BotPenguin – Live Chat and AI Chatbots with ChatGPT🐧


BotPenguin is one of the best AI Chatbot maker platforms. You can create a chatbot for WhatsApp, Website, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WordPress & Shopify with BotPenguin. That, too 100% FREE!

BotPenguin helps with lead generation, appointment booking, customer support, marketing automation, and WhatsApp & Facebook automation for businesses.
Build No-code AI chatbots with Live Chat, and ChatGPT today.

Bot Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish

But don’t just take our word for it; see for yourself! Our WordPress plugin is free and takes less than 5 minutes to install.

PRICING ? Honest, Affordable, Transparent.


  • Baby — Free
  • King- starts at $5 a month or $50 for a year
  • Emperor(Contact)

Most of our powerful features are included in the free Forever Baby plan.

Key Features

Live Chat Stay Connected, Stay Engaged with BotPenguin’s Live Chat. Be there for your customers all the time. Our Live Chat chatbots keep you in the loop with your clientele.
Unified Inbox All your messages are in one unified inbox! Connect with your customers; you’re in good hands no matter the platform, Facebook, Whatsapp, Web, or Telegram.
Analytics Track your exponential growth with Chatbot Analytics Dashboard. Visualize business growth and see how you can improve the performance of your business from our smart dashboard.
60+ Integrations BotPenguin Plays Well with Others: Chatbot Integrations You’ll be Grateful for! Use the tools you love. BotPenguin integrates seamlessly with over 40+ CRMs, ticketing systems, and marketing tools to provide a world-class user experience.

Web and Social Media Platforms

Want to grow beyond WordPress?

BotPenguin has you covered:

WhatsApp – Be where the world is with BotPenguin’s WhatsApp chatbots. Get started with your WhatsApp marketing and E-commerce in no time. We have the best pricing models on the market for WhatsApp APIs.
Facebook– Hang out with the cool kids with our Facebook Messenger chatbots. Increase your sales and brand value. Get started with our Facebook chatbots for free.
Telegram– Be where the world is with BotPenguin’s Telegram chatbots. Increase your sales, marketing, and brand value with our automated chat solutions Get started with our Telegram chatbots for free.
Websites– Be it WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, or your own custom website, equip it with BotPenguin’s chatbot. Automate interactions and bring your website to life with 24*7 chatbots that generate leads and handle queries.

Why Choose Us

  • Intuitive Builder – Build, design, and deploy chatbot in under 10 minutes with its drag-and-drop builder and exceptional UI.
  • Free – Free-forever plan allows you to use and test it without cost and worries.
  • Exceptional UX – Provides an excellent user experience on its interface through tip tools, help texts, tutorials, and guides.
  • Multiple Platforms – Integrates with Websites, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Promotional Pages.
  • Technical Support – Free support to guide you on creating, customizing, and using BotPenguin for your business.
  • No Coding – Use drag and drop to create and uniquely customize your chatbot.
  • Customer Support – In case of any issue, we provide multiple-channel support via email, live chat, or WhatsApp messaging.
  • Ready-to-Use Templates – Choose more than 50 available templates that suit your business needs and ease up the way of having your own WordPress chatbot.
  • Live Chat Plugin – Interact with your customers online in real time for seamless communication support.
  • Chat Widgets – Live Chat Widget can be connected to any promotional pages or ads to capture visitors’ attention and route them to Chatbots.
  • CRM Integrations – BotPenguin integrates with almost every CRM/APP and even your custom-coded App.
  • 50+ Ready to Use [Templates] (

