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Easy VBOX7


Quick and easy way to embed videos from VBOX7.com right into your WordPress blog posts, pages and sidebar. VBOX7 is one of the biggest Bulgarian video portals. Many videos have titles or tags in English, so even if you can’t read Bulgarian, you can easily use the big search box on top of the website (vbox7.com) to find your favorite videos and to embed them right into your posts.

Go to Other Notes for: Default, Recommended and Advanced Usage.

Default Usage

  1. Visit vbox7.com and play some video.
  2. Check out the video URL. It will look something like this – http://vbox7.com/play:89af3669
  3. Copy the last URL part (play:89af3669) and insert it in your posts, surrounded with square brackets – [play:89af3669]

Recommended Usage

  • Since Easy VBOX7 1.2 you are able to use the new shortcodes
  • Enclosing shortcode – example: [vbox7]89af3669[/vbox7]
  • Self-closing shortcode – example: [vbox7 id=”89af3669″ width=”450″ height=”403″ autoplay=”1″]
  • The arguments are optional and 89af3669 is the video ID.

Advanced Usage

  • You can specify additional parameters (separated by “:”) for custom width and height. The width and height must be integers between 10 and 999.
  • The forth parameter with the constant value of 1 is the autoplay option. If you don’t want it enabled, just skip it.
  • The right syntax is: [play:video_id:width:height:1]
  • The parameters width, height and autoplay are optional.


  • Easy VBOX7 Usage
  • Easy VBOX7 Widget


  1. Search and install the plugin via WordPress > Plugins > Add New
  2. Or download the plugin from WordPress.org plugin directory.
  3. Unzip the file easy-vbox7.zip wherever you want.
  4. Upload the extracted easy-vbox7 folder in /wp-content/plugins/ of your WordPress installation.
  5. Activate the Plugin via the Plugins section at your WordPress admin panel.


iframe or object?

Since version 1.4, iframe is used.


Yes, but keep in mind that my WordPress.org username is Caspie.

I want to thank you or send you some feedback?

Do it via my blog – http://blog.caspie.net/contact/ – enjoy!

How many videos I can put in my post?

A lot, but you need Easy VBOX7 1.1 or newer!


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Változási napló


  • Plugin refresh after… 5 years. Doh! 🙂
  • Updated code to use iframe embeds.
  • Widget moved to a separate file.
  • Widget constructor updated to avoid deprecation notices.
  • Shortcode supports multiple video IDs, separated with comma.
  • Code enhancements and optimizations.


  • Added ability to add more than one video ID into the widget video field. Separate with comma: ID1, ID2, ID3 etc.
  • Code validation.
  • Minor code enhancements.


  • Added new sidebar widget using the new Widgets API.
  • Added new shortcodes using the Shortcode API.
  • Minor code enhancements.
  • README updates.


  • Adding multiply videos now works as expected.
  • README updates.


  • Initial Release