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Fancy Facebook Comments enables your website visitors to leave comments using their Facebook account without the need to create account at your website.

This plugin makes it very easy to integrate Facebook Comments with your WordPress website. After just installing and activating the plugin, Facebook Comments get integrated at the webpages of your website with default configuration.

This plugin is also helpful to get traffic to your website from Facebook. Other than that, Facebook Comments is one of the best ways to Socially Optimize your website.

If takes just 5 seconds to integrate Facebook Comments at your website using this plugin:
1. Download the plugin from this page (1.5 seconds)
2. Navigate to Plugins > Add New page from left sidebar in admin panel of your website. Click Upload Plugin, click Choose file, upload the plugin zip and click Install Now button (2.5 seconds)
3. Activate the plugin (1 second)

Key Features

  • GDPR Compliant
  • Recover comments lost after installing SSL
  • Compatible with Gutenberg editor
  • Compatible with PHP 8
  • Can be upgraded to Pro version
  • Post comment on Facebook timeline along with posting at the webpage
  • Website visitors can sort comments by Time or Social Ranking in real-time using the menu on the top right of the Facebook Comments interface
  • Set default comment ordering from plugin options page
  • Change language of Facebook Comments
  • Enable/Disable Facebook Comments on default posts, pages
  • Enable/Disable Facebook Comments on custom posts
  • Enable/Disable Facebook Comments on WooCommerce products
  • Enable/Disable Facebook Comments on BuddyPress activities and groups
  • Enable/Disable Facebook Comments on BBPress topics and forums
  • Free options to customize the look and design of Facebook Comments interface
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Widget and Shortcode
  • Compatible with BuddyPress, BBPress, WooCommerce
  • Multisite Compatible
  • Supports HTTPS enabled websites
  • 24/7 quickest support

What makes this plugin Stand Out from others?

  1. Free: Yea, right. It is a free plugin. You need not pay single penny to use the features of this plugin.
  2. No Need to Register Anywhere: You do not need to create account at our website to use this plugin.
  3. No Middle Layer: Plugin runs totally on your website server without any communication to our servers.
  4. Absolutely Simple: Plugin configuration is kept dead simple. Screenshots are provided with options wherever required.
  5. Free Customization Options: There are options available to customize the look of Facebook Comments interface within the plugin, for FREE.
  6. Mobile Responsive: Facebook Comments interface adjusts itself automatically according to the width of device.
  7. Lightweight Code: Our developers follow best coding practices to ensure efficient loading and performance.
  8. We promise to provide best quality among other similar plugins. If you find our plugin is lacking some feature, you can email us and we will do our best to include that feature in our plugin as soon as possible.
  9. Our support team is working 24/7 to answer your queries and assist you. You will find us the quickest to respond.

Important links

You can provide your feedback at hello[at]heateor[dot]com


  • Facebook Comments Front-End: Facebook Comments Interface without customization
  • Facebook Comments Front-End: Facebook Comments Interface with custom background color
  • Plugin Options Back-End



  • Download the plugin from this page
  • Navigate to Plugins > Add New page in admin panel of your website
  • Click Upload Plugin, upload the plugin zip and click Install Now button
  • Activate the plugin when installation is complete


After installing and activating the plugin, you will see Fancy Facebook Comments in the left sidebar in your website admin panel.
There is help available with each option. You can see the help text by clicking the (?) icon before each option.

Widgets and Shortcodes

  • Navigate to the Widgets section in the Appearance menu.
  • Look for the Fancy Facebook Comments Widget widget and click/drag these to add the widget to the desired widget area on the right.
  • After adding the widget, you can customize it by configuring the available options in the widget.
  • Fancy Facebook Comments Shortcode


Why would I need Facebook Comments?

Facebook Comments enables your website users to comment at your blog using their Facebook accounts.


  1. Virality: When people comment at your blog using their Facebook account, the comment not only shows up at your blog, but it also appears in their news feed. This puts your blog in front of new audience which further adds to the likelihood of you getting a new returning visitor.

  2. Higher Conversations: When you know the person commenting on something, it’s more likely that you will also type out your ideas there, unlike the situation when you don’t know the person involved in the conversation.

  3. Credibility: In traditional comment form, anyone can put any fake name (Bruce Wayne ….. ;)) to comment on your blog. If the same comment is from the original Facebook account of the person who is commenting, you can give credibility to this user and also the people will automatically trust it.

  4. No Spam: You can get rid off the spammers and users, commenting using their fake accounts.

  5. Works for the lazy: Most people are now-a-days lazy. To get these people commenting on your blog, it will just require them to login to their Facebook account (which almost everyone does after powering ON the computer).

How much do you charge for the plugin?

