Leads5050 allows you to monitor visits to your website and turn anonymous visits into potential new business opportunities. This plugin allows you easily to add the Leads5050 tracking code and straight away allows you to identify the origin of visits whether it is from a search engine, social media or an external source directly from your WordPress dashboard. The allows you to identify leads, prospects, existing customers and competitors that visit the site.


  • Connect your site to the Leads5050 – Lead monitoring engine
  • Free monitoring of visits to your site
  • Free social media visit counts
  • Up to date visit reports direct to your WordPress site
  • Free access to visit reports on Leads5050.com
  • Lead identification (Premium Feature)
  • Create visitor watch lists (Premium Feature)

This plugin provides visit monitoring for free and adds lead identification is a Premium feature.


The Leads5050 plugin for WordPress allows you to connect to your WordPress site to Leads5050.com so that you can
* Monitor visit counts to your site and categorises the visit source (e.g. search, social, external etc.)
* Identify visits from on-page links on other sites (backlinks)
* Identify the source country for visits
* Relate Google bot visits to pages on your sitemap (free feature available through the Leads5050 dashboard)
* Identify Leads, Prospect, Customers, Suppliers and Competitors (Premium Feature in the Leads5050.com dashboard)

Leads 5050 Visitor Insights – The WordPress plugin that allows you to find out more about visits and visitors to your site

This website ranking plugin is easy to install using the WordPress interface and is intuitive enough to be configured in minutes. Keyword ranking results, referrer statistics and social media engegement results are provided in tables that are easy to interpret. These results are included in the admin dashboard of your WordPress website.


Data captured from your website is stored on an external database that is accessible through the Leads5050 Portal. There is no private or user data captured. IP addresses of visitors are captured in order to identify the source of each visit (e.g. social site, search etc.).

The data is captured to allow processing to be performed on our Portal, thereby ensuring that the processing and filtering overhead is not carried by your server.

Any data captured is available on Leads5050.com. This information is not resolved back to any particular person and is used only for the purpose described in this document. The data is not shared with any third party.

For more information about our WordPress website ranking plugin, check out the plugin page on Leads5050.


  • Once the Plugin is installed and activated, you will find a new menu item labelled 'Leads5050 Insights' in the Tools Menu.
  • Click the button labelled 'CLICK HERE to Start' to activate your copy of the plugin.
  • The domain name is the domain for your site and the license is an API license used to activate the plugin. Tracking can be switched ON or OFF but this will usually be set to ON.
  • Once tracking is on, visits to the front-end of your site will be monitored and the visit report will build over time. Visits for the past 5 weeks and Backlinks over the past 13 weeks will be displayed in your admin panel.
  • Registration and setup on Leads5050 allows more in-depth investigation of leads, prospects, customers, suppliers and competitors.


  1. Upload leads5050-referrer-insights to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click on ‘Leads5050 Insights’ in the Tools menu to register


Will this Plugin work with any theme?

Yes, the plugin is theme independent.

How often are the visits updated?

The data is almost live; as our server is updated about every 3 minutes.

Can I increase the frequency of the visit updates?

No updates are managed on the server side.

Is any personal information captured?

No, while the visit IP is captured, this is not linked to an individual.

What additional features are offered in the premium package?

The premium package on Leads5050.com associates the visit IP address to a company name for lead monitoring wherever possible.

Can every visit be linked to a company?

No, visits from mobile phones and private broadband providers are mostly from shared IP addresses. While the IP address can be linked to the country of origin and the service provider, it cannot be linked to the individual.

Is the API license necessary?

Yes, the software will not operate without registering the API. However, it is easily generated with a single click of a button and the only information gathered is the domain name of your site.

Is there any charge for the API licence?

The API licence will always be provided free of charge. Any charges are for premium services that are additional to the features provided by the plugin.

What is the purpose of the API license?

The API license provides a unique 5 character (case sensitive) identifier on the site that allows every registered domain to be uniquely identified. Our server uses this domain / api licence combination to communicate with your site in order to capture visit data.

Does the API licence capture any Personal data?

No, there is no personal information sent when the API is registered. No personal information is captured by any of the plugin processes. The Plugin is fully GDPR compliant.

Can Leads5050 access my site?

No, the only information transferred is the visit information (like page visited, IP address of visitor, time of visit). The information is pushed to Leads5050 from your site. Leads5050 cannot pull any information from your site.

Can this plugin be installed on other content management systems?

Yes, but the installation is different. Contact us for more information on this.

What are referrers?

When someone visits your site from a different site by clicking a link on the remote site, this remote site is the referrer. This could be a search engine, social media, a links on another site or a browser.

How does this referrer information help me?

Information about visitors to your site can help with Sales and Marketing by identifying the types of visits you receive, where these came from, which pages are visited etc. All of these are invaluable market insights.

Is this data shared with anyone else?

No, any data held against your site is available only to registered users who have permission to view this data.


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  • WordPress 5.5 compatibility checks


  • Check included to prevent the plugin loading in an iFrame


  • Initial launch of this product in May 2020