This plugin has been closed as of 2019.10.27. and is not available for download. Indok: Iránymutatás megsértése.


This plugin is excellent for several reasons: 1. It's setup is the simplest I have come across while trying out many plugins to display my own ads on my website. The problem with other "feature rich" plugins is that the setup process is just crazy for some. This plugin is simple and easy to use. 2. The plugin actually employers a simple and clever way for you to decide which plugins are displayed where. By using a simple category system and some clever shortcode placement, you can customize your ad placement anyway you want. 3. The stats are displayed in a simple easy-to-understand manner. The only issue might be that banner ads may not be responsive for images with specified ad size. But I solved that with just a few lines of CSS. I 100% recommend.
When it works it works. But if you need to make changes, the HTML code you initially put in, is gone. You have to go back and find the original code to reinsert. You can't edit the code once the Ad has been created. Major pain. Plugin is no longer listed on their website - no Pro update or any mention of it. Given the time since it's updated - and only one update since release, I'd say they have abandoned it. Use something else.
The Good Admin panel Statistics Easy to use The Bad Slowed Website drastically Had to remove and find an alternative.
i would re-consider before even thinking about purchasing any product from these guys. i posted a question about the banner ad rotator (which isn't even listed on their website anymore but is still available on te wp site) and 2 other questions after mine have been answered but not a peep about mine. i am sure its because i didn't pay for support but if they won't support getting it going, how can you expect to get support after you give your hard earned money?
This plug-in works great, my only problem I don't know how to make it responsive. I have a responsive theme but the banners don't automatically adjust to screen size.
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