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WordPress Analytics & Conversion Optimization plugin

WordPress store owners find it challenging to analyze the traffic sources, customer journey, where visitors are spending time. HumCommerce gives you these deep insights that will help them to convert visitors to buyers.

HumCommerce is a WordPress Plugin for Analytics and Conversion Optimization. It makes it easy to analyze the traffic sources and boost your conversions. It enables you to know precisely what actions visitors take on the website.

This official HumCommerce plugin enables seamless integration between your WordPress website and the HumCommerce CRO tool. Once integrated, the HumCommerce plugin will start tracking and monitoring data of your WordPress store.

With this extension, you can have the dashboard view of your e-commerce data like Sales order, Revenue, best-selling products, and much more.

HumCommerce comes with a simple Dashboard for WordPress that gives you actionable insights, visitor analytics data, and visitor behavior report ( heatmaps, and session recordings.)

You can create customized reports that will show you only the data that matters to your business, so you can see accurately what’s working and what’s not!

HumCommerce connects with your WordPress site in simple steps with this plugin. Once this plugin is installed, it gives you actionable insights to start making data-driven decisions for your WordPress site.

HumCommerce Plugin

This HumCommerce WordPress plugin comes with the Visitor Behavior Analytics features like Session Recordings, Heatmaps, including events tracking, custom dimensions tracking, and more.Click here to Sign Up for FREE!

Here’s why e-commerce business owners, digital marketers, digital marketing agencies, SEO agencies love HumCommerce. And you will too!

Key features of HumCommerce:

  • Visitor Session Recordings – See where your visitors get confused with analyzing what visitors are doing on your website. Find areas of improvement, and opportunities to modify the contents, workflow on the site that can optimize for conversions.

  • Heatmaps – It allows you to see what visitors are doing based on their mouse clicks and scrolling behavior.

  • Conversion Funnels – Identify issues in your crucial website sales funnels to optimize visitor journey.

  • Form Analytics – Form Analytics gives you insights and enables you to track how your website visitors interact with the forms on your website. Test and boost the form conversion by modifying the form fields based on the insights.

  • Cart Abandonment – Analyze why visitors are dropping off the website without completing the checkout. You can work towards reducing cart abandonment, which will increase the conversion rate.

See what Tod (E-Commerce business owner) is saying about HumCommerce:

I love how this CRO tool is specific to e-commerce. It lets us dial on each stage of our customer journey and fine-tunes drop-off points quickly in our funnels. Within the first day of installing we had already made positive iterations on the back of the data HumCommerce provided us.


Our main objective at HumCommerce is to help you make more revenue with user behavior analytics and actionable insights.

We are committed to your successful ecommerce journey.

Most online business owners find it challenging to analyze complex visitor behavior data.

With HumCommerce, it’s no longer a challenge.

With a built-in WordPress Analytics Dashboard for your WordPress site, you can get useful, actionable insights like where visitors are spending time, the reason for abandonment carts, etc. right inside your HumCommerce dashboard.

Use the HumCommerce plugin for your WordPress site to gather data and help you improve conversions.

We help you with meaningful insights to make your ecommerce journey a success!

  • CRO Analysis HumCommerce allows you to analyze the visitor behavior to enable you with insights accurately. It helps you optimize the steps of your user journey to increase your online conversion.

  • Session Recordings Analysis Analysis will show visitor’s recordings track clicks, mouse movements, scrolls, screen resize, and page changes. It will help you understand how they react to the various elements on your website and find ways to improve website user experience (UX).

  • Visitors Profile Analysis helps you know your website visitors better. It shows you detailed insights of each visitor like country, which pages of your site they like the most, date/time of their visits, and much more. You get every action a user has taken on the website. It helps you to see the user lifetime journey on the website

See what Dave (E-Commerce business owner) is saying about HumCommerce:

Nothing short of being in awe as I realized the power of having accurate data of what people are doing on your site. From heat maps to A/B testing, tracking forms, and pages or products, this tool has it all…This is a must-have tool.

We strongly recommend all WordPress websites owners users to use this simple yet powerful plugin for their e-commerce business.

