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FW Food Menu – Responsive food menu with ordering & delivery solutions

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FW Food Menu – Responsive food menu with ordering & delivery solutions


Collection of responsive food menu designs with all meal elements. A few themes are currently available like Coffee House, Italian Restaurant, Sushi Restaurant and Pizzeria. More to come soon. Designs are constantly updated as we release new features and add-ons.

Individual category settings

Every category has its own design settings. You can leave default settings from global configuration, or make each category special. Each category is independent and can have totally different layout and designs. This opens up a great field for creativity and achieving a desired meals presentation.

Promo blocks

FWFM Promo add-on will help you make some of your meals stand out. Simply create a module, choose one of available designs and put it where you want it to be. Totally different designs will help you find your style. Module Label parameter may tell your customers what meal is special for.

Layout anywhere

Use FW Food Menu and add-ons shortcodes to place meals menu anywhere on your web pages. Put shortcodes into widgets or simply insert into a post where you need it. Use parameters and individual category settings to get the exact presentation you need.

Quick and easy setup

It has never been easier to set up a food menu website than using FW Food Menu. Just install it on your website and use Quick Categories button in Categories and Quick Meals button in Meals to create your category tree and fill it with meals in minutes!

Add-ons and layouts

Check our a great variety of different enhancements of features and designs to our free FW Food Menu plugin. You can always check back-end and front-end functionality on our demo website before download. See documentation for add-ons usage and contact our support in case you have questions.


  • Menu layout for columned text menu with Pizzeria design.
  • Meal promo designs with images, meal badges and price discount.
  • Cascading tabs menu layout in Coffee Shop design.
  • Big images, columned menu in Coffee Shop design.
  • Minimalistic text menu with different size columns.
  • Italian design text menu with background category image and category description on the right.
  • Order online layout with smart search on top and meal categories on the left.
  • Order checkout form with payment selection and delivery options.
  • Admin Categories listing.
  • Admin Category edit layout.
  • Admin Meals listing.
  • Admin Meal edit layout.


FW Food Menu plugin installation process is very simple and straightforward.

We have an up-to-date documentation with detailed process description at fastw3b.net.

Brief steps overview to get FW Food Menu plugin installed.

  1. Download an installation file from wordpress.org or fastw3b.net which should look like fw_food_menu_wp_v4.7.0_JUST_INSTALL.zip.
  2. Go to WP Admin -> Plugins and click Add New button.
  3. After plugin is installed, click Activate button.
  4. Go to WP Admin -> FW Food Menu (note a big section on a sidebar) and add come categories and meals.
  5. Add [fwfm_categroies] for categories layout to a post.
  6. Add [fwfm_menu] for meals layout to a post.

Full list of all available shortcodes with parameters available in Shortcodes documentation.


Is FW Food Menu a free plugin?

Yes, FW Food Menu is a free plugin with a comprehensive set of features suitable for most food websites.

How to install add-ons?

Go to WP Admin -> FW Food Menu -> Dashboard. Make sure to verify your website to connect it with your fastw3b.net account and download free and purchased add-ons.

Why do I need to verify my website?

Verification is required for the following reasons:
1. To install plugin and add-on updates.
2. To get support in Client Section at fastw3b.net.
3. To be able to install/update free and purchased add-ons.
4. To buy new add-ons from Admin -> Add-ons section.

What are add-ons?

Add-ons are specific plugins that work only with FW Food Menu plugin and extend its functionality in various ways. Add-on can be another layout with shortcode to use, a new set of parameters to extend existing plugin functions or even a design for plugin elements.

Why would I need an add-on?

While FW Food Menu is a fully self-sufficient solution, add-ons may add features your website needs. The main plugin has a functionality that is critical for it to work. All other features come as add-ons to allow customers to decide which configuration they prefer on their website. Add-on is the simplest way to add new features and design to FW Food Menu.

How to get an add-on?

