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💬 Form to Chat offers the ultimate integration between WhatsApp and WordPress. Form to Chat is the official WordPress plugin of WhatsForm.

What can you do with Form to Chat from WhatsForm?

  • Build a beautiful form using our drag and drop builder
  • Add the form as a floating widget on your WordPress website
  • Embed the form anywhere on a WordPress page
  • Add the form as a new WordPress full page

What’s unique about WhatsForm?

  • WhatsForm is a one of a kind of product that takes the data from the contact form and sends the collected information to your WhatsApp number.
  • And the best thing is that you get all this information in a single message from the customer’s WhatsApp number.
  • WhatsForm helps you kick off the conversation with the customer. You feel empowered with the data that you have about the customer.

Who should use WhatsForm?

  • If your customer conversations happen on WhatsApp, then WhatsForm is the perfect solution for you!
  • If you are looking for a floating chat widget to redirect users to WhatsApp from your WordPress website.
  • If you want to embed a smart web form in your Contact Us page and send all the collected data to your WhatsApp business number
  • If you want as much data about the customer before you begin to chat with them on WhatsApp.

What is WhatsForm?

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular instant messenger tools in the market. It is available on both Android and iPhone. It is widely used in over 100 countries, and an estimated 2 billion people use WhatsApp every month.

Currently, small businesses rely greatly on WhatsApp to carry out their daily communication with customers. Taking new orders, collecting feedback from service, making an appointment; all such business processes happen inside WhatsApp. Businesses have started to adapt to micromanaging their customers inside WhatsApp.

WhatsForm is a simple tool built for such businesses. It’s a no code form builder that anyone can use to create a form from scratch. There is also an option to convert existing Google forms to WhatsForms.

Forms created in WhatsForm can be:

  • added to WordPress as a floating widget
  • embedded inside a page or post
  • turned to a Full page or post

Our product is actively being used in over 7000+ businesses.


Here is a quick demo of 👉 WhatsForm

How does it work?


Goto and signin using your Google account. It’s free to sign up. No credit card required.


„Form to Chat” is the official WordPress plugin of WhatsForm. Install the plugin and activate it.


Login to WhatsForm dashboard and start creating your first form. You can start from scratch or use one of our existing templates.


Once your form is ready, click on the Share button inside the dashboard. You will find the copy-paste instructions under the WordPres tab.


After your copy-paste the form code snippet to the WordPress plugin, you are done! Now you will start receiving conversations on your WhatsApp. Get ready to greet them.


WhatsApp form made using WhatsForm uses WhatsApp’s API to carry over the submitted response. After a customer fills out the form and clicks on the submit button, the data is sent to WhatsApp API.

If the customer is on his mobile, WhatsApp API will automatically open the WhatsApp app that is installed on his/her phone.

If the customer is on a desktop, WhatsApp API will open a new tab in the browser to open WhatsApp Web to deliver the message.

WhatsApp ensures a very high open rate, and hence the chances of you missing a prospecting customer is significantly less. To make sure you get the best experience out of WhatsForm, here are some free tips for you:

TIP 1: Use the WhatsApp Business App instead of the normal WhatsApp app

TIP 2: Set your Business open hours and Business description inside the app

TIP 3: Be ready with a WhatsApp greeting message

TIP 4: Have a WhatsApp away message as well

TIP 5: Use Agent routing feature in WhatsForm to share the load of enquiries

Top Features of Form to Chat (WhatsApp forms by WhatsForm)

⚡ Super fast forms with no delay in loading

0️⃣ Build your WhatsForm with Zero Coding effort

📱 Highly responsive UI on all browsers and across devices

📞 Get enquiries directly from the customer’s WhatsApp number

🔗Share the short link of WhatsForm in multiple places.

📋 Copy-paste a single line of shortcode to embed the form

✍️ Add, update or remove questions to form easily in real time

🫂 Share the conversations with the team using Agent Routing

➕ Create multiple forms for different use-cases

💬 Add the WhatsApp form as a floating chat widget


Currently, we support:

  1. WhatsApp forms in English
  2. WhatsApp forms in Spanish (Español)
  3. WhatsApp forms in Portuguese
  4. WhatsApp forms in Indonesian

We are working on adding more languages to our platform.

Some of the Use Cases

  1. WhatsApp form for Warehouse WordPress website
  2. WhatsApp form for Travel Agency WordPress website
  3. WhatsApp form for Toy Shop WordPress website
  4. WhatsApp form for Studio WordPress website
  5. WhatsApp form for Shopping Mall WordPress website
  6. WhatsApp form for School WordPress website
  7. WhatsApp form for Retail WordPress website
  8. WhatsApp form for Restaurant WordPress website
  9. WhatsApp form for Repair WordPress website
  10. WhatsApp form for Real Estate WordPress website
  11. WhatsApp form for Property WordPress website
  12. WhatsApp form for Product WordPress website
  13. WhatsApp form for Nursery WordPress website
  14. WhatsApp form for Museum WordPress website
  15. WhatsApp form for Movie Theatre WordPress website
  16. WhatsApp form for Mobile Shop WordPress website
  17. WhatsApp form for Meat Shop WordPress website
  18. WhatsApp form for Market WordPress website
  19. WhatsApp form for Lingerie WordPress website
  20. WhatsApp form for Lifestyle WordPress website
  21. WhatsApp form for Legal Service WordPress website
  22. WhatsApp form for Kids Wear WordPress website
  23. WhatsApp form for Jewellery WordPress website
  24. WhatsApp form for Insurance WordPress website
  25. WhatsApp form for Inner Wear WordPress website
  26. WhatsApp form for Hotel WordPress website
  27. WhatsApp form for Hospital WordPress website
  28. WhatsApp form for Hair Salon WordPress website
  29. WhatsApp form for Gym WordPress website
  30. WhatsApp form for Grocery WordPress website
  31. WhatsApp form for Gift WordPress website
  32. WhatsApp form for Garden WordPress website
  33. WhatsApp form for Footwear WordPress website
  34. WhatsApp form for Fish Shop WordPress website
  35. WhatsApp form for Eyewear WordPress website
  36. WhatsApp form for Entertainment WordPress website
  37. WhatsApp form for Electronics WordPress website
  38. WhatsApp form for Consultancy WordPress website
  39. WhatsApp form for College WordPress website
  40. WhatsApp form for Clinic WordPress website
  41. WhatsApp form for Car WordPress website
  42. WhatsApp form for Cafe WordPress website
  43. WhatsApp form for Business WordPress website
  44. WhatsApp form for Brand WordPress website
  45. WhatsApp form for Books WordPress website
  46. WhatsApp form for Beauty & Spa WordPress website
  47. WhatsApp form for Bank WordPress website
  48. WhatsApp form for Bakery WordPress website
  49. WhatsApp form for Bags & Luggage WordPress website
  50. WhatsApp form for AutomobileWordPress website

