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Multimedia Customer Feedback


iFrame embedding demo: http://demo.grabimo.com/?page_id=78

Popup lightbox demo: http://demo.grabimo.com/?page_id=66

Grabimo is a tool that facilitates business gathering customer
feedback in multimedia formats: text, photo, audio, and video. The tool
makes it easy for business to appreciate customer’s time and effort
instantly, safely, and simply. It is a both PC and mobile friendly out-of-the-box solution, offering feedback campaign setup, customer experience
capture, digital content protection, online money payment, and social
media sharing. With only a few clicks, business has the powerful comment box ready. It dramatically increases customer engagement. Customers never
ignore request to leave a comment or suggestion or review.

As a business owner, you get candid and objective feedback from
your customers. You have positive audio visual endorsements to show
off your business online and offline. You use critiques to improve
product design and service quality. You have objective evidence to
evaluate operation performance of individual or organization. You have
the opportunity to follow up nicely with customers, resulting in
long-term customer relationship.

Collecting feedback is one of total customer satisfaction means to help retain your
existing customers, find customer pain points to make improvements.
The positive reviews or testimonials are the most powerful tool to generate sales
leads. Every business should treat collecting feedback as their first

Special Features

  • Video customer feedback/testimonial/experience/review/survey/suggestion/comment
  • Audio customer feedback/testimonial/experience/review/survey/suggestion
  • Photo customer feedback/testimonial/experience/review/survey/suggestion
  • Text customer feedback/testimonial/experience/review/survey/suggestion
  • Mobile device friendly, tested on iOS and Andriod phone and tablet
  • No mobile app installation required for capturing multimedia in real-time
  • HTML5 doctype, mobile and mobile ready
  • Visual presentation never leaving your webpage
  • Shortcode on WordPress-based sites or short URL on anywhere
  • Watermark protection of digital contents
  • Instant notification and real-time transaction processing
  • Single button nicely working with contact us or customer survey form or customer email communication
  • Easy customer engagement and customer retention with reward through social media and from anywhere
  • PayPal payments, fast, and secure
  • One-minute installation through WordPress plugin installer
  • Support both popup lightbox
  • Support iframe embedding




Contact us at https://www.grabimo.com/ContactUs.html
Or simply email us at: admin@grabimo.com


  • Your customer click the "Call for Feedback" green button on your site
  • Mobile multimedia upload
  • Flash video recorder on PC web browser
  • Flash audio recorder on PC web browser


  1. Upload the whole folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin using the ‘Plugins’ menu in your WordPress admin panel.
  3. Go Settings->Feedback to add your business alias created at https://www.grabimo.com
  4. Add Shortcode:
    • if PHP file, <?php echo do_shortcode('[grab-multimedia-feedback]'); ?>
    • if HTML file, [grab-multimedia-feedback]


Do customers need install mobile app?

No, there is no app installation! Grabimo makes us of HMTL5, Adobe
Flash, mobile and cloud computing technologies to facilitate
collecting multimedia customer feedback. Your customers can activate
camcorder, webcam, or sound recorder simply by clicking buttons on the
webpage for your feedback campaign. All actions can be completed on
the same webpage. See Campaign Example >

As a business owner, how do I pay customer feedback?

You customers see you feedback campaign and submit their experience in
multimedia format. Grabmio will email you about the submission. With
the PayPal™ payments, you can pay with your credit cards or
signature debit cards, See Example >


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  • tested on WP 4.1.1


  • Created Settings submenu
  • Supported both lightbox and inline frame


  • Added a setting allowing users to adjust feedback button width


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