There are 2 ways to get add-ons:
1. Go to WP Admin -> FW Food Menu -> Add-ons and get add-ons from there.
2. Go to FW Food Menu official page on fastw3b.net, scroll to Add-ons section and get them from there.
All add-ons you have available will be listed in WP Admin -> FW Food Menu -> Dashboard -> Add-on section.


Nincsenek értékelések erről a bővítményről.

Közreműködők és fejlesztők

“FW Food Menu – Responsive food menu with ordering & delivery solutions” egy nyílt forráskódú szoftver. A bővítményhez a következő személyek járultak hozzá:


Változási napló


  • Quick Meals import didn’t import price and label correctly after recent FWFM Price & Modifiers update.


  • Call to undefined method fwfmGlobalParams::toString() bug fixed.


  • New intuitive lightweight admin design.
  • Demo data installation for a clean website.
  • Admin tabs will now re-open after saving parameters or any other actions on the tabs.
  • Site CSS updated to add new styles for the next level FWFM Meal Badges add-on.
  • Manual add-ons configuration parameter Add-ons layout settings is set to Hide by default.


  • Checkout design update for FWFM Order Online add-on.
  • Side categories responsive CSS update.
  • Usability bug fixes.


  • New admin Location & Delivery Settings.
  • New design colors for easy design adjustments.
  • Integration with new FWFM Prices & Extras add-on modifiers.
  • Integration with new FWFM Time & Hours add-on.
  • Integration with new FWFM Delivery add-on.
  • Lots of bug fixing and code cleanup.
  • Online order optimization.


  • Admin ->CSS Styles editors fix to allow easy selection of existing CSS styles and copying them over to Custom CSS for modifications.
  • Admin Wizard notifications badge color update to make it more noticeable.
  • Admin layout responsive styles corrections to look nice on any device.
  • New Admin -> Meals filter to sort by published/unpublished state.
  • Update to site menu meals layout for better responsive experience and Online Order filtering options.
  • Improved responsive columns output for menu categories for site layouts.
  • New Admin -> Orders section with a detailed order info and fully responsive layout.
  • Big responsive review for meals and categories site layouts.
  • CSS styles corrections for FWFM Promo add-on.
  • Grouped Admin add-ons parameters into 2 main sections Meals Layout and Category Layout


  • Admin styles update.
  • Categories filter bar layout corrections.
  • Missing language translations fix


  • Redesigned Admin panel to use available space more efficiently.
  • Fully responsive Admin panel.
  • Wizard assistant to help with key steps for straightforward configuration and management process.
  • Better add-ons interaction and data exchange.
  • Admin CSS Styles update to make design CSS tabs editable for easier text copying.
  • Renamed „Save” button to „Save Custom CSS” to make more obvious the fact that only Custom CSS can be edited and stored in the database.


  • A rare bug with folders case changed after installation discovered and fixed.


  • Add-ons filter layout update.
  • FWFM Order Online checkout button styles.
  • Meal price currency correction to show symbol in a input group the right way.


FWFM Order Online new tables fix that were ignored in a previous release.


Layout update for FWFM Promo add-on.


Synced folder to match WP page. Requires fresh installation. Folder changed from fw-foodmenu to fw-food-menu. Make sure you delete old version to install a new one.


  • Admin Add-ons design renovation. New add-ons item designs and filters. Designs are grouped in a separate section.
  • FWFM Order Online add-on bottom cart styles.
  • File upload security review and updates.


  • FWFM Order Online styling for new design of order update notifications.
  • Admin CSS styling update.
  • FWFM Order Online bugfix when storing order date.


  • FWFM Columns styles update for global non-breaking categories columns.


  • New bootstrap 4.6 alert toasts in Administration panel
  • Global wrapper for FWFM Columns to let arrange top categories in vertical columns with Allow column breaking option set to Deny.


  • Date format admin settings to choose preferred date format in all FW Food Menu layouts and add-ons.


  • Bootstrap upgrade to version 4.6
  • FWFM Order Online styles update and mobile version review
  • FWFM Order Basket styles clean up, new cart design and responsive styles update


  • This is the first release of FW Food Menu on WordPress, but since the product had a long history we keep versions the same to keep them synced.