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Intelichat Messenger Button


In the age of digital transformation, some trends have become hypes. Adoption of chatbots and digital assistants is one of them. As clients and customers demand promptly replies,companies are trying to deliver business value.
For this reason we have developed Intelichat, a platform for building chatbots without programming, making it as easier as drawing a flow.
Despite being easy to configure, Intelichat chatbots are robust. There are great features, as support for assessments, surveys and quizzes, integrated knowledge base, ability to gather all user’s interactions as attributes and strong capabilities for integration to external systems.
These integration features turn possible to build conversational interfaces to existing systems, besides providing a strong integration layer.
For more information, see https://inteli.chat/en/attendance/


  • This is the initial configuration screen of the plugin, where the Intelichat API Key must be pasted.
  • This is the plugin configuration where you can set the appearance of your Messenger button.
  • This is a list of chatbots available that can be inserted into your website.
  • This is an example of a wordpress website using a Messenger button enabled by this plugin.


1.Locate and install the plugin from the WordPress directory. Should you have any trouble with that, please send an e-mail to help@inteli.chat to request an installable ZIP file with the plugin.

2.After intallation, go to the ‘Installed plugins’ menu and activate it.

3 Open Intelichat and Go to the ‘My profile’ menu and copy the API key.

4.Back to WP, click the ‘Intelichat Messenger Button’ menu in the left pane of WP admin UI and then paste the API key in the ‘Intelichat API Key’ field. You sould read the following message:
API Key accepted. Plugin successfully configured.

5.Configure the appearance of your chat window in the “Configuration” tab


What is a chatbot?

Is a computer program that tries to simulate a human being in conversation with people. The goal is to answer the questions in such a way that people get the impression of talking to someone else and not with a computer program.

Where can chatbots be used?

Chatbots created with Intelichat can be used in your website, in WordPress and also in Facebook Messenger. You can easily create chatbots without any programming knowledge, just by drawing flows.

What is Intelichat?

Intelichat, Is a web platform to easily create chatbots without programming.


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  • This is the first released version and release.