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Libsyn’s Publishing Hub allows for the perfect workflow for publishing podcast episodes straight from WordPress and into your Libsyn show. Features such as episode creation, Apple Podcasts optimization tags, creating ID3 tags, automated feed/show migrations, pulling in previously published episodes, and advanced scheduling bring some of the best of Libsyn’s publishing options to your WordPress website.

Media file uploads direct to Libsyn, as well as by using already loaded WordPress media or access your Libsyn FTP Dropbox all from one place.

The best part is your media files stay hosted with Libsyn, and your RSS feed will still be generated by Libsyn as well, meaning your web hosting server remains unaffected by your podcast and your RSS feed and media files are unaffected by your web hosting server. It’s the best of both worlds.


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Pre-Installation Notes

  • In order to use this plugin, you also require a podcast hosting account with Libsyn. Plans start at $5 per month.
  • In order to install and activate this plugin in WordPress, you will need recommended PHP 5.6 or higher, WordPress must be version 4.0 or higher.
  • Please report any issues or inquiries to

Installation Steps

  1. Log into your Libsyn account and click on the green arrow in the upper right hand corner, then go to Manage WordPress Plugins
  2. Click Add New WordPress Plugin
  3. Give the plugin a name (used only for your own organizational purposes)
  4. Enter the root domain the plugin will be installed on
  5. Hit Save and write down or otherwise save the Client ID and Client Secret you are given.
  6. In your WordPress dashboard, install the Libsyn plugin from the plugin directory and make sure it is activated
  7. Click on Libsyn Podcasting in your left hand menu
  8. Enter your Client ID and Client Secret and hit Save
  9. Enter your Libsyn login credentials and hit Login
  10. Accept the permissions
  11. Under Select Show, in the Publisher Hub Settings, select the show you want to use for publishing and Save your changes

If you have any questions with the setup process or usage of the plugin, please contact


I am a Libsyn customer and the new Block editor is a breeze! I am able to insert my new episodes (Videos) right in the post and did I mention it is FAST? Awesome plugin Libsyn keep up the good work!
The upload feature does not work. You click the upload button and the dialog box is grayed out where you can not select the file to upload. Support is sketchy at best, I have dealing with this issue for over 6 months now and each time they tell me it will be fixed in the next release. Still broken!!!!
This plugin is working fine on my WP site, using the latest version. I did go out to Libsyn and review the instructions, etc. If I had a question, support did get back to me. I am using Libsyn as my podcast host.
It has corrupted my website by BLOCKING my Podcast PAGE. even when I unistalled it and cleared the cache - that error is still in. I now have to restore my website from backup. Shame on you Libsyn for releasing this Beta version without a warning!
While still in experimental phases, the plugin has made posting my show a breeze and the devs have been quick to respond with any concerns including updates to keep my show moving right along!
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Változási napló

  • Bug fix for Jetpack usage with block editor
  • Bug fix causing post page navigation to break
  • Added notifications to the block editor for some errors and required fields.


  • Bug fix for Jetpack usage with block editor
  • Bug fix causing post page navigation to break


  • Added Block Post Editor (See video link for details)
  • Added Classic editor support retroactively (enabled on Settings page)
  • Added Admin Dashboard Episode Stats widget
  • Added plugin i18n support

  • Added Block Post Editor settings
  • Added Classic editor support retroactively
  • Fixed a bug causing settings not to clear on plugin deactivation.
  • Update to edited posts category settings.
  • Removed logger check for the logger process pid.

  • Changed the way feed imports process data.
  • Bug fix causing some previously published episodes not to load correctly in the block editor.
  • Bug causing player settings to sometimes incorrectly display on player shortcode.
  • Added Category Feeds support for Powerpress Imports.
  • Debug log changes and updates.

  • Changes to the feed importer process.
  • Bug fix causing some episode content not to show up.
  • Changes to the debug log to enhance usability.

  • Additional settings on Settings Page added.
  • Support for Podcast Post Meta added to Edit Posts.
  • Support for Gutenberg post pages.
  • Support for Wordpres 5.xx
  • Misc. Bug fixes.

  • Misc bug fixes, additional logging on errors.

  • Plugin renamed “Libsyn Publisher Hub” for future releases.
  • Alpha release added updates added.
  • Posts page added to modify from previous posts.
  • Advanced Destination Publishing adding to posts.
  • Feed Imports added to plugin.
  • Apple Podcasts optimization tags added to posts.
  • WordPress Post Permalink now used as the Libsyn Post Permalink URL.


  • Updates for WordPress 4.9.7
  • Additional logging for API retrieval.
  • Misc. Bug fixes.


  • Style changes to player overlay dialog.
  • Some log message changes.


  • Updates for WordPress 4.9.6
  • Bug fix for clear player settings.


  • Updates for WordPress 4.9.2
  • Added phpinfo download to debug log page.
  • Misc bug fixes.


  • Updates for WordPress 4.9.1
  • Better notifications for unreadable plugin files.
  • Style changes for mobile devices.
  • Bug fix for player shortcode on post updates.


  • Authentication process improvements.
  • Bug fixes for Multisite
  • Posts page added.


  • Authentication process bug fixes.
  • Update to support WordPress 4.8
  • Bug fixes for Php 5.3 and 5.4 clients.


  • Several bug fixes and updates.
  • Update to support WordPress 4.7.4


  • Tested up to WordPress 4.7.3
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and updates.


  • Error logging added for better support.
  • Changed the plugin settings pages (bug fixes).
  • Improved the re-authentication process for expired authorizations.


  • Added better support for text domains.
  • Better support for custom install directories.
  • Added Edit Episodes selection on Post Episode page.


  • Added Custom player support.
  • Changed Authentication process.
  • Added media preview on media uploads.


  • Changed Auth process.
  • Added Site Url check process.


  • Updates some verbage in plugin.
  • Added download link in plugin settings.
  • Added “clear plugin settings” to settings page.


  • Updated descriptions.
  • Changed ftp/unreleased view.
  • Bug fix causing new categories not to work properly.
  • Changed default player sizes.


  • Update Social Buttons.
  • Bug fix playlist images.


  • Fixed file name display on ftp/unreleased media modal.
  • Storing additional media information for ftp/unreleased media.


  • Added player size, theme, and placement settings.
  • Ability to modify player settings on posts.


  • Changes to color schemes.
  • More streamlined posting process.


  • General Bug fixes


  • Core build with [podcast] shortcode support
  • Added oembed support for Libsyn html5 player.
  • Setings updates and playlist support.