BP WC Vendors


With BP WC Vendors you are able to build a highly customizable BuddyPress driven marketplace. This plugin integrates your WooCommerce shop, your BuddyPress social network and your WC vendors plugin. All WC Vendor dashboard tabs get integrated into the BuddyPress Member Profiles.

We have built many BuddyPress driven shops and marketplaces and put all our experience and knowledge into this solution.
We believe with the right combination of plugins BuddyPress is the best choice to build a powerful marketplace.
Our focus is to have an extendable and flexible environment ready to create the marketplace you need.

BuddyPress and WooCommerce -> The Marketplace Engine

Full social power of BuddyPress combined with the huge eco system from WooCommerce.
Ready for endless possibilities covering every use case. On point for every need.

More than just a plugin

We want this plugin to be a starting point and guide you through the complete process of building your marketplace.
We have bundled the best plugins together and support them all 100% with this plugin.

Plugin Features

Deactivate BP Vendor Dashboard Tabs

You can deactivate tabs if you not need them in your setup

  • Turn off “Products” tab
  • Turn off “Orders” tab
  • Turn off “Settings” tab
  • Turn off “Ratings” tab
  • Turn off “Coupons” tab

Deactivate WordPress Dashboard for Vendors

By default, only vendors will be redirected to their BuddyPress ‘Member Profile Vendors Dashboard’ if they try to access the backend ( /wp-admin ). All other roles will be able to access the wp admin.
In the WC Vendor Pro settings you can set WordPress dashboard to “only administrators can access the /wp-admin/ dashboard”.

Vendor Store Settings

  • Redirect the Vendor Store to the BuddyPress Vendor Profile
  • Integrate into Members Profile as new Tab Select the Product Form

You can deactivate the product tab and use the BuddyForms Members extension to separate the product tab from the vendors dashboard.
If you make the product tab a main nav item it is great for showing all vendor products in the profile.
Normal profile visitors can see the vendor products. The vendor can create and edit and manage his products

Deactivate Links

  • Deactivate the “Visit Store” link in the BuddyPress Members Profile Headder
  • Deactivate the “Profile Links” in the Vendor Shop Product listings and Products Single Views
  • Deactivate the “Sold by” links in the Product Listings and Single View
  • Deactivate the “Contact Vendor” links in the Product Single View

BP WC Vendors Dependencies

Please make sure you have the following plugins installed and activated:

We recommend you to use WC4BP and BuddyForms

These plugins are not needed by default but very useful in many cases:

  • WC4BP – WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration

    BP WC Vendors integrates all vendor dashboard tabs with BuddyPress. WC4BP integrates the WC “My Account” pages with BuddyPress and sync all WooCommerce user data with BuddyPress.
    WC4BP connects your online shop and social network. Create a seamless customer experience and get more engagement on your site.
    Find out more here.

  • WC4BP – Checkout Manager

    Add BuddyPress Profile Fields to the WooCommerce Checkout

  • BuddyForms

    WC Vendors comes with basic front-end product creation and management.

    Use BuddyForms to create easy using product creation forms and benefit from many features like moderation, post meta and custom fields.

    BuddyForms is a full front-end content submission CMS and can be use to build any kind of product forms. Find out more at buddyforms.com

Frontend Product Management

For the product management we recommend BuddyForms and some extensions depending on your needs.

  • BuddyForms Form Builder to build the product forms
  • BuddyForms Members to add the product forms to BuddyPress Members Profile
  • BuddyForms Moderation to moderate new or edited products
  • BuddyForms WooCommerce Form Elements adds all WooCommerce form elements to the form builder
  • Check out more BuddyForms extensions, like WooCommerce Simple Auction Browse BuddyForms Extensions

We hope you enjoy the plugin. Please let us know if you miss anything.

Need custom features?

If you need anything custom build, get in touch with us here.


  • BP WC Vendors Settings Page
  • BuddyPress Members View


You can download and install the plugin by using the built-in WordPress plugin installer. If you download the plugin manually,
make sure it is uploaded to “/wp-content/plugins/”.

Activate the plugin in the “Plugins” admin panel by using the “Activate” link.



BuddyPress, WooCommerce, WC Vendors Pro

Does it work with WC Vendors Free?

No, sorry it does not support the free version. If you take your Marketplace serious please support WC Vendors and get the Pro Version.

Do I need BuddyForms and WC4BP?

No, you do not need them but they can be a huge benefit 😉 You should check them out!
WC4BP – WooCommerce BuddyPress integration plugin

Why are you building this plugin?

We are the company behind BuddyForms and WC4BP and have build many BuddyPress driven shops and marketplaces.
We believe that WC Vendors is the best vendor solution on the market and want to give our customers and the WordPress world a solution that works and does the job.


I wish I could rate this plugin 5 stars but sadly I cannot, it breaks my user profile page when I activate the "VISIT STORE" link in the (deactivate links) page in the admin panel. I deactivated the tab or page but now I cannot find how to use the vendor page or options. I get the options in the admin panel but as a user I cannot see anything in the profile page. It created even bigger issues when I logged in as a vendor. I had a user account in which I changed the user role to vendor. This somehow broke access to the admin panel or even access to the user profile. I had to end up deleting both the premium version of the regular WC4BP plugin as well as the BP 4 WC vendor plugin. I kept the original free version of WC4BP Integration but I am having some difficulties getting this integration between all 3 plugins to work. If anyone can assist, that would be greatly appreciated. Right now this plugin created more issues than the benefits it's supposed to provide.
Well thought out integration for WC Vendors and BuddyPress. Often updated, well supported.
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Változási napló

1.1.6 – Jul. 04 2019

  • Freemius SDK Update 2.3.0
  • Fixed a bug and now the Vendor dashboard appear again in the BuddyPress profile.

