator not passing in query_log.
FIX – Show main image in [mycred_my_badges] shortcode if level image is not set.

FIX – myCRED hooks not adding on other point types.
FIX – option_id name not calling for other point types.

FIX – myCRED hooks not saving.
FIX – setCookie function error when adding new hook.


NEW – Introduce a new filter “mycred_option_id” for manipulating hooks.
NEW – Add new action “mycred_pref_hooks” on mycred hooks page
TWEAK – Limits are showing for Approved comments hook in [mycred_hook_table] shortcode.
FIX – Sell content undefined offset in Backend Pages & Posts.
FIX – mycred_buy shortcode Undefined variable: post.
FIX – Bitpay 404 page redirect.
FIX – BuyCred Gateway error message no gateway available.
FIX – myCred Email accept only ARRAY value in “get_subject” function.
FIX – Incorrect log table name in multisite when central logging is enabled.
FIX – strpos depreciated behavior.
FIX – Coupon expiration before date.
FIX – “Total in Points” value show in both Cart & Checkout page when you select “Show in Cart and on Checkout Page” in WooCommerce myCRED Gateway.


FIX – Fixed Woocommerce checkout errors.
FIX – Fixed get_users_balance function.
FIX – Fixed typo error in bbPress hook.
NEW – Added new feature to copy to clipboard referral link in BuddyPress profile page


FIX – [mycred_best_user] shortcode fixed.
FIX – Post related template tags fixed.
FIX – Sell content related issue fixed.
IMPROVEMENT – Added check for existing logs getting disappeared.


FIX – [mycred_my_balance] shortcode fixed.
FIX – [mycred_total_balance] shortcode fixed.
FIX – rank related issues fixed.


NEW – Added new mycred_over_hook_limit filter for adjusting hook limit checks.
NEW – Added new MYCRED_RANK_KEY constant which can be used to whitelabel ranks.
NEW – Added new MYCRED_COUPON_KEY constant which can be used to whitelabel coupons.
NEW – Added new MYCRED_BADGE_KEY constant which can be used to whitelabel badges.
NEW – Added new MYCRED_EMAIL_KEY constant with can be used to whitelabel email notifications.
NEW – Added new MYCRED_BUY_KEY constant with can be used to whitelabel pending buyCRED payments.
NEW – Added new MYCRED_ENABLE_SHORTCODES constant in cases where myCRED shortcodes needs to be disabled.
NEW – Updated the Email Notifications add-on to version 1.4 with support for custom instances, multiple point types / notice and introduced the new myCRED_Email object.
NEW – Updated the buyCRED add-on which now has improved checkout process.
NEW – Added the option to set a custom gateway logo for all built-in payment gateways.
NEW – Updated the mycred_load_coupon shortcode to show an error message when an invalid coupon is used.
NEW – Added new Anniversary hook allowing you to reward users for each year they are a member on your website.
NEW – Added new MYCRED_ENABLE_HOOKS constant to disable hooks completely.
NEW – Added support for Multi Network setups.
NEW – Added new mycred_add_post_meta(), mycred_get_post_meta(), mycred_update_post_meta() and mycred_delete_post_meta() functions in order to add support for the Master Template feature on multisites.
NEW – Added support for multiple point types in leaderboards.
NEW – The leaderboard shortcode can now be setup to render results based on multiple point types.
NEW – Added caching of log and leaderboard queries.
NEW – Added new filter to allow adjustments to the reference used for publishing and deleting content hooks.
NEW – Added new mycred_give_run filter to control if the mycred_give shortcode should run or not.
TWEAK – Moved hooks to /includes/hooks/ and third-party hooks to /includes/hooks/external/.
TWEAK – Implemented the use of $mycred_log_table global throughout the plugin.
TWEAK – Improved Multisite support.
TWEAK – When a user jumps more than one badge level in a single instance, we want to make sure he gets rewarded for each level (if rewards is set).
TWEAK – Corrected codex urls for functions and shortcodes throughout the plugin.
TWEAK – Added support to whitelabel shortcodes.
TWEAK – Added new MYCRED_SHOW_PREMIUM_ADDONS constant to hide all mentions of premium add-ons in myCRED.
TWEAK – BuddyPress fixed issue related to points ignoring limit on adding to favorites
TWEAK – Optimized search the search for log entries
TWEAK – issue related to email not getting send on transfer in and out triggers in transfer addon
TWEAK – Rank excerpt fix

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