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Dropdown multisite selector


Do you need a way to give your visitors the option to navigate easily from your site other sites (multisite)?
This plugin will give you the option to configure a small select/dropdown field with fully configurable options and values (urls).

You can choose by three options:

  • manually configure the number of the options from the dropdown element – pick up a name of your option and the relevant url where the user will be redirected after choosing it;

  • get a automatically list of all sites from WordPress Multisite network – this one picks the names of all your sites that are in the multisite network and adds them to the select element;

  • get the same list as previous one but only with the site where the current logged in user is registered;

You can manage:

  • Your label for the name of the select option or leave it without label
  • Your first select option (‘Select branch’, ‘Select country’, ‘Choose Side’)
  • Sorting of your custom list (alphabetic sorting + reverse sorting (your last entries will become first in the dropdown))

Once you have saved your settings you can see the result using this shortcode [dms] or use the widget.


[dms] – Using this shortcode will generate the same dropdown as the one you have configured in the admin settings panel.

[dms_manual name=”” placeholder=”” target=”” options=””] – Use this one your own dropdown that has nothing to do with the settings you have set. The arguments of this shortcode are:
* name – the label of the select option (leave empty for no label)
* placeholder – the first option that is showen in the select menu (like: “– Select –“)
* target – could be “default” or “blank”. This is the target of the link – “blank” is to be open in new window
* options – name-link pairs, should be placed as : “name1|url1, name2|url2, name3|url3”

An example:
[dms_manual name=”Label” placeholder=”–Select–” target=”blank” options=”Trusted search engine|http://duckduckgo.com, Tracking search engine|http://google.bg”]

If you would more functionality, please contact me to check if I can implement it. Also thanks to everyone giving me hints how to improve this plugin.

Filters in the code

Here are some filters that you can use to modify the results from the code:
* dms_sites_arguments – to control the attributes used in the function get_sites() when ‘Show all sites in the WMN’ option is selected.
* dms_multisite_pairs – filter the results returned from get_sites().
* dms_users_sites – control the sites when ‘Show only the sites where the user is registered’ option is selected.


  • The admin part(from version 0.3)
    1. The front end - widget area + shortcode in post(from version 0.3)


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Search for ‘Dropdown Multisite Selector’
  3. Activate Dropdown Multisite Selector from your Plugins page. To start building your dropdown go to Settings -> Dropdown multisite.

From WordPress.org

  1. Download ‘Dropdown Multisite Selector’.
  2. Upload the ‘dropdown-multisite-selector’ directory to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…)
  3. Activate it from your Plugins’ page.


Thanks for that great plugin which helps a lot in listing all subsites in a Multisite. Using the Shortcode in Menu plugin the [dms] shortcode can be inserted easily without any coding experience to one of the menus on your site. Great work, clean code and very fast response time (in less than 2 hours later it was fixed! and refactored after reporting a bug). This also shows that a plugin which shows a label banner that it might not be maintained anymore might still be very very active and in use and maintained by the developer and it would be strongly advised to contact a developer before NOT using a "yellow bannered (by wp org)" plugin. Thanks a lot and keep up that good work and fast response times.
No too much to say - Works exactly as required PERFECT for my needs.
It would be cool if you could have a style-free version so the dropdown inherits styles from its container. I achieved it with Custom CSS though, no biggie. Great plugin! 🙂
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Változási napló


  • Date: 09.06.2020
  • Thanks for github issues and code suggestions to: @toremo & @Zodiac1978
  • And huge “Excuse me” to all that have waiting on update and making code compatible with WP 5.x.x
  • This updated includes:
  • Added dependency on jQuery for the plugin’s script
  • Added filter dms_sites_arguments – to control the attributes when ‘Show all sites in the WMN’ is selected
  • Added filter dms_multisite_pairs – change the results returned from get_sites()
  • Added filter dms_users_sites – control the sites when ‘Show only the sites where the user is registered’ is selected
  • Code styling according WordPress CodeSniffer standards
  • Small code fixes and code clean up
  • Added default styles to admin button


  • fixed bug with redirect on target blank when option without value is selected.


  • fixed issue with WordPress repository and the last commit


  • fixed issue with including a php files and trailing slashes for XAMPP and may be some windows server systems


  • Implementing better security
  • Folder restructuring
  • Code refactoring


  • Added some sorting options for the custom list of options
  • Small refactoring and security
  • The “Add more” button was removed and option to add new row after each row was added
  • CSS & JS tweaks in the admin side


  • Fix Deprecated function wp_get_sites
  • Fix Widget without save button (now plugins like Dynamic Widgets should work)
  • Added shortcode with attributes


  • Fix with some svn issues


  • Fix: some php Notice messages were fixed
  • Added: option to choose the name of your first option from the select field (thanks for the idea @Ruth Maude)
  • Removed: the requirement for label name. Now you can build select option only with the selects’ element (Option name and url) without label.


  • Fix: Oops, the previous one didn’t worked as expected 🙁 Hope this one fix the problem


  • Fix: issues when updating from 0.1 to any higher version (thanks for reporting @jfullerton)


  • Fixed: not working if on the page there are two ore more select fields (thanks for reporting @Steve Borsch)


  • Widget option added
  • added option for automatically generated option’s list of all sites connected in the current WordPress Multisite Network
  • added option for automatically generated option’s list of all sites connected in the current WMN where the logged in user is registered.
  • fix problem with loading the js before the jquery
  • code refactoring


  • Start : )