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Easy Accordion FAQ


Thanks for visit our plugin, This Accordion FAQ plugin use for Collapse and most easiest accordion builder for WordPress website. You can add multiple accordion and collapse with using category.

Plugin Features

  • No need of coding skills.
  • Within 2 min you can set you Accordion FAQ, with using shorcode.
  • Plugin is very light weight.
  • 10+ Design template available.
  • Easy to used with any sidebar using widget.
  • Custom post type for Accordion FAQ with category.
  • Work with all WordPress theme and WordPress website.
  • No need of any settings.
  • User & Developer friendly & easy to customize.
  • Its easy to use interface allows you to manage, edit, create, and delete Accordion FAQ.
  • Fully Responsive & columns structures.
  • Order options.
  • All options works with True/ False.

This Easy Accordion For Faq shorcode

  • [easy_faq] : Display Accordion FAQ in page.

This Easy Accordion For Faq Tempalte File shorcode

  • <?php echo do_shortcode('[easy_faq]'); ?>

You can create or add multiple accordion Faq shorcode using category ID

  • [easy_faq category="6"] : Displays Accordion FAQ , according to category view.

Shortcode parameters

  • Design Template :
    [template=”template-2″] (ie. there are 10+ Design template. Option: template-1, template-2 upto template-11.)

  • FAQ Limit :
    [easy_faq faq_limit=”9″] (ie. how many show faq, limit default value is faq_limit=”-1″ for all FAQ, option: any number).

  • Category:
    [easy_faq category=”6″] (ie. Show accourding to category. option: category ID, find shortcode under Accordion Faq -> FAQ Category)

  • Include child category :
    [easy_faq include_cat_child=”false”] (ie. if show with all FAQ like all parent and child category. option: true/false.)

  • Category Name :
    [easy_faq category_name=”Payment Refund”] (ie. show with category name on top. option: any title name.)

  • Single open :
    [easy_faq single_open=”false”] (ie. open default one FAQ when click to open. option: true/false.)

  • Transition speed :
    [easy_faq transition_speed=”500″] (ie. transition speed when click on FAQ. option: any number and speed in millisecond).

  • Icon position :
    [easy_faq icon_position=”left”] (ie. you can set icon position. option: left/right).

  • Order :
    [easy_faq order=”desc”] (ie. you can change order. option: asc/desc (Ascending, Descending)).

  • Orderby :
    [easy_faq orderby=”ID”] (ie. you can change orderby. option: ‘none’,ID’,’author’,’title’,’name’,rand’,date’).

  • Posts :
    [easy_faq posts=”5,7,18,24″] (ie. if you display fix FAQ like: option: faq post ID.).

  • FAQ offset
    [easy_faq faq_offset=”3″] (ie. if display fix post. it mean’s Display posts from the 4th one.).

  • Extra Class
    [easy_faq extra_class=”outer-wrap”] (ie. if need to customize with css set your own class. it mean’s change style using this parent class.).

How to install & Setup Plugin :

The plugin add with name “Accordion FAQ” tab to admin menu, which allows you to enter FAQ Title and FAQ Description, FAQ category, just like WordPress posts.

Toggle/Collapse Effect

Responsive Accordion for FAQ is integrated with toggle or collapse effect so you can open one or more accordion at a same time.

Unlimited Shortcode

Here this plugin you can create unlimited accordion group using category with unlimited shortcode. So using shortcode you can display your accordion on multiple page and post as well as page template.


  • How to FAQ.
  • All FAQ List List.
  • how to create multiple FAQ List using Category.
  • Generate Accordion FAQ shortcode.


  1. Upload the ‘easy-accordion-for-faq’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the easy accordion for faq in ‘Plugins’ menu.
  3. Add short code


4.If you use in PHP template code

<?php echo do_shortcode('[easy_faq]'); ?>


Please use WordPress support forum to ask any query regarding any issue.


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