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This plugin provides a simple installation of HumCommerce on your WordPress website by providing you instant access to all HumCommerce features.


  • HumCommerce Heatmaps
  • HumCommerce Session Recordings
  • HumCommerce Funnels
  • HumCommerce Settings


  1. Download plugin.
  2. Upload plugin from Admin -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin.

Manual Alternatives

  1. Extract & upload humcommerce.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the HumCommerce Terms of Use?

The full terms of use are available here along with other legal and privacy documentation. If you have further questions do not hesitate to reach out to our support.

What is Site ID?

Login to your HumCommerce Account. Go to My Account. Click on Launch Dashboard button.
The site id number is listed under Settings/Website/Manage in your HumDash administration panel.

How do I view my stats?

Once you’ve installed HumCommerce, you can launch our tool from the “Launch Dashboard” button on My Account page.


Do I need a HumCommerce account to use this plugin?

Yes. You can sign up for a free HumCommerce plan that provides access to all our features including heatmaps, session recordings/replays, and deep e-commerce integration tools and more.

Do we need a developer to install HumCommerce Plugin?

No. You don’t need a developer. HumCommerce plugin allows you to enable all advanced E-Commerce analytics tracking features with just a few clicks.

Is HumCommerce plugin different from Google Analytics plugin ?

Yes. With HumCommerce plugin you get access to our additional features like heatmaps, visitor recordings, and surveys. Click here to checkout all HumCommerce features

Will HumCommerce slow down the performance of my website?

No. It will not affect your website speed or performance in any way.Analytics will get loaded asynchronously which means it will not slow down your website speed or performance.


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Változási napló

Ver 2.1.15 (1 Apr 2020)
* Fix : Removed dependency on woocommerce from the plugin.

Ver 2.1.14 (27 Mar 2020)
* Fix : Removed e-commerce integration.

Ver 2.1.13 (24 Dec 2019)
* Feature : Added a functionality to install the plugin automatically in OnBoarding process of HumCommerce Application.
* Feature : Added a functionality to set user ID in HumCommerce Application.

Ver 2.1.12 (7 Nov 2019)
* Fix: Added notice after user save’s the settings.
* Improvement: Change the HumCommerce URL in javascript tracking code

Ver 2.1.11 (25 Sept 2019)
* Fix: Undefined index warnings in debug log or showing it on frontend.

Ver 2.1.10 (30 Aug 2019)
* Fix: Javascript error in console when we visit category page.

Ver 2.1.9 (30 July 2019)
* Fix : fatal error in plugin when user does not have woocommerce plugin.
* Feature : Added functionality to create a funnel automatically when user change the settings of plugin.

Ver 2.1.8 (9 July 2019)
* Feature : Added validation to site ID and host.

Ver 2.1.7 (26 June 2019)
* Fix : E-Commerce data was not getting tracked as curl returning 301 response.

Ver 2.1.6 (18 June 2019)
* Feature : Added logging functionality instead of throwing exception if the product does not have sku.

Ver 2.1.5 (3 June 2019)
* Fix : Fixed PHP warnings filling the logs quickly.

Ver 2.1.4 (6 May 2019)
* Enhancement : Added PHP API for tracking woocommerce data to HumCommerce.

Ver 2.1.3 (18 April 2019)
* Enhancement : Updated plugin with WordPress coding standards.
* Fix : Added static host url if host url doesnot exist in option:humcommerce_option.

Ver 2.1.2 (12 April 2019)
* Enhancement : Loaded humdash.js in async fashion.

Ver 2.1.1 (12 March 2019)
* Fix : Fixed empty host url issue.

Ver 2.1.0 (22 Feb 2019)
* Enhancement : Rewrite the plugin as per wordpress coding standard.

Ver 2.0.3 (31 Jan 2019)
* Fix : fix order revenue mismatch.

Ver 2.0.2 (7 Jan 2019)
* Fix : added form validation.

Ver 2.0.1 (8 Oct 2018)
* Fix : Check wheather woocommerce is installed or not.

Ver 2.0 (10 Aug 2018)
* Feature : Added E-commerce Tracking.

Ver 1.0.0 (7 June 2018)
* Feature: Initial release.