Auto Post Thumbnail


Thousands of people already use the APT plugin (Auto Post
Thumbnail). This universal and free tool automatically generates
and searches for featured images for your posts or pages.

1. Generate or remove featured images in one click.
2. Customize the process – generate or remove featured images
from the list of posts or pages.
3. Use filters – generate or remove featured images based on the
post type, status, category, or the creation date.
4. Search & upload featured images from popular stock
platforms instantly.
5. Native compatibility with Elementor, Gutenberg, Classic Editor.
APT users save up to 20 minutes per hour on generating content for a website.
Let’s go through the process of creating a post and see how timesaving APT can be.

  1. Enter a post title.
  2. Add a text.
  3. Search for images with the Creative Commons license.
    Download images from a search page or a stock service.
  4. Upload images. Place them within a post in the right order.
  5. Upload a featured image.
  6. Publish a post.

It takes 6 steps to create a post.
Now imagine that APT turns 3 steps in one! Learn how to save up to 30% time for more engaging activities!
This plugin is a must-have for every WordPress blog. Don’t
hesitate to install this content maker tool on your website.
Recommend it to your friends and colleagues; maximize their
time and make their websites better!


  1. Filters to generate or remove featured images based on the post type, status, category, or the creation date
  2. Generate or remove featured images from the list of posts or pages
  3. Unlimited search & upload featured images from Google, Unsplash, Pixabay

learn more.

We’ve used some of the powerful features from the
plugins:  Dynamic Featured Image ,  Featured Image from URL, Regenerate Thumbnails, Force Regenerate Thumbnails, Recent Posts Widget Extended

· Default: English (always enabled);
· Russian.
We need your help with translation APT to your language. Our goal is to make APT an international and user-friendly tool for everyone. If you want to help with the translation, contact us through the contact form in the plugin or send a message at the support forum. In return, we will give you a premium license for free!


  • New image generation tools
  • Bulk Featured Images generation
  • Featured Images selective generation
  • Manual Featured Images Selection
  • Image search in Google, Unsplash, Pixabay
  • Compatibility with Elementor and Gutenberg


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Settings->APT – disable unused features screen to configure the plugin


works well, been using it for a few years now. i have some old posts without Featured Images, and this was able to generate a thumbnail from a photo i already have in that post.
Nas duas primeiras semanas ele é ótimo, funciona perfeitamente e cumpre tudo que promete, só que depois das 2 semanas, ele simplesmente para. Depois que percebi, abri os arquivos do plugin e vi que têm licença, ele envia os dadosndo do meu site para o dele, e não avisa nada, não cita o tempo de licença grátis. Ao menos da pra fazer um plugin com base no código dele. Thanks!
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Változási napló


  • New: Bulk delete thumbnails
  • New: Before searching images in the text of the post, the shortcodes are executed
  • Updated About page
  • Translation into Russian language
  • Other minor changes and bugfixes

3.5.0 (2019-09-11)

  • Fixed: Php warning “is_readable(): open_basedir restriction in effect”. more


  • Fixed: Errors in the plugin on user requests
  • New: Bulk Featured Images generation
  • New: Featured Images selective generation
  • New: Manual Featured Images Selection
  • New: Image search in Google, Unsplash, Pixabay
  • New: Compatibility with Elementor and Gutenberg.


  • Fix for unchecked extension of uploaded files


  • Tested with the latest wordpress release.


  • Fix for SQL error begin caused due to no ID


  • Tested with WordPress-3.6.x
  • Small tweaks


  • Tested with WordPress-3.5.1


  • Added fix for featured images behaving differently in WordPress version 3.4. NOTE: This version will fix only images in future posts. For fixing images of past posts see


  • Added fix for jquery progress bar error causing due to WordPress version 3.1


  • Added back publish_post action so that regular posts work without any issues.
  • Added code to check whether the image exists in database before trying to fetch it.


  • Added code to correctly link the featured/post thumbnail with the post so that the Media Library shows the association correctly.
  • Assigning title to the generated featured/post thumbnail by extracting it from the title of processed image.


Added support for creating featured thumbnails for custom post types as well. Batch processing will also generate thumbnails for any type of post.


Renamed Gen. Post Thumbnails to Auto Post Thumbnail and moved it under Settings menu.


  • Added Batch Processing capability to generate post thumbnails for already published posts.
  • A new menu item Gen. Post Thumbnails is added under Tools menu.


Added functionality to generate Post Thumbnail for scheduled posts. Thumbnail will be generated when scheduled post gets published.


Added a wrapper function using cURL for file_get_contents in case ‘allow_url_fopen’ ini setting is off.


First release