Codehaveli Bitly URL Shortener


Codehaveli Bitly URL Shortener allow you to connect your WordPress Website to the account via access code.

This Plugin enables Bitly User to generate short link automatically from WordPress when they publish new post.

This plugin use the functionality of Bitly API and generate short link and also get your group Guid from your Bitly account [During Your Settings ].

Terms of Use

This is not a Official plugin of Bitly

This plugin only connect your account to WordPress.

Please read privacy and terms of service of Bitly before using this plugin.

Bug reports

Bug reports for Codehaveli Bitly URL Shortener are welcomed in our Codehaveli Bitly URL Shortener repository on GitHub. Please note that GitHub is not a support forum, and that issues that are not properly qualified as bugs will be closed.

Further Reading

For more info on Bitly and Codehaveli , check out the following:


  • Settings Panel Screenshot
  • You can go to settings from Plugn list settings
  • Generated URL column in post list
  • Share button in post list


  1. Visit the plugins page within your dashboard and select Add New
  2. Search for Codehaveli Bitly URL Shortener
  3. Activate Codehaveli Bitly URL Shortener from your Plugins page.
  4. Go to settings from Tools Menu or Settings fromm WordPress Plugin list
  5. Get Your access token from and save it in access token field
  6. Click on Get GUID if you don’t have the Group GUID. [Plugin will get it from your bitly account via API call]
  7. You are ready to go, From now when ever you publish a post your link will be generate automatically


How can i change the URL before the shorten process?

add_filter('wbitly_url_before_process' , 'modify_permalink_of_post' , 10 , 1);
function modify_permalink_of_post($permalink){
return $permalink;

You can use ‘wbitly_url_before_process’ filter to change the URL/Permalink. Call back function accepts the permalink.

How can i hook into the generated URL?

add_action('wbitly_shorturl_updated' , 'post_to_other' , 10 , 1);
function post_to_other($url){
// do anything with $url

We can use the hook to do get the short url and use it accordingly


We use this plugin in combination with WP to Twitter and it works great. And good support if you have a problem.
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Változási napló


  • Option added to share link from post list
  • Genereate old posts link from post list
  • Function refactored
  • Error handler added
  • Some bug fixed


Initaial Release