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Beeliked Microsite Plugin


Beeliked Microsite is a plugin that will let you embed Beeliked microsites as iframe – an HTML tag that allows a webpage to be displayed inline with the current page, in a WordPress post.

BeeLiked is a digital marketing platform proving a suite of customizable digital campaigns and competitions to engage and entertain your audiences. Used by some of the largest brands on the planet, BeeLiked’s range of highly advanced campaign concepts are quick to set up and are guaranteed to boost your audience engagement across all social networks and devices.

Major features of BeeLiked:

  • Over 20 innovative digital campaigns types to choose from, all full mobile optimized.
  • Comprehensive suite of tools for managing competition entries and selecting winners.
  • Average set up time of 15 minutes per campaign.
  • Full integration with all the major social networks.
  • Beautiful templates that are quick to customize.
  • Free plans to get started.

You will need a BeeLiked Account in order to be able to use the WordPress plugin. Sign up free at beeliked.com


You can use the new editor button “Embed Beeliked Microsite” or you can manually use the following tag to insert a Beeliked Microsite page inside a post:

[BEELIKED_MICROSITE url="<your microsite url>" width="<iframe width>" height="<iframe height>" autosize="<autosize iframe height>"]


[BEELIKED_MICROSITE url="<your microsite url>" width="100%" height="1400px" autosize="1"]


Instructions for installing WordPress plugin

Step 1 – Install

  1. Download the ‘BeeLiked Microsite’ WordPress plugin by clicking the download link above (or search for it in WordPress and Install);
  2. Login to your WordPress admin console account and find ‘Plugin’ in the menu. Click ‘Add Plugin’;
  3. Upload the ‘BeeLiked Microsite’ plugin by clicking choose file and browsing to the saved file.;
  4. Click ‘Install now’.

Notes: If you are asked for an FTP password, please check with your hosting provider who will be able to provide this.

Step 2 – having installed the plugin, now set up the page

  1. In the WordPress admin console browse to the page you would like to add your BeeLiked microsite to. Click ‘Edit’;
  2. Click into the ‘Visual Editor’ for the content section of the page;
  3. A BeeLiked ‘B’ black and yellow icon will appear in the visual editor menu. Click on the ‘B’ icon;
  4. A pop up will appear allowing you to paste in the URL of your ‘BeeLiked Microsite’ and then click Save. You will find this URL on the Embed pop up within BeeLiked.

Notes: Should you wish to edit the iframe size, then within the WordPress ‘edit page’ click from ‘visual’ to ‘Text’ editor. Here you will see a line of code with width=”100%” height=”1400″ autosize=”1″. You can change these dimensions as you wish. To turn off the autosizer to stop the page expanding when more content loads, change the “1” to a “0”.

You can find full details of installing a plugin on the plugin installation page

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