Free Gifts for WooCommerce


What are the Free Gifts for Woocommerce?
Free Gifts For WooCommerce plugin comes with several options to help you offer free gifts to the customers of your online store in a robust and flexible way. As an applicable and professional extension, free gifts for Woocommerce plugin lets you adjust different rules and techniques such as BOGO, “Buy x Get y”, Subtotal, etc. And set restricted conditions on special products, users, card items, sales date, etc.

What are the general advantages of offering gifts in your shop?

Free gift promotion plays an essential role on boosting your sale in different ways including:

  • Motivate your new customers to come back and buy from your online shop again
  • Encourage potential customers to come and purchase the goods from your online store
  • Make the customers to choose your eCommerce website over your competitors
  • Hit the real customers to offer your online shop to their friends and relatives
  • Help the new customers to get familiar with the various products you are selling

Offering Free Gifts on your Woocommerce Shop

Free gifts for Woocommerce plugin helps you for offering to your customers.

Encouraging your customers for more purchases

Promotional gifts are the most effective way for encouraging new customers to purchase products over and over from your online store.

Increase customer retention

According to retailtouchpoints, 90% of customers respond, receiving free gifts from a brand by loyalty. Increasing customer retention is a great result of offering promotional gifts by free gifts for Woocommerce.

Returning customer to your shop

Offering free gifts by using the free gifts for Woocommerce plugin can make your customers have a great feeling about purchasing goods from your shop. When they get what they expected in your online store, you can see that they will return to shop from your website over and over again.

Key Features

Free version features

  • 2 methods:
    • Simple Adjustment
    • Subtotal
  • Limited Reports & Statistics
  • Carousel,Grid and DropDown Layout
  • Date & Time Conditions
  • Offering specific gifts
  • Quantity based on Each individual Product

Pro version features

  • User-friendly design
  • Admin can create any number of rules in advance
  • Flexible Gifting Rules
  • Award Free Gifts for making purchases on the site
  • Customers can choose their Free Gifts
  • Unlimited gift-giving
  • Integrates tightly with WooCommerce
  • Create as many rules as you want (Unlimited gift rules)
  • Ten methods:
    • Simple Adjustment
    • Buy X – Get X
    • Buy X – Get Y Repeat
    • Buy X – Get Y
    • Buy X – Get Y Repeat
    • Subtotal
    • Subtotal Repeat
    • Bulk Quantity
    • Tiered Quantity
    • Bulk Pricing
  • Support for variable products
  • Attribute specific gift  
  • Number of line items (count) based discount (Example: Purchase 4 different products or variants and get a free product)
  • Let your Decide Customers can choose a Free Gift if they meet your conditions
  • Common Conditions
    • Date & Time
    • Cart
    • Cart Items
    • Cart Items Quantity
    • Cart Items Subtotal
    • Customer
    • Customer Value
    • Purchase History
    • Purchase History Quantity
    • Purchase History Value
    • Value purchased – Tags
  • Free Gifts can be automatically added to the user’s cart
  • Show available gifts on:
    • Besides of Coupon button
    • Bottom of cart
  • Display available gifts in the different layout:
    • Grid
    • Carousel
    • Data-table
    • Dropdown
    • Popup (For variation products)
  • Powerful Report & Statistics for:
    • Rules
    • Orders that used Gifts
    • Customers that used Gifts
    • Received gifts by customer

Please check Pro Version

Please check other videos in free gifts for WooCommerce channel

How can you benefit from it?

Let’s quickly overview the tools and options provided in Free Gifts For WooCommerce plugin!(Most of theme are available in Pro Version

Unlimited Rules

There are no restrictions on the gifts product for wooCommerce plugin for offering free gifts with various rules and conditions.

✅ Simple method(Free Version / Pro Version)

It means you can set special products to be offered as a free gift when customers add any products to their cards from your online store.

✅ Buy X – Get X method(Pro Version)

It means you can Buy product(s) and Get same product(s) as gifts.

✅ Buy X – Get X repeat Method(Pro Version)

In fact this method is the same as “Buy X – Get X but for once more.

✅ Buy X – Get Y(Free Version / Pro Version)

Offering a specific product or category as a gift to the customers purchasing other products from your shop.

✅ Buy X – Get Y repeat method(Pro Version)

In fact this method is the same as “Buy X – Get Y but for once more.