Chatbot integration

We provide integration with 60+ CRMs/Apps. BotPenguin can connect seamlessly with Bitrix 24, Pipedrive, Freshworks CRM, Drip CRM, Capsule CRM, Agile CRM, Zoho CRM, Google Calendar, CalendarHero, Close, Plivo, Infobip, Leadsquared, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Zoho Projects, Google Sheets, many more or any other custom-coded App. You can contact us at if you want to integrate with other platforms.
* Bitrix24: BotPenguin Chatbot For Bitrix24 – Multiple Business Solutions Under One Roof! Manage everything under one roof, from lead generation to customer service, with our chatbot platform.
* Zoho CRM: BotPenguin For Zoho CRM – Lead Generation Made Easy! Generate leads and manage customer relationships like a pro with our mighty BotPenguin and a powerhouse like Zoho.
* PipeDrive CRM: BotPenguin Chatbot For Pipedrive – Engage, Sell, Delight, Repeat! Optimize your sales process with automated lead generation, outreach, and appointment booking with your handy chatbots.
* FreshWorks CRM: BotPenguin chatbots power client interactions and lead management by Freshworks CRM. Power your CRM with witty chatbots for a comprehensive sales solution under one interface.
* Agile: BotPenguin works well with Agile CRM. Automatically get new leads created in your CRM straight from your website chat window or Facebook messenger.
* Zapier: Power your business with over 1000+ apps with Zapier And BotPenguin. Build a holistic business solution under one roof with our chatbot platform. Connect all your favorite apps with BotPenguin in a few clicks for peak performance.
* GetResponse: Combine GetResponse With BotPenguin to maximize ROI on email marketing. Power your Email marketing campaign with automated support, fast data access and live chat.
* HelpDocs: Create an engaging knowledge base by connecting BotPenguin with HelpDocs. Tackle issues and queries and boost customer satisfaction with BotPenguin’s live chat, automated and smart chat flows, broadcasts, and drip campaigns.
* ZingTree: BotPenguin For Zingtree – Customer Journeys Made Easy! Make your customer decisions easy with interactive decision trees and chatbots.
* Drip CRM: BotPenguin For Drip CRM – Turn Lead Notifications To Earnings! Enhance your CRM with easy-to-use chatbots that automate sales outreach, build excellent customer relationships, and deliver fantastic support.
* Capsule CRM: BotPenguin Chatbot Platform Extends Capsule CRM Functionality. Easy-to-use Chatbot that augments task management by auto-capturing customers’ contact information, goals, and budgets.
* Insightly: Level up your automation and engagement in one go with Insightly and BotPenguin. Stay on top of your business goals by combining your chatbots and CRM.
* Nimble: Fast-track your business goals with automation and enhanced engagement with BotPenguin and Nimble CRM. Combine your favorite CRM and chatbots to stand out from the competition.
* NutShell: BotPenguin for Nutshell CRM – make every contact, customer, and conversation count! With BotPenguin and Nutshell, get ready to play whack-a-mole with the competition. Make data-driven decisions with insights from automation, enhanced engagement, and real-time data capture.
* OntraPort: Build, automate, and scale your business seamlessly with BotPenguin and OntraPort CRM. Build and scale your business effectively with our chatbots and your CRM. Export customer information seamlessly to convert leads in real-time.
* HubSpot: Create the best customer experience with Hubspot and BotPenguin, ever! Get more out of your CRM with easy-to-use chatbots by live chat, automated appointments, intelligent information capture, and smart chat flows.
* EngageBay: Craft the perfect customer experience with BotPenguin and EngageBay. Power your CRM with chatbots to skyrocket customer engagement, interactions, and satisfaction rates.
* WebHopper: Connect BotPenguin Chatbot With WebHoper to streamline sales and customer support. Manage your sales pipeline, automate tasks, stay on top of your customer relationships and take control of your sales process.
* Frontapp: BotPenguin powers personalized customer support and interaction by Front CRM. Build better relationships and customer loyalty with Front and BotPenguin. Automate your help desk with smart chat flows, drip campaigns, and omnichannel customer support.
* Copper: Boost customer loyalty and sales by combining BotPenguin and Copper CRM. Power your CRM with witty chatbots to boost sales, automate workflows, and drive revenue and interactions.
* NoCRM: Arm your sales team with tools to close deals with BotPenguin and No CRM. Power your CRM to drive more sales with handy chatbots.
* SalesFlare: BotPenguin chatbot powers sales outreach by Salesflare CRM. Power your sales outreach across various platforms with powerful chatbots. Reach out, follow up, engage, and convert leads with drip campaigns, broadcasts, live chat, and 24X7 automated support.
* Helprace: Create capable support teams and happy customers with BotPenguin and Helprace.Power your Helpdesk with chatbots to offer quality, personalized one-on-one support and boost productivity.
* Flowlu: Make your business processes flow smoothly with BotPenguin and Flowlu. Create a solid, one-stop business management solution that handles all your projects, CRM, invoicing, team collaboration, and knowledge.
* Pipeline: BotPenguin chatbot power business automation by Pipeline CRM. Create a next-generation sales, and marketing strategy by combining your chatbots and CRM.
* Jira: BotPenguin Chatbot powers project management by Jira CRM. Deliver an exceptional customer service experience by enabling your teams to get a holistic view of project information and customer needs.
* Karma CRM: Connect BotPenguin Chatbot with KarmaCRM for customer information integration. Design automated workflows and enable quick and easy tracking and compilation of customer data at one place from multiple channels.
* SendInBlue: BotPenguin Chatbot powers advanced email marketing with SendInBlue. Manage your marketing automation and CRM on the same platform for your growing business needs.
