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Email via Emailjs Blocks – Send emails from WordPress without a mail server through API. Just add your free API keys and have your contact form ready in no time.


First, you need to have an active EmailJS account. Register for free at

1) Public Key – Get it here
2) Template ID – Get it here
3) Service ID – Get it here


The WP plugin “Email via Emailjs Blocks” is also coming with Recaptcha support, to get it working, you have to get Recaptcha keys. Register at


Please, refer to the GitHub repository


This plugin provides 6 blocks.

  • Contact Form - Emailjs Unofficial implementation of EmailJS service.
  • Input Element Input of the Contact Form
  • Text (Response) Element Message After Form Submit
  • Textarea Element Textarea of the Contact Form
  • Button Element Button of the Contact Form
  • Headline Element Head of the Contact Form


Enter site editor or post editor and simply add a block called “Contact Form – Emailjs”
Enter the required API keys from the previous steps.


As a react developer, I love using EmailJS, it's very fast. In the Wordpress world, sometimes it's hard to make a website that can't send emails, and it's very frustrating, EmailJS Block helps me to use the EmailJS service in Wordpress.
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