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Wondering how many people are on your page? You can finally know! No longer will you be kept up all hours of the night, wondering… wondering… wondering… how many people are on my website? HeadCounters answers the eternal questions of (internet) life: Does my site have any visitors? How many people are here right now? Am I all alone? With HeadCounters, now you’ll know!

About HeadCounters

HeadCounters was created by the friendly web developers at True Interactive.net.

We strive to create flexible, easy-to-implement, and highly useful tools for web people. Our main focus is monetization; we want to help you get the best possible return on your website authoring efforts. To learn more, visit True Interactive (www.trueinteractive.net), Search Integrate (www.searchintegrate.com), and HeadCounters.com (www.headcounters.com).

May your visitors and fortunes multiply!


Q: Are you sure this is totally, absolutely free? You never get something for nothing…

A: Yes, HeadCounters is totally, absolutely free to the end user. Share and enjoy!

Q: How does HeadCounters tell one visitor apart from another?

A: The HeadCounters application detects the number of visitors from unique IP addresses. This means multiple people from the same IP address (like on a shared internet connection} will be only counted as one visitor.

Q: Does HeadCounters display visitors by page or by site?

A: HeadCounters counts ALL your current visitors and displays the total number.


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Változási napló


  • counter defaulted to text-based
  • added config-reminder to info box


  • added text-based counter option
  • added extremely extensive css configuration of text-based counter;


  • added configurable positioning of graphic counter;


  • initial beta release – graphic based counter, no configuration;