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Bulk Orders Editing For WooCommerce


WooCommerce Bulk Orders Editing Plugin is a useful extension for managing and bulk edit WooCommerce orders in a robust and flexible way. With this plugin, you can professionally manage the data of your woocommerce e-shop made with WordPress.

If your store has a large number of orders, it becomes difficult to edit and update as well as manage those orders individually.

This Bulk Edit plugin helps to do the bulk editing task easier with a lot of bulk editing options and support for any order related properties.

Why is WooCommerce Bulk Orders Editing plugin useful?

✅ Saving your time:

  • Managing and editing a large number of orders easily
  • Changing order status for several orders at same time
  • Search and filter specific orders
  • Bulk edit of values for billing and shipping fields One the important sections of each orders is the billing and shipping fields area. They allow your customers to set their billing and shipping details and help manager to control orders based on billing and shipping fields. For example, Billing First Name, Billing Last Name, Billing Phone, Billing Email, Shipping First Name, Shipping Last Name, Shipping Phone, Shipping Email and …
  • Bind editing: With this option, you can set the same value of edited orders to all selected orders. This will help you edit several orders at once and will result in a faster editing and save a huge amount of your time!
  • Delete multiple orders: You can also delete multiple orders simultaneously with just one click. You can delete any number of orders by order status, category of order item, order items, price fields, billing and shipping and etc… and basically any filter conditions.
  • Duplicate orders: Some time you need to have a copy of one or group of orders, you have to add new orders and set fields as other order’s fields one by one, that is a boring task. With Duplicating Orders option, you can select desired orders and duplicate them, rather than duplicating each order one by one.
  • Save search queries for later use: You can save the most used search queries for later use (or any search query you want). This way, you don’t have to choose the search options every time, and with just two clicks you can use your most used search queries to find the orders you need.

✅ Easily scale-up online store:

  • Adding or editing orders in a short time For example, if you have orders specific details, it is a difficult task to update all details of orders. This Bulk Edit plugin helps to do the bulk editing job easier with a lot of bulk editing options and support for any order related properties and fields.
  • Import and export any orders according to your requirements
  • Make a customized column from your orders
  • Use a spreadsheet to control, manage and edit numerous orders at the same time:
    • View all your order simultaneously
    • Edit orders easily
    • Create a lot of orders at once
    • Copy information between orders quicker
    • Actions coulumn: There is an important column in the woocommerce default order list as the Action column. WooCommerce Bulk Orders Editing supports this column too, for example, if you install a third-party plugin to generate a PDF invoice for each order, a new icon will be added to this column in order list to generate the invoice. WooCommerce bulk orders editing plugin add this icon in action column too and you can generate your invoice easily.
    • And more…

✅ Support all of fields

  • Support all of order status
  • Support all of billing and shipping fields
  • Managing the price fields
  • Support all of order’s fields
    • General Fields

      • Customer Note
      • Order Notes
      • Status
      • Modification Date
      • Order Items
      • Order Items No.
      • Customer IP Address
      • Customer User
      • Customer User Agent
      • Paid Date
      • Completed Date
      • Order Details
      • Order Version
    • Other Fields

      • Coupon Used
      • Order Stock Reduce
      • Recorded Sales
      • Create Via
      • Payment Method
      • Payment Method Title
      • Prices Include Tax
      • Order Shipping
      • Order Shipping Tax
    • Pricing Fields

      • Order Total
      • Order SubTotal
      • Cart Discount
      • Cart Discount Tax
      • Order Currency
      • Order Tax
    • Billing Fields

      • All Billing
      • Billing First Name
      • Billing Last Name
      • Billing Address 1
      • Billing Address 2
      • Billing City
      • Billing Company
      • Billing Country
      • Billing Email
      • Billing Phone
      • Billing Address Index
      • Billing Postcode
      • Billing State
    • Shipping Fields

      • All Shipping
      • Shpping First Name
      • Shipping Last Name
      • Shipping Address 1
      • Shipping Address 2
      • Shipping City
      • Shipping Company
      • Shipping Country
      • Shipping Address Index
      • Shipping Postcode
      • Shipping State

Please check other videos in wordpress bulk orders editing channel

Key Features

  • User friendly design
  • Filtering by all order fields: title, category, taxonomy, …
  • Advanced bulk editing form: Edit all WooCommerce order fields in specific operands:
    • Append, prepend, replace for text fields :: title, sku and …
    • Increase, Decrease for Pricing Fields :: regular and sale pricing
    • Calculator for decimal values
    • Use custom formula for pricing fields
    • Date picker for date fields :: sale price date
    • Multiple selection :: category, taxonomy, tag
    • And …
  • Show/Hide columns
  • Column manager:
    • Set Color and BG color for columns
    • Set custom label for columns
  • Create new order>
  • Duplicate order
  • Delete several orders with one click.
  • Set Category and taxonomy for multiple product at once
  • Inline Edit: Edit values in separate types: numeric, text, date, checkbox and …
  • Save search form query
  • Search orders by items
  • Add custom fields / taxonomy as columns, search field and bulk edit field
  • Import / Export
  • Binded Editing : Edit several orders at once.
  • History: Save all of change log beside of Undo / Redo :: you can revert your changes.
  • Sticky Column: fix ID column
  • Change billing information field by field
  • Change shipping information field by field
  • Change billing and shipping in quick mode
  • Support all woocommerce orders fields

