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Mobiplus Subscription Form


Make your website-visitors be able to subscribe to your newsletter or sms-dispatch without any discomfort. Make your convertion better and be able to reach your customers even faster than before with this plugin – it’s just that easy!

It takes seconds to install and connect it – it’s easy to use and mobile optimized.
It’s so you can reach your subscribers (on both e-mail and sms) and make good-looking campaigns in seconds.

This is a plugin for the platform my.mobiplus.se – when you have an account at mobiplus you can download this plugin and install it, so you can connect/couple it together with your own website.

When this is done, you can send out newsletter to your subscribers and customers – and you’ll also be able to send sms-dispatches.

You can apply after an account at **mobiplus.se

  • Shortcode example


printForm=true/false (default true)
showtitle=true/false (default true)
identityType=email/sms (default email)
smsListId=XX (overide default in admin)
emailListId=XX (overide default in admin)

  • Example

    [MPSUBSCRIBEFORM printForm=false identityType="sms" smsListId=10]


  • Front Page - Subscription Form

  • Admin page - Settings


1. How does it work?

Apply for an account at mobiplus.se, or contact us at support@mobiplus.se to get an API-key.

2. How do I change colors?

Go to the plugins tab on WordPress – and scroll down you’ll be able to change the font-color, button-font-color, background-color on both button and on the plug-in – to make it concurrent for your website.

3. How do i change the text?

Go to the plugins tab on WordPress and scroll down, there you can change both the subscription-button-text, what the text should be if the subscription fails and also the text for a successfully made subscription!

4. Where do I find my subscribers?

They’ll be on your account you have at mobiplus – that you’ve chosen in your settings. (my.mobiplus.se/login).

5. Can I connect it to another website/system?

No, that’s not possible it’s customsized for Mobiplus users.

6. Why doesn’t my form show?

Have you put the short-code where it’s supposed to be? If it still not showing – contact us at support@mobiplus.se.

7. How do I know if my subscribers get my e-mails/SMS?

It’s shown on your account you have at Mobiplus (my.mobiplus.se/login).


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Változási napló

1.1 2019-04-11
* Update css and form style

1.0 2019-04-03
* Initial release