Create your own online help documents from your WordPress dashboard with DocuPress.

Separate your documentation into collections, making it easy for users to browse only the content they’re looking for.

DocuPress also comes with 2 custom widgets:

  • Collections – output’s a list of every collection you create with DocuPress.
  • Recent Articles – select how many articles to display, randomize the output order and also choose which collection you’d like to display articles from.


  • DocuPress adds a Documentation tab to your admin dashboard
  • DocuPress widget, available via Appearance - Widgets


  1. Go to Plugins - Add New in your WordPress admin panel and search for “DocuPress”
  2. Install and activate the plugin directly in your admin panel
  3. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done 🙂


Simple to use with a nice looking interface that blends in with the standard WordPress dashboard. It would be nice if, in future, some extra features, specific for documentation, could be added. For example, an automatically generated index based upon content headings.
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Változási napló


  • Added new [docupress] shortcode in admin/docupress-shortcodes.php
  • Updated .pot file for translation in languages/docupress.pot
  • General code cleanup throughout multiple files in the plugin


  • Bugfix removed rest_base and rest_controller_class from custom post type in admin/docupress-cpt.php
  • Updated code to escape input data for path and url in admin/docupress-metaboxes.php
  • Updated check to hide undefined variable name notice in admin/docupress-metaboxes.php
  • Updated code to Change names based on custom permalink based in admin/docupress-cpt.php
  • General code cleanup in public/class-docupress-public.php


  • Bugfix misspelled ID for noncename verification in admin/docupress-metaboxes.php
  • Updated function names with all lowercase letters in admin/docupress-cpt.php
  • Updated function names with all lowercase letters in admin/docupress-taxonomies.php
  • Updated cpt and tax function names in activator in includes/class-docupress-activator.php
  • Updated text strings for localization in admin/docupress-metaboxes.php
  • Updated text strings for localization in admin/docupress-widgets.php
  • Updated .pot file for translation in languages/docupress.pot
  • General doc clean up throughout various files


  • Added new Collections widget
  • Added new Additional Details metabox for articles
  • Added custom permalink settings to change article base


  • Removed comment capabilities
  • Updated call constructor method for the DocuPress widget
  • Updated get_bloginfo() instance to URL instead of HOME
  • Added global $post; and wp_reset_postdata(); to the widget query


  • Initial release