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Doofinder provides fast, accurate results based on your website contents. Results appear in your search box at an incredible speed as the user types.

Doofinder can be installed in any website with very little configuration.

This extension allows you to easily populate the data Doofinder needs to be able to search your database and to insert the Doofinder layer script into your WordPress site.

With Doofinder you are confident that your visitors are finding what they are looking for.

These are some advantages of using Doofinder in your site:

  • Instant, relevant results.
  • Tolerant of misspellings.
  • Search filters.
  • Increases the conversion rates.
  • No technical knowledge are required.
  • Allows the use of labels and synonyms.
  • Installs in minutes.
  • Provides statistical information.
  • Doofinder brings back the control over the searches in your site to you.

When users start typing in the search box, Doofinder displays the best results for their search. If users make typos, our algorithms will detect them and will perform the search as if the term were correctly typed.

Furthermore, Doofinder sorts the results displaying the most relevant first.

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Important: To use this plugin you need to have an account at Doofinder. If you don’t have one you can signup here to get your 30 day free trial period.

The minimum technical requirements are basically the same as the WordPress ones. Take a look at their server requirements for more info.


Once activated, you will see a new entry in the main menu called Doofinder with two sub-menus:

  • Doofinder: To access the main settings page of the module.

NOTICE: Doofinder for WordPress has built-in support for WPML. In case you are using it, ensure you’ve switched context to one of the defined languages. In All Languages context you won’t be able to configure anything. You will have to configure as many search engines as languages you have in your site.

Doofinder Settings

General Settings

  • API Key: This is the secret token you use to index contents (in ML environments you can share the same key). Your API key can be found in the Doofinder Control Panel. Click on your profile name (in the header) and then on API Keys. Make sure you’re using a Management API key and not a Search API key.
  • Search Engine HashID: Id of the search engine that will index your contents. Can be found in the Doofinder Control Panel. Click on Search Engines in the header. Hash ID will be visible next to the name of your Search Engine. Remember to use different search engines for different languages if you’re in a ML environment.
  • Update on Save: The period of time that must elapse before the posts / products are updated after making a change.
  • JS Layer Script: Here you can modify the Layer Javascript Code. It is required for the Javascript Layer to work.



Important: If you’re upgrading to v0.4.x or greater from v0.3.x or lower, deactivate the plugin and activate again to migrate settings.

Doofinder installation and activation is made as in any other plugin.

These are two ways you can install the plugin:

  1. In the WordPress admin panel go to Plugins / Add New. Click „Upload Plugin”. Choose the *.zip file containing the plugin, and click „Install Now”. or…
  2. Unpack the contents of the *.zip file containing the plugin to the plugins folder. In the typical WordPress installation that will be „/wp-contents/plugins” folder.


I have problems with your plugin. What can I do?

Just send your questions to and we will try to answer as fast as possible with a working solution for you.

How can I report security bugs?

You can report security bugs through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program. The Patchstack team help validate, triage and handle any security vulnerabilities. Report a security vulnerability.


I am working with Edgar. He has been attentive to details and eager to train. Doofinder has enhanced the search capabilities of our website and much more use friendly. And the speed is doofinder is impressive. We feel our sales will increase because customers will find what they are looking for faster.
2023.12.07. 1 reply
This plugin is the last search plugin you will use, your search for search bar 😛😅is done here. Frane from DooFinder had contacted me a while back regards to my search bar plugin requirement, I was not fully sure of it at the time, but after seeing some of the examples of the websites that use DooFinder, I was inclining towards the change. Frane has been amazing during the whole transition and ever after. He checks on all my requirements, makes sure everything our company’s website requires is fulfilled by DooFinder. He even promptly calls after the installation to check on us. He listens to all the things I have to say, sometimes not even useful ones 😂, but he has made the whole experience amazing and very smooth. Plugin has lots of custom options, functionality wise and appearance wise both. We currently have over 35000 products and plan to have many more, and I have tried other search plugin before DooFinder, and none of them were able to efficiently manage the search of this amount of products, but DooFinder has exceed my expectations of a search bar. It is super fast, has live search and has amazing options for filters, suggestions and appearance of the search layer. My previous plugin was giving a lots of issue speed wise and on top of that was causing so many server issues and we were very unhappy with it. DooFinder works on their own server, so the speed is never an issue, and now our server has a huge load off of it, so the website speed has improved too since disabling the previous search plugin and switching to DooFinder. The support if ever needed has been very fast and on point in terms of the resolution.
Nos ayudo, bastante con la retención de clientes y saber que productos son los que mas se están vendiendo, y así mas enfocarnos en mas publicidad. Muchas gracias a la atención del asesor Juan Pablo.
I used Doofinder for my website and I got help from EMMY. She is amazing and walked me through the entire process. She speak English and Spanish. Doofinder and an amazing product that will help my website grow!!! Thanks EMMY! You’re wonderful and you should get a RAISE!!! Tell your boss I said that!
I am genuinely thrilled with the exceptional performance of the Doo Finder plugin, to the point where five stars hardly do it justice. I find myself wishing for more WooCommerce sites just so I could experience the incredible benefits it brings. This plugin has proven to be an invaluable asset to our website, significantly elevating our customers’ search capabilities. The speed at which Doo Finder operates is nothing short of lightning-fast! It’s a game-changer for us, making the user experience seamless and efficient. I can’t emphasize enough how much of a positive impact it has had on our site’s functionality. I had the pleasure of working with Mark from the support team, and I must say, the level of assistance and guidance provided in configuring the plugin sets a benchmark for all other paid plugins. Mark’s expertise and responsiveness made the entire process not only smooth but enjoyable. Great job, Doo Finder! The excellence in both the plugin’s performance and customer support deserves high praise. Thank you for creating such a stellar tool that has undoubtedly enhanced our website’s functionality. Keep up the fantastic work!
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Változási napló