1.1.5 – Mar. 02 2019

  • Freemius SDK Update

1.1.4 – Mar. 29 2018

  • Fixed a issue with the View Profile link in the vendor shop.
  • Updated freemius to the latest version

1.1.3 – Feb. 21 2018

  • Fixed a redirect issue if logged in as vendor and try to access a member profile of a other user.
  • Fixed several smaller issues
  • Support the new templates engine from WooCommerce

1.1.2 – Sep. 21 2017

  • fixed a issue in the profile redirect form shop single if you click on View Profile

1.1.1 – July 14.2017

  • New settings tab Roles to assign Member Types Vendor Roles or make an new Member Type from Vendor.
  • Added a new Settings Tabs Roles with new options to select the Member Types to become vendors or make the vendor role a member type
  • Changed text domain from bp-wcv to bpwcv
  • Make plugin translation ready
  • Create a new function bp_wc_vendors_register_member_type_vendor to register the member type vendor and vendor directory
  • Created a new function bp_wcv_bp_set_member_type to set the user to vendor if member type is asigened to vendor role
  • rename bp_wc_vendors to bp_wcv
  • remove the special notice
  • admin ui clean up – Jun 21.2017

  • There was an issue with users using the lifetime deal not get the pro tabs.
  • Fixed some smaller issues – Jun 12.2017

  • Added dismiss functionality to the lifetime admin notice
  • Added a new function bp_wcv_bav_if_logged_in_or_reg_process_shortcode to check if the logged in user is a vendor and redirect to the vendor profile if so – Jun 8.2017

  • Fixed a redirect loop in some installed if free pro of wc vendors and bp wc vendors was mixed. Should work now with all combinations of free and pro.

1.1 – Jun 7.2017

  • Plugin works now with the free and pro version of WC Vendors.
  • Complete rewrite to free/ pro business model with freemius integration
  • New Options, New Admin, New Structure
  • Create new file buddyforms.php for the BuddyForms integration
  • Added options for product creation with BuddyForms
  • Restructure admin settings
  • Added BuddyForm Form Builder Metabox
  • Added a new function to move form tabs into the vendors dashboard
  • Improved the Admin UI
  • Created a starter class for more structure
  • Added BuddyForms and BuddyForms Members as recommended plugins
  • Create a new file welcome-screen.php for the activation redirect.
  • Added new admin tab for the sign up and become ma vendor forms
  • Created a new file shortcodes.php to add shortcodes
  • Create two new shortcodes
    1. to view the become a vendor shortcake
    2. display a registation form or become an author if already logged in
  • Created new file admin.js
  • Created a shortcode generator to use for become a vendor/ registration forms
  • Added WooElements and wc4bp as dependancies recommendations.
  • Included the bp wc vendors banner
  • Make sure the orders tab is only loaded if WC Vendors Pro is activated
  • Created a Form Builder Template to create the Become a Vendor Form
  • Added Go Professional Tab to the Settings
  • Recreate the Welcome Screen with Dependancies management and Instillation Instructions. Links to help and Pro Versions
  • Moved the welcome css to a css file and make sure it only gets loaded if the welcome screen is displayed
  • Make sure the GO Pro links are removed if pro version.
  • Make sure the quick-links.php template is overwritten with an empty template. We not want to have tabs as links in the free and pro version all needed links will be integrated as BuddyPress tabs.
  • Clean up the code
  • Fixed multiple issues
  • Lots of overall improvements

  • Added admin notice The plugin “does not support WooCommerce 3.0 and will become a free/pro Plugin”


  • Fixed the pagination in the vendor dashboard products section
  • Check if roles exist to avoid php notice


  • Remove the Quicklinks from the dashboard. Some user reported wired issues with the redirect.
  • Remove all BuddyForms dependencies and template files.


  • Fixed some js issues in the profile.
  • Delete all js and css dependencies and make use of the new filter to enquire needed css and js wc_vendors_view_dashboard and wc_vendors_view_feedback
  • Rework all code to get conform with the WordPress Coding Style Guide
  • Code cleanup.


  • Fixed an issue reported by aubergine10: BP profile breaks bad if WC Vendors PRO not active
  • Props to aubergine10: Edited the readme.txt to hyperlink the plugin dependencies


  • Add the price and add to cart button to the BuddyForms product list
  • Create redirect for the vendor store and form select to redirect to BuddyForms view.
  • Create new settings page table
  • Add new options to show hide vendor relevant links like visit_store_disabled, view_profile_disabled, sold_by_disabled, Disable Contact Vendor Link
  • Smaller improvements bug fixes and new options.


  • Fixed a strange issue with wc vendors quick links. The coupons code was displayed as empty link if disabled.
  • Add a check to the restrict admin access function to avoid ajax issues
  • Add a function to give vendors upload rights


  • Get the member tab label from page
  • Add a check to the redirect to make sure a pro dashboard is selected
  • Make all sub tabs translatable with the wcvendors textstring


Check if the user role is vendor and only redirect to the profile if the user is a vendor.


  • prefix all functions
  • remove the redirect as it was a duplicate function.
  • rename Coupongs to Coupons
  • thanks @bentasm1 for the quick feedback! #1


  • Final Version