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Carbon Pagination


A handy WordPress library for building all kinds of paginations.

Provides the theme and plugin developers an easy way to build and implement highly customizable paginations, specifically tailored to their needs.

This plugin supports 4 types of pagination (you can easily extend the library if you need to create a new type of pagination):


The most common pagination type. Used for paginating through post listings in non-singular context – usually on the posts page, on all types of archives and on search results. This pagination uses the current global $wp_query, which means you can use it together with your custom query loops as well.


Used for paginating through posts in singular context. Usually used on single posts – single.php, but can be used to paginate through entries of any registered post type (including built-in ones like page). Uses the global $post to determine the current post and paginates through all of the rest posts of the same post type. You can filter the query that retrieves all posts by using the carbon_pagination_post_pagination_query filter – please refer to the Actions & Filters section for more information.


Used for comments pagination on a given post. Usually used on single.php when comments pagination is enabled in Settings -> Discussion, but can be used on posts in non-singular context as well. Of course you would have to do the following to be able to list comments in non-singular loops:

global $withcomments;
$withcomments = true;

This pagination type supports a comments pagination on the comments of a post of any registered post type.


Used for creating custom flexible paginations. You can specify the total number of pages and the current page by yourself. Also, you’d have to specify the query var that is used to build the pagination links (by default page is used).

If you don’t specify a current page and total number of pages, this pagination type can be used for content pagination on a single post of any post type (including page). Content can be paginated by using the default WordPress


Excellent plugin!!! Works great, easy to use & has many options, simply the best pagination plugin I have ever worked with.
This is definitely the best pagination plugin! Works great in all situations, has all kinds of options that you might need, and code quality exceeds any expectations!
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