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Dynamic Content Widget


A Swiss Army Knife for WordPress developers. With this WordPress widget, you can enter a slug or id, select a
template you created, and the widget will render the content, in a local loop, according to your selected template.
Very handy for things like:

  • Pinning content (pages and posts) to the homepage.
  • Rendering arbitrary content (pages and posts) in a sidebar or other widget area.
  • Define WordPress widget areas with sidebars, write subtemplates with your own HTML, render content any way you want.
  • Many more uses.

Very simple, but also very powerful and versatile. Also may be difficult to use for people who are not into template
hacking, so if you’re not used to php or html, this widget probably isn’t for you.

Upcoming changes

  • Create example and pro subtemplates from the widget.
  • Subtemplate editor to modify templates on the fly.

Version 0.5 is confirmed compatible with WordPress 3.1.1.

Learn how to use this widget by reading these use cases:

Go to the homepage for instructions and screenshots.


  • This is what you'll see when you place the widget. Title is the same as other widgets, I usually leave it empty. Slug or id is the identifier of the page or post you want your template applied to. The slug is the last part of the url of the page or post. Subtemplate is the template you have created according to the instructions available on the instructions page.
  • Since version 0.4, the widget will detect if you've entered a slug that doesn't exist.


  1. Upload dynamic-content-widget.0.4.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory and unzip
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. For further instructions, go to the instructions page.


I don’t know much about php or template hacking. Should I try this plugin?

This is a plugin that’s meant for advanced users, so probably not, unless you want to learn.


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Változási napló


First version


Fixed content for wordpress.org


Fixed fatal widget-breaking bug


Added automatic slug checking


Checked for compatibility and minor addition