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Do you have different installations of WordPress but would like to get the latest (0-10) blog posts to be fetched from other site and displayed on the another?

This plugin allows you to automatically add posts from another WordPress website using a shortcode [blogcrosspost url=""].

Add the shortcode to desired post/page/widget and save to have the code working.

Usage Options

One can add some customization to the shortcode such as”:

  • Link to external website
    [blogcrosspost url=””]

  • Number of Posts to show
    [blogcrosspost postnumber=”3″]

  • Name for the Readme link
    [blogcrosspost readmoretext=”Learn More”]

or use all of them in one go as:

[blogcrosspost url="" postnumber="3" readmoretext="Learn More"]

You can also change the HTML structure using
apply_filters( ‘blogcrosspost_link’, $html, $atts );

What upcoming features do you have?

  • Add an admin subpage under settings page to customize the usage of the options.
  • Add a customizable widget in widgets area.
  • Add a Gutenberg Block.
  • Make an elementor widget,


  • Adding the shortcode into WordPress Page
  • Sample Posts on front-end
  • Sample Posts on front-end


  1. Upload the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or from the repository.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Refer to plugin description in regards to setting up how the plugins works
  4. It will work out of the box.


What do I do with Feedback?

If you have any feedback, just write an issue. Or fork the code and submit a PR on Github.


This plugin is just what I needed to fetch blog posts from another WordPress Installation. The posts are pulled and styling is on you and that's perfect. Thanks for this very handy theme.
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