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Quick code editor of any file on your WordPress site with syntax highlighting, supports editing multiple files at once and stylish look in any design of your console. To access the editor, you need select “Edit GMAce” at admin-panel.

This plugin has the following advantages over other editors:
– Allows you to edit multiple files simultaneously
– Allows you to perform operations on files and folders (delete, move, rename, create) directly in the editor
– Instant change settings after their changes directly in the editor
– Support some hot keys
– Syntax highlighting
– Save last opened tabs

RUS Language


Быстрый редактор кода любого файла на вашем WordPress-сайте с подсветкой синтаксиса. Для доступа к редактору, вам нужно выбрать “Редактор GMAce” в админ-панели.

Этот плагин имеет такие преимущества перед другими плагинами:

  • Позволяет редактировать несколько файлов одновременно.
  • Позволяет совершать операции над файлами и папками (удаление, перемещение, переименование, создание) прямо в редакторе.
  • Мгновенное изменение настроек, после их изменения прямо в редакторе
  • Поддержка некоторых гарячих клавиш.
  • Подсветка синтаксиса
  • Сохранение последник открытых вкладок

Это основные преимущества.


  • Style SolarizedLight. Left-Menu.
  • Style Monokai. Right-Menu. Highlighting the path to the selected file


Installation is easy: simply download the plugin, place it in the directory “wp-content/plugins” (if you have it not from WordPress-store) and activate it in the plugins menu. Done!


On monitors with fullhd, 2k, and 4k resolutions, the editor window is very small and there is no way to stretch it. Please fix it. I use your plugin in every project. Thank you for a good plugin!
Very nice editor! One thing to add - save current directory between sessions. Thank you!
This plugin is exactly what I was looking for. But I had to add 3 lines of code in plugins/gmace/assets/js/scripts.js to get my scss files highlighted. If you need that too, add this just after line 461: case "scss": editor.getSession().setMode("ace/mode/scss"); break; If needed, you can add support for many other coding languages as "lua", "lisp" or "perl" (have a look at plugins/gmace/assets/js/ace directory). Just add the 3 lines above replacing "scss" by the extension of your choice.
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Közreműködők és fejlesztők

“GMAce” egy nyílt forráskódú szoftver. A bővítményhez a következő személyek járultak hozzá:


“GMAce” fordítása a saját nyelvünkre.

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Változási napló


  • Added and improved functions-tooltip, work in PHP-mode and Javascript-mode


  • In fact, here added and corrected a bunch of small things, I even too lazy to list them all, but some of them are described below
  • Fixed bugs, improved work with context menu of file
  • Small redesign
  • Tooltip on click Ctrl+Space
  • Added Emmet plugin
  • Added hot-code buttons (</>)
  • Opening a new blank window no longer opens the index.php. Instead, it creates a tmp-file, which is stored in the folder /gmacetmp


  • Fixed bugs
  • Line-field moved to main panel (on top)
  • Save-button moved to sidebar
  • Rewritten code and fixed problem with the path from the site root
  • The tab bar can scroll


  • Fixed bugs
  • Improved file manager
  • Optimized code for tabs of editor
  • Redesign plugin
  • Rewrited code of functional files
  • Added interesting functions into hotbar
  • Added English language
  • When you restart your pages remain previously opened files


  • Fixed a bug due to which the plugin works only in chrome…


  • Reworked treatment system files
  • Fixed some bugs


  • Fixed some bugs


  • Redesigned protection against malicious packages POST
  • Fixed a bug where if the directive magic_quotes_gpc files are not recorded correctly


  • Fixed some bugs
  • Menu of editor settings placed and in full screen mode
  • Added the ability using the mouse wheel to opening files in the new window and close the tab of editor
  • Added the ability to cut\copy\rename\delete\create files or directories (Simply right-click on a file or directory)


  • Fixed bugs opening in full mode screen


  • Plugin can now be used not only in WordPress (Example page, you will find next to the readme.txt)
  • Improved script code
  • Fixed some bugs


  • Fixed an issue where when you resize the editor, the code is not stretched at full length
  • Fixed some issues with tabs editor
  • Added extended setup menu of features editor
  • Added the ability to go to the line number
  • Added the hot keys


  • Created GMAce plugin.