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The Fluent Form Block is an innovative Gutenberg editor block designed for effortless form styling, offering a plethora of customization options and premium features. With an array of styling choices and unique additional features, it stands out as an ideal WordPress form builder plugin.

The hallmark of a perfect form builder plugin lies in its user-friendly development, eliminating the need for manual coding when integrating forms into your website. The Fluent Form Block streamlines this process, allowing you to set up forms in a matter of minutes, thanks to its intuitive interface and efficient functionalities. Enjoy the convenience of a powerful form-building tool with a range of styling options and premium capabilities, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for WordPress users.

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The features:

  • Easy Form Styling
  • Extensive Customization Options
  • Multi-column Contact Form Layout
  • Smart conditional logic form fields
  • Conditional confirmation messages
  • Build 100% responsive and mobile friendly web forms and contact Forms
  • Reusable templates for all kinds of forms including many contact forms
  • Reusable templates for all kinds of forms including many contact forms
  • Placeholder customization for your contact forms

Fluent Forms Block empowers you with authority and flexibility, allowing you to create forms according to your unique preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned user or a beginner, the user-friendly design makes form creation and publication an enjoyable and straightforward experience.


  • Contact Form Preview
  • Pulling Form Preview
  • Block General setting
  • Block Style Settings
  • Block Advance Settings
  • Entries List
  • Entry Details
  • All Forms List
  • Predefined Templates


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Fluent Form Block Fluent forms block is the extension of Fluent forms plugin.You can build advanced Contact form by Fluent form block.


  1. Unzip the downloaded fluentform-block zip file
  2. Upload the ‘fluentform-block’ folder and its contents into the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation
  3. Activate Fluentform Block from Plugins page


  • WordPress version: >= 5.0
  • PHP version: >= 7.4


How to use this plugin

  • Go to Dashboard > Fluentform Block.
  • Add your necessary content as you want


Fluent form block is an awesome Gutenberg styling form block. Fluent form block proves to be exceptionally versatile, allowing me to accomplish a wide range of tasks. I highly recommend it for its impressive capabilities! refactoring it.
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Változási napló

2.0.4 ( July 17, 2024 )

  • Fixed: JS issues
  • Fixed: css issues

2.0.3 ( July 1, 2024 )

  • Fixed: code refactoring
  • Fixed: css issues
  • Fixed: JS issues

2.0.2 ( June 9, 2024 )

  • Fixed: google fonts loads issue
  • Fixed: style generator issue
  • Fixed: JS issues

2.0.1 ( June 7, 2024 )

  • Fixed: Code refactoring
  • Fixed: Design CSS issues.
  • Fixed: JS issues

2.0.0 ( June 2, 2024 )

  • Fixed: Plugins restructure
  • Fixed: Design CSS issues.
  • Fixed: JS issues


  • Fixed: Block Attribute refactoring
  • Fixed: Design CSS issues.
  • Fixed: JS issues


  • Fixed: Design CSS issues.
  • Fixed: JS issues


  • Fixed: Typography Control not working issue
  • Fixed: CSS issues solve.
  • Fixed: JS comparison operator issue fixed


  • Added: input text typography Control
  • Fixed: CSS issues solve.


  • Fixed: control selector issues solve
  • Fixed: CSS issues solve.
  • Fixed: code refactoring.


  • Fixed: CSS issues solve.
  • Fixed: code improving.


  • Initial the plugin.