Check demo version: Pro Version

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  • Editing Table
  • Search Form
  • Bulk Form
  • Support all of order’s fields


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. After Install and Activate this plugin a menu will be added in your admin menu named “iT Woo Orders”


How to check this plugin before purchasing that?

There are two ways to check the woocommerce bulk orders editing plugin before buying:

Build Test Drive
Build Test-Drive(Amin Demo) and work with plugins in a real environment. For this, Please go to plugin page and then click the Live Preview button to enter the plugin demo page. In the top bar that appears, click Launch Admin Demo. A popup will appear asking you to enter your email and submit the form. The relevant link will be sent to your email now.

What are the required systems for WooCommerce Bulk Orders Editing Plugin?

PHP compatibility: from 7.x
WordPress compatibility: from v5.x to the latest WordPress version.

Where can I see video tutorials?

Please check WooCommerce Bulk Orders Editing Plugin youtube channel

Where can I get the premium version of this plugin?

Please check WooCommerce Bulk Orders Editing Plugin

I need more information about this plugin

Please check the knowledge base

How I can translate WooCommerce Bulk Orders Editing to other languages?

You can use this plugin in any language, this means you can translate this plugin to another language.

There is a translate file in the “Language” folder as ‘.pot’ extension.

You can easily translate the plugin into the desired languages by using translation plugins such as WPML and Loco Translate.

Can we use this plugin on multiple sites?

Yes! As you know, WooCommerce Bulk Orders Editing is a premium product that is sold through the codecanyon store. For each purchase, you will be assigned a purchase code and you can use this purchase code on only one website, so to use the WooCommerce Bulk Orders Editing on your various websites, you need to separate license for each site.

What is your refund policy?

If you believe that you’ve bought the wrong product and the purchased product is useless, you can send a refund request for that. Within 30 days of purchase, iThemelandCo will Refund your money.

I have an idea, can I discuss it with you?

Please leave your message in our support system


Doesn’t work with ‘High performance order storage’ warning message is „This plugin is incompatible with the enabled WooCommerce feature ‘High-Performance order storage’, it shouldn’t be activated.”
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Közreműködők és fejlesztők

“Bulk Orders Editing For WooCommerce” egy nyílt forráskódú szoftver. A bővítményhez a következő személyek járultak hozzá:


Változási napló


  • Fixed Order item list
  • Tested up to: WP 6.4.2
  • Tested up to: WC 8.4.0
  • Fixed Some other issues


  • Fixed Bulk change status
  • Fixed Some other issues


  • Update Change completely UI
  • Fixed Some other issues


  • Fixed Compatible with WordPress 6.2
  • Fixed Compatible with WooCommerce 7.6.X
  • Fixed Some other issues


  • Fixed Trash Restore and Empty
  • Fixed Some other issues


  • Fixed Optimizing the History system
  • Fixed Some other issues


  • Fixed Compatible with WordPress 6.1.1
  • Fixed Some other issues


  • Fixed Display Order items on popup
  • Fixed Edit billing address: Country
  • Fixed some other issues


  • Fixed Compatible with WordPress 6.1.0
  • Fixed some other issues


  • Fixed Add new order
  • Fixed some other issues


  • Fixed Compatible with WooCommerce 6.8.1
  • Fixed Search by Order items
  • Fixed some other issues


  • Fixed Search by variation items
  • Fixed Some issues


  • Added History Pagination
  • Fixed Some issues


  • Fixed Search by Category
  • Fixed Some issues


  • Fixed Change Status in Bind Edit
  • Fixed Some issues


  • Fixed Compatible with WordPress 6.0
  • Fixed Compatible with WooCommerce 6.5
  • Fixed Some issues


  • Fixed Search Query
  • Fixed Edit Publish Date
  • Fixed Some issues


  • Fixed Compatible with PHP8
  • Fixed Compatible with WordPress 5.9
  • Fixed Compatible with WooCommerce 6.2


  • Fixed Add meta fields from other plugins
  • Fixed edit order staus for several orders
  • Fixed Some issues


  • Fixed Some issues
  • Fixed Search by featured products
  • Fixed Optimizing performance


  • fixed search form issues


  • fixed some issues


  • fixed some issues


  • Hello World!