  • Fix performance issues related with Landing Pages rewrite_rules.


  • Fix update checker.


  • Fix lang code on installation


  • Fixed fatal error regarding direct WP_Http class.
  • Fixed error on the product endpoint when the links are unset


  • Fixed WPDB query in the update on save.


  • Improved script injection in languages with different suffixes.
  • Fixed api bug in image link generate from custom type indices.


Added some error logs to help debugging indexing errors while obtaining images.


Improved getting pages images


Improved add to cart response handling.


Clarify behaviour of update on save configuration, hide update now button when disabled.


Fixed a bug related to posts/pages title encoding


Changed stable tag information in the readme.txt
Escaped / as // to prevent issues in the faceted search


Changed log directory to /WP_CONTENT_FOLDER/uploads/doofinder-logs to avoid permission issues
Fixed a bug in Force Normalization when the language code has language and country (e.g. pt-PT)


Fixed a bug excluding the attributes of the variants of the parent product


Fixed a bug that caused some stores to be created without a name.
Exclude the attributes of the variants of the parent product


Added minor improvements.


Fixed endpoint registration issue, added checks in Thumbnails class to suppress warnings, and implemented handling to ignore invalid WooCommerce products during indexing.


Restore the use of credentials api


Fix an issue that happened when a custom attribute had nested arrays without the key „name” deleting the whole custom attribute
Get the sale price even when WC_Product->get_sale_price fails.


Fix an issue while setting search engine hashid and some notice styles issues.


Fix some migrate issues.


Refactoring the code and applying the calls to the new service.


Prevent stock_status field removal from the final response


Fixes some issues detected if it is used along with WPML plugin


Fixes wrongly decoded HTML entities for custom attributes (e.g. & instead of &)


Improve JS and CSS secure load


Remove filter indexation field


Fix typo.


Added stock_status to custom_attributes reserved field names.


Fix renamed metadatafields and plugin attributes fields


Add basic attributes and plugin attributes to response
Fix corrupts images in custom endpoint
Improve XSS secure


Fix possible XSS issue


Fix problem with product attributes with taxonomy


Add permission_callback in API endpoints
Fix renamed custom attributes


Added FAQ section.


Check if regular price is empty


Set product price correctly and check if product has a corrupted image


Added initial indexation status check timeout.


Update on save refactor and add fields tu custom endpoints


New internal endpoints to obtain products, posts, pages and custom items.
Refactor in custom attributes management.
Secure authentication via token in headers.


Improved security in Ajax calls.


New functionality added: Conversion pages.


Adjusted minimum requirements to install the plugin.


Fixed a bug while processing the indices normalization response.


Fix issues while migrating api-host.


Fix issues with zero prices.


Fix store payload in wordpress case


Changes required for the new functionality „Indexable customs posts types”.


Fix cleaning logs in update script


Fix of several problems with migration when it is multi-language

Fix log cleaning


Added Log cleaning and normalization.


Added changes to return prices applying base location taxes.


Fix migration update in old clients.


Fix data indexing completion loading.


Fix issues while obtaining the intermediate image.


Fixed a bug while registering custom cron_schedules.


Fix bug that was saving non-indexable post types in the database in doofinder_update_on_save


Fix visual bug in Product Data Settings.


Added Image Size selector to Product Data Settingsa and fixed ‘update on save’ issue.


Improvements in REST custom fields.


Fix init issues.


Added custom fields settings.


Fixed relative image urls.


Added some improvements in REST API Handler


Fixed an issue while generating missing thumbnails and other minor bugfixes.


Fixed issues with price format and taxes.


Added button to reset credentials if you are Administrator


Added parent image to variant products without image in rest response


Added image_link to products rest response


Bugfix: Prices reflect the correct taxes now


Minor bugfix


Fixed update bug


Fix a bug while showing the indexation failed message


Fix a bug in settings migration


Merged Doofinder and Doofinder for Woocommerce into a single plugin