Contact Form 7 – PayPal & Stripe Add-on



This PayPal plugin seamlessly integrates PayPal & Stripe with Contact Form 7.

Official PayPal & Stripe Partner.

Watch this short video of how the plugin works:

Each contact form can have its own PayPal & Stripe settings. When a contact form is enabled with PayPal, and the user submits the form it will send the email as usual, then auto redirect to PayPal. When a contact form is enabled with Stripe, and the user submits the form it will send the email as usual, then auto redirect to a Stripe payment page.

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If you have any problems, questions, or issues about this plugin then please create a support request and we will get back to you quickly.

A WP bővítmény a coloradoi Boulder – PayPal hivatalos PayPal partner – alapján készült. A bővítmény weboldala: A különböző védjegyek az egyes tulajdonosok védjegyei.

Note: This PayPal & Stripe plugin works with both the old and new Contact Form 7 interface. A PayPal account, which is free, is required to use PayPal. A Stripe account, which is also free, is required to use Stripe. You can use the plugin with only PayPal enabled, only Stripe or PayPal and Stripe at the same time.

Contact Form 7 – PayPal & Stripe Integration Add-on Features

  • Payments history for PayPal & Stripe
  • Állítsuk be a tételek nevét, árát és a termék egyedi azonosítóját (SKU) / azonosítóját (ID) űrlaponként.
  • 18 nyelv beépített támogatása (a PayPal jelenleg 18 nyelvet támogat)
  • 25 pénznem beépített támogatása (a PayPal jelenleg 25 pénznemet támogat)
  • PayPal teszt a PayPal SandBox-ban
  • Válasszunk egy megszakított fizetés URL címet
  • Válasszunk egy sikeres fizetés URL címet

Contact Form 7 – PayPal & Stripe Integration Add-on Pro

Azoknak az üzlettulajdonosoknak ajánljuk ennek a PayPal bővítménynek a professzionális verzióját, akik még több szolgáltatást szeretnének.

Here is a short video of how the Pro version works:

  • Csak sikeres PayPal fizetés esetén küldjön a Contact Form 7 e-mailt.
  • Link a form item to quantity – A form item can be a textbox, dropdown, radio button, etc. anything that is a number.
  • Link a form item to price – The price field can be linked to any form item. Pipes are supported to allow for dropdown text options for each price.
  • Link form items to option text fields – The text field can be linked to any form item.
  • Charge Fixed Tax
  • Charge Tax Rate
  • Charge Shipping & Handling per item
  • Hide Customer’s Custom Note Field
  • Choose a cancel payment URL per contact form
  • Choose a succesful payment URL per contact form

Learn more about the Pro version

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  • Options while editing a contact form - Note: This plugin works with both the old and new Contact Form 7 interface, screenshots from old version.
  • PayPal beállítási oldal
  • Stripe settings page
  • PayPal & Stripe payments history


Automatikus telepítés

  1. Lépjünk be a WordPress honlapunkra adminisztrátorként.
  2. A Vezérlőpult fő menüjében menjünk a Bővítmények -> Új hozzáadása részhez
  3. Keressük meg a Contact Form 7 – PayPal Add-on bővítményt és kattintsunk a telepítésre.
  4. Ennyi az egész. Most már készen állunk arra, hogy fogadjuk a PayPal fizetéseket a honlapunkon a kapcsolati űrlapunkon keresztül.


I really appreciate the support I received during the implementation of the plugin. I had an issue with attached files which were not sent after payment. After some times, the issue had been solved and everything works fine for me now.
I have been using this plugin for years and it is top-notch! The occasional issue is expected, but the support has always been incredible and the issues are rarely in the code itself - and if they are, they are fixed immediately! Worth the money to allow for great Paypal integration
Had trouble with this plugin off and on for years (it seems like). Sometimes it doesn't redirect, supposedly you can have different forms redirect to different URLs after payment, but you really can't - or I can't. Now, it doesn't output the description to Stripe and it stopped redirecting again. The author said they were fixing the issue with outputting the decscription, but its been weeks and no ETA on that. I don't have time to put in another ticket for the redirect issue. Instead, I generated a button out of Stripe, that does the exact same thing, but more reliably, no software price, no plugin (no support really) and it outputs the description. For my other websites that use this plugin, I might have to switch as well.
80 (az összes) vélemény olvasása

Közreműködők és fejlesztők

“Contact Form 7 – PayPal & Stripe Add-on” egy nyílt forráskódú szoftver. A bővítményhez a következő személyek járultak hozzá:


Változási napló


  • 2/19/21
  • Fix – Fixed issue casued by anchor tag in URL causing Stripe redirect to fail.


  • 2/3/21
  • Fix – Fixed issue caused by Yoast making form to redirect to homepage.
  • Fix – Fixed issue with JS files not including version number causing them to be cached.