* Live Agent: Interface BotPenguin Chatbot with LiveAgent to boost your E-Commerce business. All-in-one platform for live chat, online ticket management, and real-time omnichannel support to manage all e-commerce work processes.
* Recurly: Connect BotPenguin With Recurly CRM: Manage revenue and billing faster and smarter! Efficiently track customer information, streamline billing and manage your recurring revenue model.
* SupportBee: BotPenguin Chatbot platform augments SupportBee’s ticketing management. Manage your helpdesk ticketing management automatically and most effectively by connecting one of the most preferred Bots.
* WealthBox: Integrate BotPenguin Chatbot with Wealthbox: Manifolds your wealth! Create powerful automated workflows by syncing data across multiple channels and allowing real-time access to customer communications.
* HelpShift: BotPenguin Chatbot For HelpShift to shift mobile users’ experience to the next level! Integrate messaging, automation, bots, and artificial intelligence (AI) to create a new level of personalized in-app customer engagement and support.
* Close CRM: BotPenguin boosts Close CRM to close more deals. Automatically send lead generation data in real-time to assist your sales team in more productivity.
* Plivo: Connect BotPenguin Chatbot with Plivo for seamless communications! Freely interact with customers, and BotPenguin will assist you in connecting with them.
* NetHunt: Integrate BotPenguin Chatbot with NetHunt for complete sales automation. Create automated sequences to engage prospects, gather key customer data, and forward leads down the sales funnel.
* Infobip: BotPenguin Chatbot enhances customer experience with Infobip. Customers have access to industry-leading customer communications via WhatsApp and SMS, which helps them increase engagement, loyalty, and sales.
* Apptivo: Associate BotPenguin Chatbot with Apptivo for aligning any operation anywhere, Anytime. All-in-one, customizable automated platform for your business operations and customer support solutions.
* Onpipeline: BotPenguin Chatbot powers Onpipeline to push prospects down the sales pipeline. Provide overall visibility into the sales pipeline at all stages and the ability to auto-manage leads and prioritize deals.
* Elevio: BotPenguin Chatbot empowers Elevio to enhance customer education On Products. Improve customer education and reduce internal teams’ load by automating delivering contextual content even before a customer asks.
* TeamGate: BotPenguin Chatbot for TeamGate to manage end-to-end sales journey. Manages every stage of the sales process easily through automation, customized report generation, and analysis.
* ExtraEdge: BotPenguin Chatbot assists ExtraEdge in accelerating admissions. Increase admissions and reduce marketing spend for educational institutes through automated application management.
* Shipway: BotPenguin Chatbot to boost order processing with Shipway. Assist eCommerce brands with order processing and fulfillment automation for a great customer shopping experience.
* Freshdesk: Extend the functionality of Freshdesk CRM with ready-to-use BotPenguin Chatbot Interface’ Improve collaborative work between sales and customer support, Manage SLAs, synchronize data between Apps, and offer multi-channel support to enhance the productivity of your support team.
* ZohoDesk: BotPenguin, one of the best Chatbots for Zoho Desk integration. BotPenguin’s API Integration to strengthen your platform with automated features for dedicated omnichannel customer support systems and transform your business.
* ZenDesk: Unite BotPenguin Chatbot and Zendesk for omnichannel customer engagement. Provide customers with the quick, simple, and customized resolutions they desire via the channels of their choice.
* HelpCrunch: BotPenguin Chatbot powers HelpCrunch communication capability. Trigger customer engagements with automated operational workflows generated via in-app messenger installed on multiple platforms.
* Help Desk: BotPenguin Chatbot automates and optimizes Help Desk customer support. Use proactive, automated workflows to speed up your processes and optimize response time for repetitive tasks.
* Google Sheets: Connect BotPenguin Chatbot to enhance the Google Sheets experience! No more manual imports. Connect your favorite Bot with Google Sheets to auto-import data from multiple channels.
* Google Calendar: Never miss an appointment or meeting with BotPenguin and Google calendar, ever! Streamline your working hours with automated appointment bookings and meetings with your chatbots and Google calendar. Stay on top of leads and engage readily to maximize conversion rates.
* Calendar Hero: Botpenguin Chatbot for CalendarHero: Add powerful meeting scheduling automation. Transform the meeting scheduling experience for your customers by automating meeting workflows and quick access to customer contact information.
* Zoho Projects: Collaborate BotPenguin Chatbot with Zoho Projects for successful project management. Automate repetitive, tedious workflows and processes to create, plan and track your project works effortlessly and efficiently.
* Google Task: BotPenguin Chatbot, the best interface for task management on Google Task. Automate data capture from multiple channels to efficiently manage all your tasks across your devices.
* LeadSquared: Integrate BotPenguin Chatbot with LeadSquared: Never miss a sales conversion! Customize automated chat flows for user journeys, launch campaigns, and capture leads from omnichannel engagements to push high-velocity sales.
* Groove: BotPenguin Chatbot powers sales automation by Groove CRM. Supercharge your sales pipeline by combining your chatbots with your CRM. Generate more revenue and engagement with fast data export, live chat, broadcasts, and automated lead notifications.
* Chakra CRM Engage your customers, Manage your partners with BotPenguin’s integration with Chakra CRM
* FirstPromoter FirstPromoter and BotPenguin come together to help you track, manage and optimize any type of referral-based marketing program.
* The best part is, BotPenguin can also be integrated with your native custom-coded CRM.

