WhatsApp me


The perfect plugin to engage and retain customers.

Communication with your customers can be very easy

With WhatsApp me you will get the visitors of your website to contact you through WhatsApp with a single click.

Why WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is used in more than 100 countries and supports more than 50 languages. Recent surveys say that 96% of users prefer to use a messaging app before calling by phone. If none of this has convinced you, think one thing, your grandmother knows how to use WhatsApp. Do not lose more customers and sales. Try WhatsApp me.


  1. Phone: Enter the phone number.
  2. Mobile only: Select if you want the button to be visible only on mobile devices. WhatsApp Web/App will open on the desktop (if available).
  3. Call to action: Write a message to encourage users to contact you through WhatsApp.
  4. Delay: You can define a timeout to display the call-to-action message.
  5. Message: You can define the first message to send.
  6. If you have Google Analytics, an event is triggered when the user launches WhatsApp.
  7. Can override call to action and message or hide button on every post, page or custom post.


  • WhatsApp me settings.
  • Button on desktop.
  • Call to action on desktop.
  • Button and call to action on mobile.


  1. Upload the entire creame-whatsapp-me folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload the entire creame-whatsapp-me folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
I can’t see the button or it’s over / under another thing

You can change the position of the button so that nothing covers it by adding this CSS in Appearance > Customize > Custom CSS:
.whatsappme { z-index:9999; }
Greater values of z-index are left over, the default value is 400.

What about GDPR?

WhatsApp me don’t save any personal data and don’t use cookies.


خوب نیست

متاسفانه در نسخه تحت وب واتس اپ خوب کار نمیکنه
فقط در نسخه موبایل سایت به خوبی کار میکنه
not working in whatsapp web version.
only good working in mobile version.

Review El plugin más sencillo para poner WhatsApp

Es mi plugin preferido para integrar un canal de comunicación con de WhatsApp.

A favor:
En español.
Fácil de utilizar.
Sencillo, tiene las opciones justas.
Interfaz bien acabada.
Posibilidad de Botón solo para el móvil.
Quitar el botón de una página.

En contra / A mejorar:
No tiene Shortcode o Widgets para ponerlo en la barra lateral.
No sirve para invitar a un grupo de WhatsApp.
Podría tener opción para ocultar el boton por custom post types desde los ajustes del plugin, que el campo para ocultarlo está en las opciones de cada página o entrada.

Un saludo.

Muy bueno, pero…

Me ha encantado, es simple. y me ha ayudado a comunicarme con mis clientes mejor. EL único inconveniente ha sido con la última actualización, ya que genera conflictos con el tema que tengo y con el plugin Massive Addons for Visual Composer, no muestra el countdown que viene en el tema en el primer caso y en el segundo del Massive Addons no los muestra bien (carousel post).

He tenido que desactivar el plugin por el momento. Espero que sea el único caso, de cualquier forma esperaré a otra siguiente actualización para reactivarlo.

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  • NEW support for Google Analytics Global Site Tag (gtag.js).
  • CHANGE events label now is the destination URL to match general behavior.
  • UPDATED International Telephone Input library


  • FIX JavaScript error introduced on v1.4.1.


  • Fix JS frontend sometimes can’t load WhatsApp me settings.
  • Fix better Google Analitycs event tracking when leave page.


  • NEW: Added the option to define the first message to send. You can include variables such as {SITE}, {URL} or {TITLE}.
  • Fix PHP notice when global $post is null (e.g. search results or login page).


  • Only set admin/public hooks when it corresponds to improve performance and fix a notice on admin.


  • Fix fatal error when the PHP mbstring extension is not active


  • Added option to change position of button to left
  • Added formatting styles for Call to action text like in WhatsApp: italic bold strikethrough


  • Added International Telephone Input for enhanced phone input
  • Phone number is cleared to generate correct WhatsApp links


  • Added posts/pages option to override CTA or hide button
  • Don’t enqueue assets if not show button
  • Added filters for developers


  • Readme texts


  • Fix plugin version


  • Fix text domain


  • First version