  • 1/28/21
  • New – PayPal & Stripe admin payment history
  • New – Stripe will automatically register and check webhook for live and sandbox payments
  • New – Local environment helper admin notice
  • New – Added admin review notice
  • Update – Updated PayPal IPN code


  • 12/7/20
  • New – Stripe now redirects to hosted Stripe checkout page.
  • New – Stripe is now fully SCA complient.
  • New – Added many more helpful error notices so that site owners can more quickly solve problems.


  • 10/14/20
  • Fix – Fixed bug related to PHP setcookie.


  • 8/27/20
  • Fix – Fixed bug related to Japanese JPY currency format.


  • 8/10/20
  • New – Added ability to change between cookie use and session use. Some servers support one or the other.
  • Fix – Changed the way cookies work.


  • 8/8/20
  • New – Added new redirect method. Can be used for some sites that have trouble redirecting to PayPal or Stripe.
  • Fix – Fixed settings page slow to load issue due to transient name problem.


  • 7/9/20
  • New – Removed PHP Session support, now the pluign uses PHP Cookies.
  • Fix – The plugin no longer causes an issue with WordPress Site Health Performance.


  • 7/4/20
  • Fix – Contact Form 7 5.2 broke redirecting to PayPal or Stripe.


  • 2/4/20
  • Fix – CSS style issue on settings page, extensions tab.
  • Fix – Changed getting started text.
  • Tested – Tested up to 5.3.x


  • 4/26/19
  • Fix – Changed redirect URL from using WordPress’s site URL to home URL. This fixes a problem on sites with a different WordPress Address and Site Address.


  • 8/20/18
  • Change – Changed the hidden HTML form names on the tabs settings page to fix a conflict with the plugin Frontend Registration – Contact Form 7.


  • 7/1/18
  • New – Added ability to link form email field to Stripe.
  • New – Added ability to redirect to success page after Stripe payment.
  • Fix – Undefined index error related to settings redirect variable.
  • Fix – Undefined JS ajax object error with failed credit card.


  • 5/28/18
  • Fix – PayPal rediect encoding problem.


  • 5/21/18
  • Fix – Added HTTPS notification on settings page
  • New – Added Extensions tab on settings page


  • 3/13/18
  • Fix – Only load files from Stripe if needed.


  • 2/19/18
  • Fix – Stripe checkout was giving an error message if the Stripe test keys were not entered.


  • 2/9/18
  • Fix – Was not redirecting to Stripe, if only Stripe was enabled.
  • New – Added Test Mode indicator on Stripe mode form, if Stripe is being used in Sandbox mode.


  • 2/7/18
  • Fix – Plugin had a conflict with the Divi theme’s full page width.


  • 2/6/18
  • Fix – Not all forms where redirecting on some sites.


  • 2/6/18
  • Major Release – Added Stripe to the plugin
  • Change – The majority of the plugin has been completely rewritten
  • Fix – The plugin now works with Contact Form 7 version 5


  • 10/23/17
  • Fix – Plugin should not work with many more Contact Form 7 extensions, such as Mailchimp, Google Sheets, Datepicker, etc.
  • Fix – Currency will now pass through a filter, this is useful as PayPal does not accept $ anymore in front of amounts.


  • 9/15/17
  • Bug – Form occasionally would redirect to site homepage even with the form not having PayPal enabled.
  • Bug – Spelling mistake.


  • 9/1/17
  • Bug – Fixed default redirect method if variable has not been previously set


  • 8/31/17
  • New – Added new redirect method
  • New – Added option to change the redirect method on the settings page
  • Update – Removed the need for the plugin to write to wp-config
  • Update – Updated list of available Pro version features
  • Update – Changed how the plugin sends POST data to PayPal
  • Update – Cleaned up the code
  • Update – Updated the Settings Page usage instructions


  • 6/15/17
  • Update – Tested up to WordPress version 4.8
  • Fix – Fixed code formatting issues
  • Fix – Fixed language text domain issues


  • 2016-08-03
  • Update – Updated tested up to tag.
  • Frissítés A pro verzió hivatkozásának frissítése


  • 2016-01-21
  • Hibajavítás – Néhány szerverkonfiguráción a beállítási oldal nem került mentésre.


  • 2015-11-13
  • Hozzáadott szolgáltatás – Hozzáadva az english-Uk lehetőség a nyelvekhez. Akkor van hatása, ha a PayPal oldal a vásárlót átirányítja.


  • 2015-08-09
  • Hibajavítás – A bővítmény összeakadt egy másik bővítménnye.


  • Javítás: A Contact Form 7 4.2 verzió új elrendezésének kompabilitási javítása


  • Fix: Fixed failed to open stream problem
  • Frissítés: Frissített szolgáltatások elérhetőek a pro verzióban


  • Fixed failed to open stream problem
  • Javított támogatási hivatkozás
  • Szerkesztés hivatkozás hozzáadva
  • Beállítások hivatkozás hozzáadva


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