Additional Information

Our WhatsForm plugin works with leading landing page builders like:

  • Add Floating WhatsApp widget to Elementor
  • Add Floating WhatsApp widget to InstaBuilder
  • Add Floating WhatsApp widget to OptimzePress
  • Add Floating WhatsApp widget to Divi
  • Add Floating WhatsApp widget to Beaver Builder
  • Add Floating WhatsApp widget to LeadPages
  • Add Floating WhatsApp widget to Thrive Architect
  • Add Floating WhatsApp widget to Qards
  • Add Floating WhatsApp widget to InstaPage
  • Add Floating WhatsApp widget to WP Lead Capturing Pages
  • Add Floating WhatsApp widget to InstaBuilder
  • Add Floating WhatsApp widget to Avada
  • Add Floating WhatsApp widget to Landingi
  • Add Floating WhatsApp widget to EngageBay


If you have any questions related to WhatsForm, you can contact


  • Get responses from Customer’s WhatsApp Number.
  • Easy to use Drag and Drop Builder.
  • Convert Google forms with One Click.
  • Start from Premade Templates.


  1. Add this plugin using your WordPress admin.
  2. Sign up to WhatsForm and create a form.
  3. Copy the widget or embed code and paste it to the plugin settings page.


Can I use WhatsForm for free?

Yes, anybody can make a WhatsApp form using WhatsForm. We have a Free-forever plan. No credit card is required. Those who have more visitors or seeking advanced features can always upgrade to a paid plan.

Our free plan gives you unlimited responses. It has limits on the number of forms you can create, and to access premium features, you can consider our paid plans.

What is Form to Chat in brief?

Form to Chat is the official WordPress plugin of WhatsForm. Our product allows you to create simple forms that can deliver the response from the customer to your WhatsApp number. The plugin allows you to add the form as a floating widget or as a Full page or embed the form inside a page or post in your WordPress website.

How much Coding is involved?

No coding involved! The form is created using our drag and drop builder, and to add the form to the website, you copy-paste the relevant code snippet to the plugin.

How to add WhatsApp form to a WordPress Page or Post?

You can add our shortcode in the format, [whatsform id=”9TF-1g”]. The id is the last part of the WhatsForm URL you will get from our Dashboard.

Can I make the form in different languages?

Yes, you can create the form in any language. Also, our dashboard with the drag and drop builder currently supports multiple languages like English, Spanish, Indonesian and Portuguese.

Can everyone see my WhatsApp number?

Not right away. When the user has filled the form and clicks on the Submit button, we direct the user to the WhatsApp number you have provided. There it becomes public.

Can I send the response to a WhatsApp group chat?

Sorry, WhatsApp does not support sending to WhatsApp groups. However, we have devised an Agent routing method to smartly deliver the response through disperse mechanism or according to the way the customer fills the form. This feature is available in our paid plans.

Is Form to Chat from WhatsForm, GDPR compatible?

We do not collect user data from your website and do not store cookies.

How to add a different form to different pages of WordPress?

You can create multiple forms inside WhatsForm. The plugin allows you to add different code snippets to each page/post. There is a separate box to paste the code under the page/post.


Finally found a neat plugin. Rather than just taking user to the whatsapp directly, it asks a set of questions like a form. And then we get those answers in our Whatsapp. Pretty helpful when we chat with our customers. Only thing is, I have to access their dashboard to make all the changes. The plugin only has a copy-paste box. It does the job.
Tried a number of plugins to add Whatsapp to my WordPress website. This is by far the best one I found. I use their paid plan now. Using their routing method, I am can distribute the responses among my 7 member team. It’s awesome.
Form to chat plugin integrates with WhatsApp nicely. Good plugin. Good customer service.
I was intially using a WhatsApp widget to send visitors from my WordPress website to WhatsApp. That was working well. But after I tried this plugin, I am having better conversations. This widget has a full form with the necessary questions for my visitor. These are usually the same repeating questions I ask my customer in WhatsApp. I strongly recommend this to those who use WhatsApp to talk to customers.
Very happy with the plugin. I get a lot of enquiries on WhatsApp. One issue I was struggling with was asking the same questions again and again. The use of Form, helped me save time since I get the answers from the customer before I start the conversation. I haven’t seen another tool like this one.
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