✅ Subtotal method

Offering free gifts based on Subtotal is a great strategy to encourage customers to buy more products or purchase more valuable products from your eCommerce website.

The only thing that matters is the subtotal amount of the customer card.

✅ Subtotal repeat method(Pro Version)

For example, you can set a rule that offers 1 free gift as per $100 subtotal amount, repeatedly. So, if one of your customers buys $500 from your shop, 5 gifts will be available.

Unlimited Conditions

Some of the unlimited conditions you can set in the Rule page include:

✅ Date & Time(Free Version / Pro Version)

You can exactly specify a date – days of weeks, days of months, etc.- for offering free gifts to your customers.

✅ Cart(Pro Version)

You can set the conditions based on Cart total weight, Cart total quantity, Cart item count, Coupons applied.

✅ Cart items(Pro Version)

By choosing the items related to this condition, you can set the rules based on Products, variations, categories, Tags and Shipping classes of products that the customers added to their cards.

✅ Customer(Pro Version)

You can offer the free gift to some special customers according to their user role, User capability, User Meta, all your customers or only to ones who are registered

✅ Purchase History(Pro Version)

The items provided in this condition include purchased history based on products, variations, attributes, etc. For example during the last month or the last year how many of them are purchased.

Display Gift in Multiple Layouts

You can choose multiple layouts to let your customers pick their desired gifts from a list displaying either as a combo box or a carousel.

Awesome Reports & Statistics

Reports and statistics are the incredible features of free gifts for Woocommerce plugin enabling you to track the result of offering free gifts on your website based on the customer usage and product sales.


free gifts for Woocommerce plugin is a professional and well-designed extension for offering promotional gifts based on the marketing strategies of your eCommerce stores.

Check demo version: Pro Version

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  • Simple Method

  • Buy x Get X Method

  • Buy x Get X Repeat Method

  • Buy x Get y Method

  • Buy x Get X Repeat Method

  • Subtotal Method

  • Subtotal Repeat Method

  • Setting

  • Report

  • free gifts for woocommerce grid layout

  • free gifts for woocommerce carousel layout

  • free gifts for woocommerce datatable layout


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. After Install and Activate this plugin a menu will be added in your admin menu named “Woo Free Gift”.


How to check this plugin before purchasing that?

There are two ways to check the free gifts for WooCommerce plugin before buying:

Build Test Drive
Build Test-Drive(Amin Demo) and work with plugins in a real environment. For this, Please go to the WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing plugin page and then click the Live Preview button to enter the plugin demo page. In the top bar that appears, click Launch Admin Demo. A popup will appear asking you to enter your email and submit the form. The relevant link will now be sent to your email.

What kind of method use in Free Gifts For WooCommerce(Pro Version)?

In this plugin, we have 10 types of methods for giving gifts

1. simple adjustment
In this method, you can create a simple rule and specify how many and what gifts users can add to their shopping cart based on the conditions

2. buy x get x
allows to set up the gifts if rule is made to specifically “get” condition for the same product(s) that you “buy”

2. buy x get x-Repeating
allows to set up the gifts if rule is made to specifically “get” condition for the same product(s) that you “buy” . Repeating” also means that it may be applied more than once

4. buy x get y
allows to set up the gifts for specific amount of product if some other amount purchased

5. buy x get y-Repeating
allows to set up the gifts for specific amount of product if some other amount purchased. Repeating” also means that it may be applied more than once

6. subtotal
If customers spend $X on your shop, they will get some gifts, this is “Subtotal” method.

7. subtotal – repeat
If customers spend $X on your shop, they will get some gifts, this is “Subtotal” method(once more)

8. Bulk Quantity
Place unique purchase quantity range-triggers for gifts to be delivered to the customers.

9. Tiered Quantity

10. Bulk Pricing

What kind of method use in Free Gifts For WooCommerce(Free Version)?

In this plugin, we have 2 types of methods for giving gifts

1. simple adjustment
In this method, you can create a simple rule and specify how many and what gifts users can add to their shopping cart based on the conditions

2. buy x get y
allows to set up the gifts for specific amount of product if some other amount purchased

What are the required systems for Free Gifts For WooCommerce Plugin?

PHP compatibility: from 7.x
WordPress compatibility: from v5.x to the latest WordPress version.
WooCommerce compatibility: from v.3.6 to the latest WooCommerce version.