Our Chatbot adds substantial value to your organization, and its basic Chatbots are ready to use. If you love our product, please write a review here and at because our network is our net worth. We wish you success in your chatbot-building journey and hope our creation helps you achieve your business goals.


It just takes 5 minutes to install the BotPenguin plugin to your WordPress Website in a few simple steps:
1. Log in to the [BotPenguin App] ( and copy the WordPress API key.
– Go to & log in to your BotPenguin account.
– Select the Chatbot you wish to connect to the WordPress website from the ‘Bots’ tab in the left side panel.
– Click on the ‘Install Your Chat Bot’ tab.
– Select WordPress, copy the API key/code, and save it safely.

2. Install the BotPenguin chat plugin from the WordPress plugin center.
– Now, go to the WordPress site admin dashboard.
– Find the WordPress plugin center and search for the BotPenguin in the search box.
– Once you find the BotPenguin Plugin, install the same.
– Upon installation, you will see the ‘Activate’ tab. Click on the activate button to activate the plugin.

3. Paste WordPress API Code/key and make the Bot live.
– Once the BotPenguin plugin is activated, search for the ‘tools’ in the left-side panel.
– Under the tools menu, you will find ‘BotPenguin’.
– Click on BotPenguin to see the option to paste the BotPenguin API key/code you copied in step 1.
– Paste the API key/code, and proceed by saving the key.

4. Test your Chatbot now.
– Open your website in private mode (Incognito window) to avoid any cache issues
and you will find BotPenguin Chatbot on your website.

You can see the demo video


Here are the few very frequently asked questions and their answers as

What is the chatbot pricing structure?

BotPenguin offers 3 easy plans for you based on your business needs.
– It offers you a free chatbot that has basic features.
It offers you unlimited bots and 3000 interactions every month.
– It offers you unlimited bots and unlimited interactions every month.

All these plans have different pricing. Click here to know the chatbot pricing details, and you can also compare the features available in different plans.

Do you offer a free plan?

We offer a free chatbot in our Baby plan; there is no need to pay or provide card details; you can simply use it by signing up.

Can I change my billing system from annually to monthly?

Yes, you can change your billing system from annually to monthly by
simply switching to the option of Monthly. In such a case, you will be
charged monthly prices.

Do You offer discounts on annual payments?

Yes, the prices offered for the annual billing system are discounted
prices. When you subscribe to a yearly plan, you pay for only 10 months. 2 months are on us!

Which Plan is suitable for my business?

We suggest you choose a plan based on your business needs.
For more information, you can reach out to us at

Do you offer White labeling?

Yes, we offer White Labelling to agencies, a complete solution where you can decide your prices. Please write to us at

What are some of the things I can do with this bot?

  • Integrate with the Email list
  • Connect with Newsletters
  • Track your calls & appointments
  • Accounting chatbot
  • Ads and Analytics Bot
  • Chatbot for Apps
  • Appointment setting Chatbot
  • Customer Appreciation and re-engagement chatbot
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Customer Support chatbot
  • Databases management chatbot
  • E-commerce chatbot
  • Education chatbot
  • Team Collaboration chatbot
  • Time Tracking chatbot
  • Make To-do Lists with the chatbot
  • Reminders chatbot
  • Scheduling chatbot
  • Payment Processing chatbot
  • Phone & SMS Bot
  • Survey chatbot, and; many more.

What are some of the ready-to-use templates that come with this bot?

  • Chatbots for Travel Agency
  • Chatbots for Hotel Booking
  • Chatbots for Restaurant Table Booking
  • Chatbots for Coworking Space
  • Chatbots for Legal Services
  • Chatbots for Real Estate
  • Chatbots for Dental Clinic
  • Chatbots for Solar Panels
  • Chatbots for Car Rentals
  • Chatbots for Overseas Education Consultancy
  • Chatbots for HR Consultancy
  • Chatbots for E-Commerce
  • Chatbots for E-Commerce Product Catalogues
  • Chatbots for E-Learning Bot
  • Chatbots for Children’s School and Admissions
  • Chatbots for Food or Pizza Delivery
  • Chatbots for Eatery Order
  • Chatbots for Personal Trainer
  • Chatbots for Dietician Chatbot
  • Chatbots for SAAS Enquiry
  • Chatbots for Webinar Registration
  • Chatbots for Coaching Institute
  • Chatbots for University/College
  • Chatbots for Doctor Appointments
  • Chatbots for Digital Marketing
  • Chatbots for Events Planners
  • Chatbots for Hospital Booking

For more guides, visit (


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