This plugin is FREE to download and feel free to use it on your WordPress, BuddyPress, BBPress and any other WP based systems. For advanced features and custom solutions, drop an email at support[at]heateor[dot]com

How to recover the Facebook Comments lost after moving my website to SSL/Https?

Recover the Facebook Comments lost after moving your website to SSL/Https

How to show recent Facebook Comments from all over the website in a widget?

Use this plugin

Can you help me set up the plugin at my website?

Yes, we can help you with it. Just drop an email at support[at]heateor[dot]com


NEVER I received such kindness from a team of plugins, neither such efficiency and response speed. Thanks so much. You are the best!
I have been struggling with spam on my wp. But I do not need to let users register on my wp for and be able to comment anymore, Fancy Comments WordPress solved this problem. The plugin works properly without any problem. Now I can give users the opportunity to comment on my wp. I can choose which place I want comments to appear on wp and have full control over the comments. Everyone should buy this plugin for their wp.
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Változási napló

1.2.8 [7 December 2021]

  • [New] Compatible with AMP
  • [Improvement] Updated Facebook JS SDK being used throughout the plugin to the latest version 12.0
  • [Improvement] Admin UI improvements

1.2.7 [24 June 2021]

  • [New] Added new option “Theme” that allows to change the color scheme of the Facebook Comments
  • [Bugfix] GDPR opt-in was not working properly when Facebook Comments Moderation and Notifier add-ons were active
  • [Bugfix] Adding new post, page was not possible when this plugin was active with PHP 8
  • [Bugfix] Title above the Facebook Comments box was not being translated when using WPML
  • [Improvement] Updated Facebook JS SDK being used throughout the plugin to the latest version 11.0
  • [Improvement] Admin UI improvements

1.2.6 [28 April 2021]

  • [Improvement] Updated Facebook JS SDK being used throughout the plugin to the latest version 10.0

1.2.5 [29 December 2020]

  • [Bugfix] Help text and help icon for the options at the plugin-configuration page disappeared after updating WordPress to version 5.5

1.2.4 [8 December 2020]

  • [Improvement] Updated Facebook JS SDK to latest version 9.0
  • [Improvement] Performance improvement


  • [New] Added new option to specify any querystring parameters to ignore which are affecting Facebook Comments
  • [Improvement] Updated Facebook JS SDK to latest version 8.0


  • [Improvement] Updated Facebook JS SDK to latest version 7.0
  • [Improvement] Compatible with WPML


  • [Improvement] Updated Facebook JS SDK to latest version 6.0


  • [Improvement] Admin UI improvements to ensure compatibility with WordPress 5.1
  • [New] Added option to not load Facebook SDK
  • [New] Added option to recover Facebook Comments lost after moving website to “https”


  • [Improvement] Admin UI improvement
  • [Improvement] Facebook Comments were being rendered on AMP too which was causing AMP validation errors
  • [New] Added option to reward myCRED points for Facebook Comments in Fancy Facebook Comments Pro


  • [Improvement] This plugin can now be upgraded to Pro version
  • [Improvement] Improved admin UI
  • [Improvement] Updated version of Facebook SDK to the latest one
  • [Improvement] “Font family of the Title” option now also shows the preview of font-family
  • [Bugfix] Layout of the Facebook Comments box was not responsive in a few cases when integrated via the shortcode or widget


  • [Improvement] Improved admin UI for mobile devices
  • [Improvement] Updated version of Facebook SDK being used in the plugin from 2.10 to 2.11


  • [New] Added option to save custom CSS
  • [Bugfix] Link to locale codes for “Language” option was broken
  • [Improvement] Admin UI tweaks


  • [Bugfix] “create_function() is deprecated” error was being generated with PHP version 7.2


  • [Bugfix] Enabling the widget was causing webpage layout problems in some cases


  • [Bugfix] Code snippet to recover lost comments (after moving website to SSL) was not working for the Facebook Comments enabled using shortcode



  • [Improvement] Compatible with GDPR


  • [New] Added “heateor_ffc_facebook_comments_target_url” filter to customize target url for Facebook Comments


  • [Bugfix] Facebook comment notification (in Facebook account) was redirecting to the webpage but the comment was not appearing there
  • [New] Added Spanish translation


  • [Improvement] Posts do not necessarily need to support commenting to enable Facebook Comments


  • [New] Added option to specify priority to position Facebook Comments with respect to other content at the webpage
  • [New] Added option to disable Facebook Comments at individual webpages


  • [Improvement] Removed the “Color Scheme” option, as it is no longer supported officially by Facebook
  • [Improvement] Updated the plugin logo being displayed with its menu in the left sidebar in admin area


  • Fixed the “Plugin Demo” link
  • [Improvement] Changed the default HTML tag for title text to “h4” from “span”


  • Initial release of the plugin