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Geo Masala


  • ## Deprecated
  • This project is no longer active and not recommended for use.
  • It works with WordPress version < 5.0 and the gutenberg plugin. But it doesn’t work with any current version!
  • It is left here for reference

Highly customizable Map Block for Gutenberg, based on Leaflet

  • Customize the Map and its Features directly from within the Gutenberg Block
  • Draw and edit Features. Markers, Lines, Polygons …
  • Customize Feature-Appearance. Icon/Shadow, Color, Opacity, Class-Names …
  • A Wysiwyg Editor to Edit the Popup-Content. Use Images/Videos/Audios inside the Popup-Content
  • Customize the Map itself. Dimensions, Baselayers, Controls …
  • Map Features are shareable and can be used between users and posts (depending on Features settings)

Geo Masala on GitHub.
It’s open-source, free as freedom, free of cost and it will remain free.

How to use

Edit any Post with gutenberg and add a ‘Geo Masala Map’ block, save post and done. Your post will display a map.

  • Draw some Features or select some from the Feature-Panel.
    • The default Status for a new Feature is draft, only published ones are displayed in frontend.
    • To get Features from other posts/users, open Feature-Panel and adjust the Filters.
  • Edit the Feature, change status, icon or color, change the popup content and title.
  • Open the Map Settings Panel and customize the controls.
  • Change the Feature sharing settings for a single Feature, and reuse the Feature in other Posts

The Gutenberg Editor Plugin is required for WordPress versions prior to 5.0, see requirements

What is a Feature?

The term „Feature” is used in the cartographic context. A representation of a real-world object on a map (feature|Definition – Esri Support GIS Dictionary).
Within this plugin, a Feature can represent a simple location (Marker), a way/route/track (Polyline) or an Area (Polygon/Rectangle).
A couple of properties are stored with the Feature, eg. appereance and popup-content data.

How does the Plugin work?

A Feature is saved as a post type, and not saved to the Block!

  • The Plugin registered a new custom-post-type ‘geom_feature’. Each geom_feature is used to store a single cartographic Feature, formatted in geoJSON. The cartographic Feature and other data (appearance, popup-content …) are stored as post-meta.
  • The geom_feature is registered without wordpress ui (List table and editing screen) or appearance in admin-navigation or admin-bar.
  • When editing any post with gutenberg, the ‘Geo Masala Map’ block displays a leaflet map and some settings-panels beneath it. All crud actions (create, read, update, delete) for geom_feature(s) are handled within the editor block using the wp rest api and its backbone client. All geom_feature crud actions are saved immediately (Some ui elements have reset/save buttons).
  • default post_status for geom_feature(s) is ‘draft’.
  • The Features-Panel lists geom_features. Features on Map are highlighted. If a Feature gets removed from map, the geom_feature is still saved and available to use.
  • Therefor a Feature created by one post can be used in another post as well (depending on the individual feature settings). All changes made to a geom_feature are saved immediately and will effect all posts where the Feature is displayed.
  • All attributes related to the map (and not to its features) are stored as block attributes.

In Development

The Plugin is in early development (and needs a sponsor to go on).
Some ui will change and more options will be added.

Coming soon hopefully:

  • wiki and tutorials
  • Possibility to draw routes on a map.
  • Import for gpx/geoJSON/kml
  • Method to add altitude and slope values for features
  • Elevation profile for line/routes
  • Color line/routes by z value or slope

Known issues:

  • Currently there is a maximum for hundred Features, will be changed in future.
  • Feature Sharing: The popover control controls if the Feature appears in a Feature-Pool. If it is already in use somwhere, it will still be used, but just not displayed in Feature-Panel.


I’m hungry, cycling around the world and Geo-Masala is coded while sitting wet in a tent during Monsoon somwhere in south himalaya. I appreaciate any kind of donation or sponsorship.

Thanks for beautiful ressoucres


  • Block Overview
  • Edit Popup Content
  • Edit Feature appearance (Marker)
  • Edit Feature appearance (Line, Polygone …)



  • JavaScript needs to be enabled
  • The Gutenberg Editor Plugin is required for WordPress versions prior to 5.0
  • It works on php version 5.6. For older php versions, edit the dependency php_version on line 34 in ./geo-masala.php and test it. Report me your tests, I really appreciate.

Upload and install this Plugin the same way you’d install any other plugin.


Started to play around with this whilst getting ready to design a new site when wordpress 5 is realised. I’m populating the map and it seems to work well. It would be good to be able to have a shortcode so the map could be used on different pages if needed, without loosing the data.
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Változási napló

– fixed an error. Removed all calls to wp.utils

– compatible with Gutenberg v3.7.0 and WordPress v4.9.8;

– compatible with Gutenberg v3.6.2 and WordPress v4.9.8
– fix: lazy load script on frontend. only if el .wp-block-geom-map exist;
– tweak: enqueue frontend asset-entry-scripts on all sites, and lazy load large scripts. before enqueue only if global post has block, so failed on archive pages;

– Fixed error on archive pages;
– Read the commit massages for further details;

– compatible with wp 4.9.8 and gb 3.4.0;
– Added use of post_status for geom_features ( ‘publish’, ‘draft’ and ‘trash’ );
– restructuring blockUi;
– ui: merged FeatureListPanel and its Feature Pool into one component FeatureList;

– compatible with gutenberg 3.3.0;
– lazyloading scripts using load-js on frontend and admin;
– New style for block panels;
– Read the commit massages for further details;

– Use Images/Videos/Audios inside the Popup-Content;
– Read the commit massages for further details;

– Dynamic PopupOptions, MapOptions, MapDimensions;
– Edit Appearance for Polyline inherited Features, most https://leafletjs.com/reference-1.3.0.html#polyline-option now accessable;
– fixed: choose icon and shadow;
– Read the commit massages for further details;

– fix: geomData.api.root was still hardcoded;

– copmatible with gb 3.2.0 and wp 4.9.7;
– fix: Plugin ensures function exist;
– fix: use geomData.api enstead of wpApiSettings;
– fix: removed Backbone.Memento from frontend;

Edit Popup, WysiwygControl works
Added Plugin assets
Updates grunt environment. Integrated updates from generator-pluginboilerplate 1.2.0


edited readme.

first stable version.
edited readme.
removed ‘beautiful-dnd’ and using ‘react-virtualized’ instead.

added custom_post_type geom_feature and started block geom/map
block not finished