Does Free Gifts For WooCommerce Plugin support product variations ?

Yes , you can either select parent product to apply one discount for all variations or pick individual variations to set the gifts . you can select variations in conditions also select products to the gift by their attributes, tags or even custom field values

Where can I see video tutorials?

Please check Free Gifts for woocommerce youtube channel

Where can I get the Premium version of this plugin?

Please check Free Gifts for woocommerce

I need more information about this plugin

Please check the knowledge base

I have an idea, can I discuss it with you?

Please leave your message in our support system

How to translate Free Gifts For WooCommerce to other languages?

You can use free gifts for WooCommerce in any language, this means you can translate this plugin to another language.

There is a translate file in the “Language” folder as ‘.pot’ extension.

You can easily translate the plugin into the desired languages by using translation plugins such as WPML and Loco Translate.


There’s critical issue that we’re unable to update the settings. We go to chat support and they can fix for us within couple hours! That’s help us to continue business smoothly. Recommend to use this plugin!
Best Free gift Plugin on Wordpress, I have used a few and this is light and works seamlessly without me having to add any code or fiddle with the functions tab. Great Customer support as well. Keep up the good work.
Installed this plug in about 2 weeks ago, No less than 4 times I have checked my sight to find out the premium version I paid for was no longer activated. Each time I have to go back in to „re-activeate” the premium version with the key. I told support this was happening back on 5/11 and they acknowledged there was an issue. It was good for about a week and now low and behold, the premium version is not active again today – Really? Due to the issues my „free gifts” and getting taken advantage of by customers as they are getting more than they are supposed to due to the plug in losing the premium active key. Right now I am not a happy customer
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Tested up to: WP 6.5.x
Tested up to: WC 8.9.x


Tested up to: WP 6.5.x
Tested up to: WC 8.8.x
Fixed : jQuery Destroy Data table
Fixed : Error warning for PHP version 8.2


Tested up to: WP 6.4.x
Tested up to: WC 8.6.x
Fixed : Change h1 to h2 tag title for optimize seo


Fixed : Some strings for translate


Tested up to: WP 6.3.2
Tested up to: WC 8.2.1
Fixed : check wp_enqueue_scripts in the cart page and the checkout page


Tested up to: WP 6.3
Tested up to: WC 8.0.2
Fixed : check quantity gifts in session


Tested up to: WP 6.2.2
Change demo Link in description


Added : Compatible WPML Plugin
Added : added pot file
Fixed : action for load_textdomain
Fixed : Some string for translate
Tested up Woocommerce 7.8.2


Added : compatibility with WC HPOS
Tested up Woocommerce 7.8.0
Tested up WordPress 6.2.2


Add „Select Your Gift” for dropdown in localization


Tested up Woocommerce 7.6.1
Fixed : check stock quantity for dropown


Fixed : fixed some strings for multilingual site


Fixed : fixed some strings for multilingual site
Tested up Woocommerce 7.4.0


Fixed : layout dropdown


Tested up Woocommerce 7.2.2


Fixed : Notification popup for select the Gifts
Tested up WordPress 6.1.1


Tested up WordPress 6.1.0
Tested up Woocommerce 7.1.0


Fixed : you can select „none” for ‘Your Gifts’ position


Fixed : issue for save rules


Fixed : continue if the gifts isn’t a object


Fixed : Function in Datatable products variation
Fixed : Check if the gift is a object product


Added : .po .mo files to plugin


Minified js file
Clean codes


Added : add „free” word for localization
Tested up Woocommerce 6.8.1


add description in add new plugin wordpress
Tested up Woocommerce 6.8.0


change „class” directory to „classes”
change Description wordpress repository


Tested up WordPress 6.0.1
Tested up Woocommerce 6.7.0


Added : Apply Filter before Select gift Buttons
Tested up WordPress 6.0


Fixed : add „free” string for multilingual site
Tested up WordPress 6.0


Fixed : fixed some strings for multilingual site


Fixed : Array offset on value of type


Tested up WordPress 5.9.3


Fixed : translate the plugin in the front-end
added : po/pot/mo files
Tested up WordPress 5.8.3


Fixed : conflict jquery for create rules
Tested up WordPress 5.8.2


Fixed : apply rules in the cart page
Tested up WordPress 5.8.1


compatible with WordPress 5.8
compatible with WooCommerce 5.5.2


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