This plugin was closed on 2018-02-07 and is no longer available for download. Indok: Guideline Violation.


Ottimo plugin

Facile da usare in questi giorni ho avuto qualche problema mi sono rivolto in chatt per avere aiuto e nel giro di un paio di giorni il mio problema è sparito grazie al supporto che mi è stato dato dagli sviluppatori del plugin. che dire consiglio alla grande

Easy to use

We had it setup in minutes and is very powerful. The paid version has several features including custom fields. We also use the email notifacation which works flawlessly.

Good quality support!

We had a big problem with Huge-IT Forms free Plugin. We were unable to edit the forms... We got in contact with Huge-IT support team to help us out and they ware happy to help us for free of charge! An amazing team with good, fast and reliable support! Thanks again!

Thank you for the excellent support

Used the Huge IT Forms plugin and designed a beautiful form on my WordPress site. I did something to mess them up and asked the Huge team for help. They responded immediately and fixed the issue the same day. Impressive looking forms and excellent support.

Well designed forms in minutes

Very happy with the very clear and easy to use form plug-in from HugeIT. You can make well designed forms in minutes and tweek them to your very wish. The support of the HugeIT staff is magnificent and they help you with a problem to the very end, even when it's not plug-in problem! Real value for money plug-ins which I recommand to every WP user!
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